Defensive Duellist

When attacked while wielding a Finesse Weapon you're Proficient with, you can use a reaction to add your Proficiency Bonus to your Armour Class, possibly causing the attack to miss.

Defensive Duellist is a Feat and a Feature in Baldur's Gate 3. Feats are special talents or expertises that provide special capabilities to characters. At certain levels, your character will get to choose between an Ability Score Improvement Feature or a Feat.


Defensive Duellist Information

  • When attacked while wielding a Finesse Weapon you're Proficient with, you can use a reaction to add your Proficiency Bonus to your Armour Class, possibly causing the attack to miss.


How to unlock Defensive Duellist

You'll need to fulfill the following requirements to unlock Defensive Duellist


Defensive Duellist Tips & Notes

  • Does not seem to trigger at all as of v4.1.1.3624901 (Hotfix #1)
  • Finesse weapons will use either DEX or STR, whichever is more convenient. However they tend to deal slightly less damage than their non-Finesse counterparts to compensate.
  • Defensive Duellist makes it so that when you're attacked while wielding a finesse weapon that you're proficient with, you can use a reaction to add your proficiency bonus to your Armor Class, possibly causing the attack of an enemy to miss.
  • Usually, when you're using a finesse weapon, you're probably using two finesse weapons, so this is usually on a dual-wielding character, usually not always, which means they're not using a shield, so their Armor Class is typically going to be lower.
  • This will help you offset that by allowing you to use your reaction (which is once every round) to help protect you against one attack. It's not a bad pickup at all.
  • Keep in mind that if you pick up an Ability Score Improvement and increase your Dexterity, you would gain one Armor Class anyway, which, if this is the beginning of the game (level four), would be basically half the Armor Class you would gain from this because this would give you plus two to your Armor Class and Dexterity would give you plus one, plus all the other benefits.
  • Good feat to combine with Hunter, or any class proficient with Medium Armor. There are several medium armors that have uncapped AC bonuses from Dexterity. You could possibly have a Ranger as an AC tank while equipping a medium armor.
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    • Anonymous

      A good choice for College of Swords Bards that picked the dueling fighting style. You feel less inclined to use Defensive Flourish as often when up in the thick of it.

      • Anonymous

        Was testing it in Patch 4 and i think it is still broken. Used it in a save game and on an ally. It seems to activate when the attacker "misses" already his attack. So AC 18, the attacker rolled a 15 on attack roll, then this reaction triggered and asks me to use it (weird because he missed already). If the attack roll was greater than my AC this reaction doesnt asked me to trigger and i just got hit by a 19 attack roll.

        • Anonymous

          Is this still broken? Can't get this to trigger at all on my Rogue.
          I'm aware sneak attack counts as a reaction, so I understand that if I used SA, I've used up my reaction that round. But then some rube melee attacks me the next round and I get zero prompt?
          So many feats seem genuinely borked or underpowered, larian pls.

          • Anonymous

            "Finesse Weapon you're Proficient with" need to use in main hand or can I use just off-hand to get this work ? like use longsword in main hand but off-hand use shortsword.

            • Anonymous

              "When attacked while wielding a Finesse Weapon you're Proficient with" does this mean only wielding a finesse weapon or could I had a finesse weapon and a shield?

              • Anonymous

                Great combo with Hunter.
                Take Ranger Knight at lvl 1, Dueling at 2, use Heavy Armor and Shield for awesome AC.
                Use Finesse weapon and take Multiattack Defence at lvl 7.
                Now your AC is 20 (+ possible magic bonus) and you add +3 as reaction to first attack and +4 from Multiattack Defense from consecutive attacks from that enemy.

                • Anonymous

                  "while wielding a finesse weapon that you're proficient with, you can use a reaction to add your proficiency bonus to your Armor Class"

                  So if I'm proficient with a shortsword and my proficiency bonus is Charisma as a warlock (pact of blades) does this give me my charisma modifier or my dexterity modifier?

                  • Anonymous

                    Does anyone know if, when an attack uses multi attack, if it adds AC for both of their attacks or only the first one?

                    • Doesn't seem to work as of writing. Tested using a familiar attacking a character with 20 AC and +3 prof. bonus, wielding a finesse weapon and a shield.
                      Attacked with a familiar until It got a 22 total to hit, and it still hit me even though I was in turn-mode and hasn't used my reaction.

                      If you picked this one, you can respec for now until fixed, sadly.

                      • Anonymous

                        This is amazing for dagger wizards for some extra defence, +3 AC at level5 is a very good reaction to have

                        • Anonymous

                          If it works as the PHB version does, ...

                          Source: Player's Handbook
                          Prerequisite: Dexterity 13 or higher
                          When you are wielding a finesse weapon with which you are proficient and another creature hits you with a melee attack, you can use your reaction to add your proficiency bonus to your AC for that attack, potentially causing the attack to miss you.

                          • Anonymous

                            does this even work on patch 4 (I think it used to be permanen +2 AC which was really good)? It now doesn't seem to increase my AC, as far as I understand it, the AC bonus should be applied momentarily for the single attack so we wouldn't know if it works unless we do a controlled probability test

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