When you are wielding melee weapons in one hand and the other hand is empty, you gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls with that weapon, increasing your chance to do heavy damage.


Dueling is a Class Passive in Baldur's Gate 3. Features provide unique abilities or effects and can be acquired depending on the Character's Race, Class and level.


Dueling Information

  • When you are wielding melee weapons in one hand and the other hand is empty, you gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls with that weapon, increasing your chance to do heavy damage.


How to unlock Dueling

Dueling can be acquired by


Dueling Tips & Notes

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Traits and Features
Action Surge  ♦  Agonizing Blast  ♦  Arcane Ward  ♦  Archery  ♦  Armour of Shadows  ♦  Base Racial Speed  ♦  Battleaxe Proficiency  ♦  Beast Speech  ♦  Beast Tamer  ♦  Beguiling Influence  ♦  Bounty Hunter  ♦  Channel Divinity Charges  ♦  Charisma Saving Throw Proficiency  ♦  Club Proficiency  ♦  Colossus Slayer  ♦  Combat Wild Shape  ♦  Constitution Saving Throw Proficiency  ♦  Dagger Proficiency  ♦  Dark One's Blessing  ♦  Darkvision  ♦  Dart Proficiency  ♦  Defense  ♦  Devil's Sight  ♦  Dexterity Saving Throw Proficiency  ♦  Disciple of Life  ♦  Domain Spells  ♦  Dwarven Resilience  ♦  Dwarven Toughness  ♦  Extra Attack  ♦  Fast Hands  ♦  Fey Ancestry  ♦  Fiendish Vigor  ♦  Fighting Style  ♦  Fleet of Foot  ♦  Giant Killer  ♦  Great Weapon Fighting  ♦  Greatsword Proficiency  ♦  Hand Crossbow Proficiency  ♦  Handaxe Proficiency  ♦  Heavy Armour Proficiency  ♦  Hellish Resistance  ♦  Horde Breaker  ♦  Hunter's Prey  ♦  Improved Warlock Spell Slot  ♦  Intelligence Saving Throw Proficiency  ♦  Javelin Proficiency  ♦  Keen Senses  ♦  Keeper of the Veil  ♦  Light Armour Proficiency  ♦  Light Crossbow Proficiency  ♦  Light Hammer Proficiency  ♦  Longbow Proficiency  ♦  Longsword Proficiency  ♦  Lucky  ♦  Mace Proficiency  ♦  Mage Breaker  ♦  Mage Hand Legerdemain  ♦  Martial Archetypes  ♦  Martial Weapon Proficiency  ♦  Mask of Many Faces  ♦  Mask of the Wild  ♦  Medium Armour Proficiency  ♦  Menacing Attack  ♦  Naturally Stealthy  ♦  Pact of the Chain  ♦  Protection  ♦  Pushing Attack  ♦  Quarterstaff Proficiency  ♦  Rally  ♦  Ranger Knight  ♦  Rapier Proficiency  ♦  Repelling Blast  ♦  Riposte  ♦  Sanctified Stalker  ♦  Scimitar Proficiency  ♦  Sculpt Spells  ♦  Second Wind  ♦  Second-Story Work  ♦  Shield Proficiency  ♦  Shortbow Proficiency  ♦  Shortsword Proficiency  ♦  Sickle Proficiency  ♦  Simple Weapon Proficiency  ♦  Sling Proficiency  ♦  Spear Proficiency  ♦  Spell Slots Unlocked  ♦  Strength Saving Throw Proficiency  ♦  Strongheart Resilience  ♦  Superior Darkvision  ♦  Superiority Dice  ♦  Superiority Dice: 4  ♦  Thief of Five Fates  ♦  Two-Weapon Fighting Style  ♦  Urban Tracker  ♦  Warding Flare  ♦  Warhammer Proficiency  ♦  Warlock Spell Slot Gained  ♦  Warlock Spell Slots  ♦  Wasteland Wanderer: Cold  ♦  Wasteland Wanderer: Fire  ♦  Wasteland Wanderer: Poison  ♦  Wild Shape  ♦  Wisdom Saving Throw Proficiency

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    • Anonymous

      21 Aug 2021 02:43  

      So I see a lot of confusion regarding the 'empty hand'. Can anyone confirm that the bonus only applies if your offhand is empty, and that it does not work with shields?

      • Anonymous

        18 Oct 2020 07:50  

        It works as intended and with a shield. You can see this value in the chat log after attack (practice on a familiar or something)

        • Anonymous

          15 Oct 2020 06:31  

          You have to toggle duel wielding while holding a longsword in the main hand. Technically you have you fist as an off hand, and can spend your bonus action to punch, but this is also how 5e worked. Now, some people are reporting that the damage boost doesn't show on the character sheet. I don't know if the feature is broken, but can someone confirm? I might forget to post my test

          • Anonymous

            14 Oct 2020 09:12  

            Yeah, I could not find any way to use a versatile weapon one-handed either. Though I am curious if it is just a sheet stat error (regarding dueling dmg in a correct setup) or if it really isn't applying the damage at all. I might be playing tonight so, as I mentioned in a reply, I'll keep an eye out for attacks that would deal more than wpn + str, hopefully showing that dueling works but isn't listed in sheet dmg.

            Another reply post said they had gotten it working with a shield and that they "Got a message like + 2(2 Character Weapon Bonus)". I wonder how they got this working and where the message was actually listed.

            • Anonymous

              12 Oct 2020 20:34  

              Seems to be broken currently. No change in stats with any weapon or setup and unable to switch between one handed and dual wield currently for versatile weapons

              • Anonymous

                09 Oct 2020 22:53  

                Bonus isn't shown in character sheet. I tried battle axe with shield, shortsword and dagger (with and without shield), the DMG bonus did not change...

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