Arcane Circlet

Uncommon Helmet
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Nature +1

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Arcane Circlet is a Helmet in Baldur's Gate 3. Helmets can be equipped to character's head in their designated inventory slot and provide different effects ranging from increased Saving Throws, to gaining Advantage on certain attacks. 



The center jewel hums impatiently, waiting to be put to its true purpose.


Arcane Circlet Information

  • weight icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideWeight: 1 kg
  • value icon baldurs gate3 wiki guideValue: 150 gp.


Arcane Circet Location & How to Get


Arcane Circlet can be dropped by:


Arcane Circlet Notes & tips

  • If you wear this item, you can open a shortcut through a stone wall in Enclave Library, which leads you to Underground Passage.
  • Nettie actually sells this item. Open a dialogue with her and then select the Trade icon in the bottom left corner if you wish to purchase it from her.



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    • I think this item does not exist anymore. Both Nettie and Findal do have this item, and opens the shortcut. The description is also different, but his name is "Key of the Ancient". Nettie doesn't sell it now, and I think I couldn't steal it from her, she must die. Tested in Patch 4.

      • Anonymous

        As of patch 3, I believe this item is called "Key of the Ancients" and it provides a +1 bonus to all skill checks.

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