Second Wind

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2~11 Healing

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Draw on your stamina to heal yourself.

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Second Wind is a Fighter Feature in Baldur's Gate 3. Features are acquired when leveling up and are based on the Character's ClassSecond Wind grants the Fighter an option for self-healing to sustain the character for longer fights, which for Fighters will be invaluable as they tend to be characters that face Enemies head-on and at the forefront of engagements.

Second Wind Information

  • Draw on your stamina to heal yourself.
  • Range: Self.
  • Recharge: Once per short rest.
  • Bonus Action.

How to unlock Second Wind in BG3

  • Second Wind can be aquired by the following class:

Second Wind Tips & Notes

  • Note this used to provide HP equal to your character level, not Fighter level, but was changed in Patch 1.
  •  The level scales with total level and not Fighter level.




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    • Anonymous

      There seems to be a bug(?) that coats both your melee and ranged weapon in your current status effect. Lae'zel was poisoned, and then I used second wind and it cured poison and coated my weapon in it for 3 turns.

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