Daughter of Darkness

Type Companion Quest
Act Act 1
Chapter One
Companion Shadowheart
Reward __reward__

Daughter of Darkness is a Companion Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Daughter of Darkness can be acquired from Shadowheart during Chapter One of the first Act. Completing  Daughter of Darkness will progress Shadowheart story forward.


Daughter of Darkness Objectives


Daughter of Darkness Walkthrough

  • When you approached a broken statue near the blighted village windmill, Shadowheart experienced some strange magical flare-up.
  • During travel with Shadowheart, there a lot of opportunities you find her comment about Selune. Succeed in Persuasion check (17), and she will reveal her true identity - a worshiper of Shar.
  • After you saved Druid Halsin and killed all the goblin leaders, Halsin will suggest you travel to Moonrise Towers through Underdark. He also mentions there's a group of Shar's Chosen in Underdark, which interests Shadowheart.
  • Travel to Grymforge, Shadowheart notices some there are some bodies belong to Shar's justiciars.


 How to unlock Daughter of Darkness

  • Auto acquired when you recruited Shadowheart.


Daughter of Darkness Rewards

  • Rewards


Daughter of Darkness Notes & Tips

  • Notes & tips go here




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