Magic Initiate: Warlock

You learn 2 cantrips and a Level 1 spell from the warlock spell list. You can cast the Level 1 spell once per Long Rest. Your Spellcasting Ability for all 3 spells is Charisma.

Magic Initiate: Warlock is a Feats in Baldur's Gate 3. Feats are special talents or expertises that provide special capabilities to characters. At certain levels, your character will get to choose between an Ability Score Improvement Feature or a Feat.


Magic Initiate: Warlock Information


How to Unlock Magic Initiate: Warlock

You'll need to fulfill the following requirements to unlock Magic Initiate: Warlock


Magic Initiate: Warlock Tips & Notes

  • This feat is useful for those who have a high charisma score and want the warlock's Eldritch Blast cantrip, but don't wish to take a level in the warlock class. 
  • Taking the magic initiate feat for any class can be a valuable investment since cantrips scale based on character level, not class level.
  • For example, a level 5 warlock character and a level 4 paladin/level 1 bard multiclass character are both considered level 5 characters. If the paladin/bard character took the Magic Initiate: Warlock feat to take the Eldritch Blast cantrip, then they get the cantrip's upgraded version, like a level 5 warlock, at character level 5. (Note: Cantrips upgrade at character levels 5 & 10, with Eldritch Blast getting two beams at level 5, and three beams at level 10)
  •  The bonus spell is automatically prepared for Classes that have to prepare spells like Wizards/Clerics. The bonus spell also scales with higher-level spell slots.



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    • Anonymous

      "Gain a spell slot of Level 1 that is restored on a long rest."
      Is this correct? Warlock spells usually recharge on a short rest.

      • Anonymous

        I have 2 questions about this feat:
        1) Is bonus spell automatically prepared for classes that have to prepare spells (like Wizard/Cleric)?
        2) Does bonus spell scale with higher level spell slots? For example, if you take Arms of Hadar as a bonus spell, can you use it with 2nd level or higher spell slots as Wizard/Cleric?

        • Anonymous

          Is fixed, Rogue can pick it now.
          By the way maybe it is it is an interessting option in combination with a arcane trickster specialisaiton if you grab the Hex spell.
          You get a bonus Spell Slot witch work with all Spells of Arcane Trickster, not only the grabed one from warlock.
          So you have 4 spells on lvl 4 as an arcane trickster and can cast maximum Hex 4 times.
          Hex gives you 1d6 dmg if you hit enemy and it lowers his dexterity, so you hit him easyer.

          In total it gives you with 1d6 dmg a little bit more dmg per hit as with 18 dexterity, let you easyer hit an enemy and makes you more flexeble spells (4 spells on lvl 4).
          On the other side you lose 1 constant dmg by 18 dexterity and 1 on armor class (only 16 dexterity).

          • Anonymous

            As a rogue, you can't lvl up when picking this feat, it seems bugged. It works fine with clerics and mage though.

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