Great Weapon Master

When you land a Critical Hit or kill a target with a melee weapon attack, you can make another melee weapon attack as a bonus action that turn.

Attacks with Heavy melee weapons you are Proficient with, can deal an additional 10 damage at the cost of a -5 Attack Roll penalty. (You can toggle this on and off.)

Great Weapon Master is a Feats in Baldur's Gate 3. Feats are special talents or expertises that provide special capabilities to characters. At certain levels, your character will get to choose between an Ability Score Improvement Feature or a Feat.


Great Weapon Master Information


How to unlock Great Weapon Master

You'll need to fulfill the following requirements to unlock Great Weapon Master


Great Weapon Master Tips & Notes

  • This feature can be toggle on or off for each attack, so you can use it when you have Advantage for best results.
  • This feat does not give an action but allows you to do an extra attack as a Bonus Action.
  • When you land a critical hit or kill a target with ANY melee weapon attack, you can make another melee weapon attack as a bonus action on that turn.
  • It's important to try and make the most out of each of your turns, trying to use your action, bonus action, movement, everything that you can possibly use if you need it. And this is a great way to give melee characters something to do with their bonus action if they don't have anything else.
  • To negate the attack roll penalty, consider getting weapons that provide +X Weapons, Proficiency Bonus, Bless, or multiclass War Domain.
  • All Heavy Weapons in Baldur's Gate 3 include all Glaives, Greataxes, Greatswords, Longswords, Halberds, Mauls, and Pikes.
  • This feat only works with Heavy Melee, the Longbows and Heavy Crossbows will not gain anything by using this feat.
  • Note that if you kill an enemy with Divine Smite's Radiant Damage, the Bonus Attack will not trigger.
  • Applies to Versatile weapons when they are wielded as two-handed.



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    • Anonymous

      Using a versitile spear with this feat and it is procing the extra attack. I hope this isn't a bug because its an insanely good feat that allows shield users to have damage stacking duelist and GWM

      • Anonymous

        Can this proc off itself? In other words, if you crit with the extra attack, does it grant you another attack?

        • Anonymous

          Could the crit effect trigger from an attack of opportunity? Thus giving me an extra action once it's my turn?

          • Anonymous

            Hi. Trying to plan out my build to start, so don't even have a level 4 character to test this out... can the extra attack activate off of a thrown weapon? Intuitively I would think yes since a thrown spear is still a "melee weapon attack", just a ranged one. But if it did work I'd think there'd be more buzz around combining this with Eldritch Knight?

            • Anonymous

              Can someone please look into if this stacks with an Adamantite weapon? If it hits, the weapon should be critting, and if its critting, doesnt that keep up the amount of attacks?

              • Anonymous

                Getting one more hit after a crit or kill is great and oddly enough makes it worth while to go for even if you have no interest in two handed weapons.
                Personally the two handed passive you can turn on and off doesn't often seem worth it to me, since you become quiet a bit less likely to hit anything. There might be some set up where the downside becomes almost none maybe.

                • Anonymous

                  what are you guys using to negate the attack bonus penalty? both in items and spells. ill be playing with my firends as soon as we finish the story and i want to be a monster

                  • Anonymous

                    Even if it was working as intended, this feat is extremely over estimated by people. You are much better off picking ability improvement at level 4 and sentinel at level 8 if you are playing melee. I would strongly recommend not picking this if you are not familiar with 5th Ed.

                    • Anonymous

                      Has anyone seen if the extra attack works if you are not using a 2hander? Im curious if the tooltip is poorly written and it means that with a 2hander you get the damage bonus, with a 1hander or dual wield you get the extra attack.

                      • Anonymous

                        Can comfirm ( to my knowledge) that the extra attack as a bonus action does not work currently. I assume, simular to attacking with an offhand weapon while duelweilding, an icon appears on your hotbar that lets you attack from the feat. Witchbolt also works this way, but no such icon appears. You also can't just attack normally after killing an enemy, still requires your action. If someone figures out how to get it working, would love to know, but seems broken right now.

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