The Pale Elf

Type Companion Quest
Act Act 1
Companion Astarion
Reward __reward__

The Pale Elf is a Companion Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. The Pale Elf can be acquired from Astarion during Chapter One of the first Act. Completing  The Pale Elf will progress Astarion story forward.


The Pale Elf Objectives

  • We met a strange Elf who had also been infected with a parasite. He was hostile at first, but agreed to join us when he learned we were infected too.
  • Astarion is a vampire! We woke up last night and saw him bent over one of us - drinking their blood. We let him drink his fill to regain his strength.
  • We told Astarion that he couldn't feed on innocents - but enemie were fair game.
  • Astarion suspects that the parasite may have negated some of the downsides of being a vampire spawn. Perhaps his master has no power over him anymore.
  • We learned that Astarion was a slave to the Szarr family. he couldn't refuse orders from them - and believes that might still be the case.
  • We fought a monster hunter who was looking for Astarion.
  • Astarion told us that he suspects the monster hunter is serving his master Cazador.
  • After spending the night with Astarion, we learned that he has some kind of poem carved into his back. Cazador did this to him - but why?


The Pale Elf Walkthrough

  • Gandrel, a monster hunter can be found at SUNLIT WETLANDS. Don't reveal the location of Astarion will earn you his approval.
  • If you bring Astarion with you and confront Gandrel again, he will want to fight the monster hunter. (Reveal Astarion's name before himself does, or refuse to fight will get disapproval.)


 How to unlock The Pale Elf

  • Astarion


The Pale Elf Rewards

  • Rewards


The Pale Elf Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      19 Oct 2020 23:15  

      If you meet Gandrel without Astarion in your party you can tell Gandrel where your camp is. I did it before Astarion revealed he was a vampire spawn and the night after he attempted to bite me he left the party in the morning, leaving only a backpack full of all the things he was carrying. I think it's implied Gandrel assassinated him, but it would have been cool to see it happen.

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