Arctic is a Passive Feature in Baldur's Gate 3. Features provide unique abilities or effects and can be acquired depending on the Character's RaceClass and level. Druids of the Circle of Land Subclass attune with nature at a transcendental level, which grants them knowledge for casting special Spells. The nature of these Spells depends on which type of environment they choose to specialize in as their Druid Spell Circle. Each Druid Spell Circle grants two Spells that are Always Prepared.

Arctic Information

How to unlock Arctic in BG3

How to use Arctic in BG3

The Arctic Spell Circle for Circle of Land Druids seems to have a focus on delaying, disrupting, and stopping Enemies, while speeding up yourself and your allies. At level 3, the Druid learns Hold Person and Spiked Growth. The former makes targets Paralyzed, which makes them vulnerable to attacks, and unable to move, perform an Action, or even speak. Spiked Growth creates spiky terrain in the target area which will cause anyone or anything trying to cross the terrain to receive 2d4 piercing damage as they travel on it. As the terrain is considered Difficult Terrain, Speed will be halved for anyone traveling on it, prolonging the time they will be taking damage for. At level 5, the Druid learns Sleet Storm, which calls a large storm of ice to rain over an area, which puts out any fire and hinders the Concentration of any spellcasters within. As with Spiked Growth, the terrain over which Sleet Storm is called upon is also considered Difficult Terrain, which will make it difficult for anyone caught within to travel out. Druids will also learn Haste at this level, which grants numerous boons for allies, including doubling their Speed and allowing them to do an additional Action for a couple of turns. These Spells can be used in combination with other aspects of a Druid's Build to guarantee tremendous damage on Enemies and make combat engagements easier. However, it's important to consider whether or not other Spells or Actions in the Druid's kit can accomplish the same or similar functions, or at least enough to choose a different Spell Circle overall. Spells learned through a Spell Circle don't have to be prepared along with other Spells and will simply be added to the player's options, ready to be used at any time.


Arctic Tips & Notes

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    • Haste is so strong in BG3, but a really weird thematic fit for an Arctic/Cold-based spell circle. Slow would be the appropriate spell. Makes me think Larian employees always go south for their winter holidays, or that they mistakenly confused Haste & Slow.

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