Glowing Shield

Uncommon Shield

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Loving Protection: Once per Short Rest, if you are below 50% Hits Points and take damage, you gain 8 Temporary Hit Points.

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Glowing Shield is a Shield in Baldur's Gate 3. Shields can be equipped to character's off-hand in their designated inventory slot and provide different effects ranging from increased Saving Throws, to gaining Advantage on certain attacks. 


Soft, loving whispers emanate from this shield. Though barely audible and spoken in some long forgotten language, they make you feel safe.


Glowing Shield Information


Glowing Shield Location & How to Get

  • Item ID:
  • Location: In a chest on a slope behind the goblin camp. (X: 57, Y: 466)
  • Quest: Rescue The Grand Duke (one of the reward)


Glowing Shield Notes and tips

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