The Chosen of Shar

Type Companion Quest
Act 2
Companion Shadowheart
Reward ???

The Chosen of Shar is a Companion Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. The Chosen of Shar can be acquired from Shadowheart during Act 2. Completing  The Chosen of Shar will progress Shadowheart's story progression forward.


The Chosen of Shar Objectives

  • Find the Dark Justiciar's Lair
  • Explore Grymforge
  • Reach the Ancient Temple


The Chosen of Shar Walkthrough

  • After you saved Halsin from goblins. You can learn that there's a group of Shar's chosen disappeared in the Underdark. Agreeing to investigate will start this quest.
  • While exploring Grymforge you will find many skeletons clad in the same dark armor, which leads to Shadowheart comment that they were Dark Justiciars.
  • As you stumble on a Metallic Mask, the Quest will be updated, as the group will reach the conclusion that some hellish fiends could have killed the Shar worshipers.
  • Upon opening the doors past where Nere was trapped, you discover the bridge to the ancient temple has been destroyed - there must be another way in.


 How to unlock The Chosen of Shar

  • Halsin - after defeating the goblins.


The Chosen of Shar Rewards

  • Rewards


The Chosen of Shar Notes & Tips

  • Notes & tips go here




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