Mask of the Shapeshifter

Legendary Helmet
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desguise self spell baldursgate3 wiki guide 35px 1Disguise Self recharge icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 25pxOnce per Turn

Mask of the Shapeshifter is a Helmet in Baldur's Gate 3Mask of the Shapeshifter is an exclusive item for players who have the Digital Deluxe Edition of Baldur's Gate 3Helmets can be equipped to a character's head in their designated inventory slot and provide different effects ranging from increased Saving Throws, to gaining Advantage on certain attacks. 


The magic of this mask comes from its gory provenance and makes it perfect for the discerning actor, sleuth or person with a mirror and time to kill.

BG3 Mask of the Shapeshifter Information

  • disguise self iconDisguise Self recharge icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 25pxOnce per Turn
  • rarity iconLegendary
  • weight icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideWeight: 0.5 kg
  • value icon baldurs gate3 wiki guideValue: 1 gp

Mask of the Shapeshifter Location & How to Get in BG3

  • Mask of the Shapeshifter is only available if you buy the Digital Deluxe Edition of Baldur's Gate 3.

BG3 Mask of the Shapeshifter Notes & tips

  • Transferring yourself into a smaller-sized character allows you to enter holes/cracks etc.
  • Notes and tips go here.


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    • Anonymous

      UUID: 5d66776d-0650-4512-b300-b2ac38e2be3a

      For those who don't want to pay the $10.00 to get it. There you go and enjoy.

      • Anonymous

        Is it just or me is using this item removing all conversation tags from a character and replacing them with the racial tags of their new race. I can understand replacing racial tags, but its removing my class tags and even the Dark Urge.

        • Anonymous

          Pair this with the Shapeshifter's Boon Ring to play as a changeling

          You get a +1d4 bonus to all checks.

          My next character is going to be an evil changeling with the dark urge origin

          • Anonymous

            This item is bugged as of 8/16. It makes all reactions except opportunity attack greyed out and untriggerable

            • Anonymous

              Fun fact about this item. It tracks the data used during Character Creation for each race on that character. So you can technically customize your disguise prior to getting the mask for every race. Thin Female/Male, Thick Female/Male, Gnomes, Half-Orcs, everyone you can select. I was curious to see if it would given that the data for the transformation was exactly the same visual data shown during Character Creation. Just be prepared for one super long slog of choosing what you want your transformations to look like. The Origin Characters are stuck with the defaults outside of Mods. Is this info worth anything? Not really. Is it oddly entertaining? Very. To break it down, if you make a Custom Character and choose Gnome, you get it all set up, then decide to play a Drow instead. The data you chose for the Gnome remains as the last data for the Mask to use when you use the Mask to transform into whatever gender Gnome you altered. I'm sincerely hoping this is a bug that's more of a feature that DOESN'T get fixed. Happened across three(3) different characters for me while I was testing this using High Elf, Thin Female/Male, Thick Female/Male, and Wood Elf Thin Female/Male, Thick Female/Male, and choosing an Half-Orc, Dragonborn and Gnome as the played race. If someone could confirm that this is the case for them as well, that would be lovely.

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