Location Druid Grove
Act Act 1
Quests Save the refugees
Removing the parasite

Zevlor is an NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. Zevlor can be found at Druid Grove. Zevlor is the leader of the Tieflings living at Druid Grove.


Zevlor Information:

  • Zevlor is a Tiefling, he is the leader of his race living at the Druid Grove. He is facing a difficult time because the druids are trying to expel his people out of the grove, believing they are the ones that drawn attention from the goblins.


Where to find Zevlor


Zevlor Quests


Zevlor Dialogue Options

  • You can talk to Zevlor after the interaction with Aradin. He suggests you to look for Nettie to help you with the tadpole, and also comments you that the Druids are about to perform a ritual to close the grove from the outside world, forcing his people out of it. He asks you to seek Kagha, the druid in charge, to try to find a pacific solution.
  • If you save Arabella during the quest Save Arabella, Zevlor thanks you and is concerned about the violent actions the druids are taking, leaving him to choose between staying to confront the druids or face certain death on the road. You can
  • Tell him to leave and offer help
  • Ask if he can delay the ritual
  • Tell him to resist. Doing so, Zevlor recognizes that the druids are too powerful. He points at Kagha as the reason for the behavior of the druids.
  • Tell him to try to get rid of Kagha. He thinks it'd be impossible for any Tiefling, but seeing how the druids let you pass before, you become Zevlor's only option. He still believes that Kagha can be convinced, but if not, you'll have to do whatever's necessary to help his people.
  • Tell him that you are no advisor and you want him gone.


Zevlor Notes and Tips

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