Everburn Blade

Uncommon Martial Two Handed Melee Weapon
everburn blade baldurs gate3 guide 150px

2d6 dice icon noraml baldursgate3 wiki guide2d6 Slashing
            + 1d4 Fire

range icon bg3 wiki guideRange 1.5 m
versatile icon bg3 wiki guideTwo Handed
dippable icon bg3 wiki guideDippable

The Holder of this Item gains:
cleave new action bg3 wiki guide 45pxCleave Action
lacerate action icon baldurs gate3 guide 64pxLacerate Action
pommel strike actions bg3 wiki guide 45pxPommel Strike Bonus Action

ever burning icon baldurs gate3 guide 64pxEver-Burning

Everburn Blade is one of the Martial Two-Handed Melee Weapons in Baldur's Gate 3. In BG3, each type of weapon has different ranges, damages, and other features (Finesse, Versatile, Dippable, etc).  Characters need to master certain Proficiency before using a weapon, and sometimes gain a special Actions while holding it.


Silent flames surge the length of the blade as soon as it clears the scabbard.


Everburn Blade Location & Where to Find



Everburn Blade Notes & Tips

  • Proficiency: Greatsword Proficiency or Martial Weapon Proficiency.
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Value: 240 GP.
  • Weight: 2.7
  • You can pick up this weapon with any character, they will still have it in their inventory after the Nautiloid crash
  • You can cast Command "drop" to force Zhalk drop this weapon.
  • You cannot sheathe this weapon


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Battleaxe  ♦  Vicious Shortbow  ♦  Vicious Shortsword  ♦  Vision of the Absolute  ♦  Voss' Silver Sword  ♦  War Pick  ♦  War Pick +1  ♦  War Pick +2  ♦  Warhammer  ♦  Warhammer +1  ♦  Warhammer +2  ♦  Wavemother's Sickle  ♦  Whipping Cane  ♦  Woe  ♦  Worgfang  ♦  Xyanyde


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    • Anonymous

      This sword is fine, but nothing exceptional. Thanks to view hungry YouTubers for creating a misleading image of an 'OP BEST SWORD IN DA GAME' for this item. Any +1 GS with a special attack is about the same or even better than the Everburn. You get several of those in the first ACT alone. The only classes that can benefit from the sword longer are classes with great weapon fighting style, due to the 1d4 getting the reroll. Other than that, it becomes very bad past ACT1 when oils of accuracy and sharpness come into play.

      • Anonymous

        i had some strange effect... today when i hit the mechanic robots in the arcane tower 1 started burning! i not really seen this effect from everburn... the burning effect do 1d4 for 2 turns...

        • Anonymous

          Weapon can now be sheathed. Additionally, you cannot apply Oils or Poisons to it. Which is notably a nuisance... The application goes forward, consuming the item, but the effect does not apply to the weapon. This applies to all Oils/Poisons. Once you apply AN Oil or Poison, then the rest of what you have gains the message "Must be wielding a weapon that can be coated."

          • Anonymous

            currently at level 7 in front moonrise tower, still cant find better sword for my paladin. The only choice only sussur greatsword i think, but it need to dip first that take bonus action and only last 3 turn

            • Anonymous

              actually pretty easy to kill the demon for the sword!!! just pick up every pirple explosion bomb... hit a few times the demon commander and then put all the bombs...
              you can use your party to collect and send the another's inventory replace all and shadowheart firebolt cantrip can explode all of them

              • Anonymous

                Want this bad boy? SImple.
                Step 1: Rescue Shadowheart.
                Step 2: Open her spellbook and pick Command.
                Step 3: Use Command "drop". (and hope he doesn't save)
                Step 4: Pick it up from the floor.

                • Anonymous

                  on tactician you can get up to 4 nautiloid tanks, get him to about 40ish health (the lower the better) and use fire bolt cantrip to kill both tentacle face and the demon. loot sword and dip out

                  • Anonymous

                    How to get the sword:
                    You can get this weapon on the ship in the tutorial from the commander.
                    You need the brain in your party for the control and for the damage on the commander.
                    Safe Shadowheart, she will hit the commander too.

                    First, clear all monsters until you are next to the commander with your entire party. Now place the brain, Shadowheart and yourself next to the commander (melee range).
                    This is a good point to safe your game when everything went smooth.

                    This is the phase where you prepare the escape.
                    With Lae'zel you actually kill all following monsters alone with our mighty fighter, it's no problem for her with her heal.
                    Notes: the brain (when buffed from Shadowheart) can clear it to on its own, but can't use the console and a risky death ends the mindcontrol.
                    Shadowheart needs a few turns longer, BUT should she get killed in the tutorial and you escape then, she spawns normally at the beach where you can wake her up.
                    Lae'zel on the other side actually dies when she should get downed in the fight and you leave the ship.
                    If your character dies it doesn't matter at all, BUT you need to be next to the commander to loot him. Only you can loot in the tutorial.

                    While clearing with Lae'zel attack the commander with the other members.
                    Normally you clear with Lae'zel in 2-4 turns the path. Have you done this you place her now between the console (to leave the ship) and the commander max range for bow attacks.

                    The last phase starts now.
                    Sometimes the commander is nuked with some lucky rolls from the evil Squidward, but most of the time he is around 30 hp when the real deal begins.
                    Better safe your game again.
                    Most of your success is now in Squidwards tentacles. Try your best to attack the commander, but your damage will not be... the yellow from the egg.
                    The commander will get help now from 2 red GIGAChads now. One single hit from them kills.
                    You have to brute force this sometimes. Try to get every single hit into the commander, even if Shadowheart and the brain should die. Only you and Lae'zel need to survive.
                    Should the commander survive, try again.
                    Should the commander die 2 things matter, you need to loot him with your character (now your survival doesn't matter anymore) and Lae'zel needs to sprint to the consol to trigger the escape.

                    Have done this with all starting classes. Besides the sword, it was worth it anyway to kill him for the 150 exp you get on his kill.
                    Have fun with an everburning insane act 0 weapon.

                    • Anonymous

                      You can easily kill Commander Zhalk with Nautiloid Tank. yes i amit it hard to moving but worth it. you need to 12 Nautiloid Tank for one shot kill Commander Zhalk should find all Tank in to tutorial.

                      • Anonymous

                        Such a shame they added this to the wiki, would've been a nice surprise for new players that manages to find this.
                        I was blown away when I actually looted this my first time.

                        • Anonymous

                          For Patch 7, when Commander Zhalk dies, the squid-head immediately turns hostile and the party is automatically defeated?

                          • Anonymous

                            I agree it’s possible to kill the demon but to have better chance to escape the zone after dropping the sword, place your team between the duel and the command. Because when the commander die, 2 demons will enter by the door.

                            • Anonymous

                              If you start a game with a full custom party this is actually quite easy to get, and a great weapon! You can enter the fight with your 4 party members, along with laezel or shadowheart and one of those walking brain things. The blade is always on fire and looks badass on my Dwarf Fighter

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