The Blade of Frontiers

Type Companion Quest
Act Act 1
Companion Wyll
Reward __reward__

The Blade of Frontiers is a Companion Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. The Blade of Frontiers can be acquired from Wyll during Chapter One of the First Act. Completing  The Blade of Frontiers will progress Wyll story forward.


The Blade of Frontiers Objectives

  • Find the Goblin Camp
    We met Wyll, a renowned monster hunter from Baldur's Gate. He wants to help the Tieflings by taking out the goblin leaders.
  • Confront the goblin Spike.
    Wyll told us that he's looking for a goblin named Spike. They've got some history together, and Wyll would like to have a chat.
  • Speak with Wyll at Camp.
    Spike told Wyll that someone named Mizora was imprisoned here, then brought somewhere else. Wyll said he would explain back at camp.
  • Find and save Mizora.
    Wyll said that Mizora is a cambion who gave him his powers. They were separated on the Nautiloid, and now he needs to find where the goblin took her.

The Blade of Frontiers Walkthrough


 How to unlock The Blade of Frontiers


The Blade of Frontiers Rewards

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The Blade of Frontiers Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be any way to progress the story if Spike becomes hostile to you. I’ve tried knocking him out, charming him, and killing him then using Speak with Dead (the last of which appears to give answers but which leads Wyll to act like you got nothing from him). Make sure you talk to Spike before attacking anyone in the Goblin Camp.

      • Anonymous

        Note: if you kill Spike (resulting in a loss of Wyll approval, as he wants him kept alive for questioning) all is not lost. Acquire the Speak with Dead spell and use it on Spike's corpse. Wyll will ask to take over interrogation and if you let him, he will get the required information, as well as an Approval gain - probably enough to counteract the previous loss.


        • Anonymous

          Wyll died in the fight for me and there was no way to revive him. Didn't even realize he was a companion until I looked at the wiki. Oh well... early access.

          • Anonymous

            Not sure if bug or not, but you may have to talk to Spike before the goblins become hostile. Killing him afterwards makes Wyll a bit mad, but knocking him out doesn't do anything.

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