The Githyanki Warrior

Type Companion Quest
Act Act 1
Chapter One
Companion Lae'zel
Reward __reward__

The Githyanki Warrior is a Companion Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. The Githyanki Warrior can be acquired from Lae'zel during Chapter One of the first Act. Completing  The Githyanki Warrior will progress Lae'zel story forward.


The Githyanki Warrior Objectives

  • Lae'zel has joined the party. She says that we can be cured at a githyanki crèche. A Tiefling named Zorru has seen Githyanki and could know more.
  • We've spoken with Zorru - Lae'zel will want to talk to him too.


The Githyanki Warrior Walkthrough

  • You can save Lae'zel from some Tieflings at Ravaged Beach. (If she's not killed in the prologue)
  • At Druid Grove, there's a tiefling has spotted the Githyanki patrol. (Let Lae'zel integrate him will gain some of her approval)
  • Travel to Githyanki patrol's location through THE RISEN ROAD. However, these githyanki's will accuse you of stealing their sacred weapon and attack.
  • After defeating the Githyankis, loot their bodies, you will find an Elaborate Plate. Use it to learn the location of Crèche.


 How to unlock The Githyanki Warrior

  • Quest Giver / Location


The Githyanki Warrior Rewards

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The Githyanki Warrior Notes & Tips

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