Colossus Slayer


Once per turn, your weapon attack deals an extra 1d8 damage if the target is below its hit point maximum. One of the three Features available to choose for Hunter's Prey


Colossus Slayer is a Feature in Baldur's Gate 3. Features provide unique abilities or effects and can be acquired depending on the Character's Race, Class and level.


Colossus Slayer Information

  • Once per turn, your weapon attack deals an extra 1d8 damage if the target is below its hit point maximum. One of the three Features available to choose for Hunter's Prey.
  • Colossus Slayer properly only triggers when target is not at full health


How to unlock Colossus Slayer

Colossus Slayer can be acquired by


Colossus Slayer Tips & Notes

  • Colossus Slayer seems to be incompatible with Hunter's Mark. You receive the Hunter's Mark bonus but NOT the Colossus Slayer bonus. It is unclear if this is a bug or not, however on a few occasions you do get both bonuses which indicates it is a bug (patched and fixed)
  • There is currently a bug in which Colossus Slayer seems to be applied at enemies with full HP granting you a bonus on every attack, unless you use Hunter's Mark (patched and fixed)



Traits and Features
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    • Anonymous

      Granted it's some sort of bug or something, but I figured out 'how' Colossus Slayer actually works WITH Hunter's Mark.

      Colossus Slayer for some reason needs your bonus action available to proc, but it doesn't actually use your bonus action.

      Soooo...that being said. When you start combat do a regular attack against a target THEN cast hunter's mark on what you plan on hitting next. In round 2, if you go and hit that Hunter's Marked target, then both Hunter's Mark AND Colossus Slayer will both proc.

      • Anonymous

        I made a Drow Ranger melee character to test something out.

        Drow get proficiency with Rapiers. So I boosted up my Dex and took Duelist at level 2 (+2 damage if using only a single main hand weapon, no offhand.) The +2 damage applies to BOTH the 1d8 of the Rapier AND the 1d8 of Colossus Slayer.

        • Anonymous

          I'm pretty sure this is what happens (EA v4.1.84.2021):
          Hunters Mark add a 1d6 roll to your attack damage, it doesn't show as a different number, it just add up.
          Colossus Slayer in the other hand is an additional trigger and it's counting as an additional damage (like Hex) which is bugged and always trigger (because you just hit the attack, therefore the foe is not at full health)

          • Anonymous

            this stacks with great weapon master btw, feature or bug? I did 40 damage in attack at level 4 because of it.

            • Anonymous

              I have had mixed results with this subclass feature. Sometimes triggering, sometimes not, and sometimes triggering even when attacking a target who is at full health. I am not sure if this bug has to do with an interaction with Hunters Mark or not. I have used it with both two handed weapons and single handed weapons, and it seems less consistent with single handed weapons. While clearly marked in the combat log when it does go off, it displays as an additional damage roll on the combat log rather than an extension of the same attack like hunters mark, which looks confusing at first glace if nothing else.

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