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Fossilized Shell is a Shield in Baldur's Gate 3. Shields can be equipped to character's off-hand in their designated inventory slot and provide different effects ranging from increased Saving Throws, to gaining Advantage on certain attacks. 


Sticky, rope-like seaweed is wrapped around this oversized shell, allowing it to be fashioned as a shield.


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    • Anonymous

      A shame it has no buffs or uses other than a neat looking shield. Could have been a cool druid item for land masters.

      • Anonymous

        This is SUCH a neat looking shield. A pity it's just a common item without any unique properties all the way in Act 3, so it's not likely to be of any use by the time you get it. It would have been extremely cool to find something like this in the waters just outside the crashed Nautiloid in Act 1.

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