Reinforced Helmet

Common Helmet

Forged from an unfamiliar allow. Uncommonly rugged.

The Wearer of this Item gains:

Protects against critical hits

Reinforced Helmet is a Helmet in Baldur's Gate 3. Helmets can be equipped to character's head in their designated inventory slot and provide different effects ranging from increased Saving Throws, to gaining Advantage on certain attacks. 



 Forged from an unfamiliar allow. Uncommonly rugged.


Reinforced Helmet Information

  • Weight: 1 Kg
  • Value: 300 GP


Reinforced Helmet Location & How to Get

  • Item ID:
  • Location:
  • Quest:
  • Crafting:
  • Merchant:
  • Drop by: Petrified Drow south of Underdark Fort


Reinforced Helmet Notes & tips

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    • Anonymous

      I actually found this along with a pair of reinforced boots lying in a pool of water in the swamp near the Redcaps.

      • Anonymous

        Is this actually in the game? I destroyed all the petrified drow, and none of them dropped this for me. Can't find any mentions of it anywhere else either. Is it possible for someone to put up a picture of it?

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