Shaft of a Broken Spear

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A gawking yellow eye is pierced on this broken spear head.

Shaft of a Broken Spear is an Ingredient and Item in Baldur's Gate 3. Some items can be consumed granting various effects like buffing the Character or restoring HP, while other can be used to interact with the environment or provide Lore about Baldur's Gate 3 world.


The remainder of a spear shaft, snapped cleanly in the middle.


Shaft of a Broken Spear Information

Can be combined with Head of a Broken Spear to craft the Vision of the Absolute weapon. Right click on one of the pieces and choose "combine", then drag the remaining piece to the open ingredient slot.

  • Weight: 2 Kg.
  • Value: 15 Gp.


Shaft of a Broken Spear Location & Where to Find



Shaft of a Broken Spear Notes & Tips

  • Rarity: ??
  • Value: 15 Gp.
  • Weight: 2 Kg.
  • ID: ??



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