Avenge the Sovereign

Type Quest
Chapter 1
Location Underdark
Reward Featherlight Boots
Ring of Fire

Avenge the Sovereign is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Avenge the Sovereign can be acquired during Chapter 1. 


Avenge the Sovereign Objectives

  • Speak with Glut
  • Kill the Duergar


Avenge the Sovereign Walkthrough

  • This quest is closely related to Protect the Myconid Circle
  • Speak with Glut  after you get Protect the Myconid Circle from Spaw, he will join your team as a temporary companion.
  • Glut's skills and abilities to resurrect the dead help make this quest a lot easier. Afterward, he will request that you kill Spaw as there can be only one Sovereign. You can either betray Spaw or elect to kill Glut instead. (If you refuse to kill Spaw for Glut, he will attack you. Along with the minions he resurrected. If you do this in the Myconid conoly, the other NPCs will attack as well.)
  • Killing Glut will be the end of him and you can then collect your reward from Spaw. Spaw will give you the title peace bringer.
  • For killing Spaw, and all of the inhabitants of the Myconid Colony (Except Blurg, who will fight for three rounds when you attack the colony, then teleport away), Glut will give you the title: King Bringer.


 How to unlock Avenge the Sovereign

  • Myconid Colony, Glut


Avenge the Sovereign Rewards


Avenge the Sovereign Notes & Tips

  • You can use Glut to resurrect the Minotaurs, they carry Greatclub (2d12 Bludgeoning)
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    • Anonymous

      Decided to kill Glut instead but nothing happened of it. Went back to Spew and only go ((*Peace Bringer. Be at home.*)). Shoudn't there be an option to tell Spew of Glut's intended betrayal?

      • Anonymous

        So he really asks you to slaughter a whole circle and his only reward is a title??? Yeah nah man, Spaw gave me a title and a very rare magic item and only asked me to kill half as many people. I know whose side I’m taking.

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