Find the Nightsong

Type Quest
Act Act 1
Chapter One
Location Druid Grove
Reward __reward__

Find the Nightsong is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Find the Nightsong can be acquired during Chapter One of the first Act. Completing  Find the Nightsong will progress the story forward.


Find the Nightsong Objectives

  • A Wizard in Baldur's Gate is offering a huge sum of money to anyone who brings him the 'Nightsong'.
  • The Nightsong is in some kind of temple. It must be in the goblin camp.
  • One of the adventurers, the dwarf Brian, has a map leading to the Nighsong. However, he was killed by goblins at the temple.
  • (Optional) Free Nightsong of her curse.
  • (Optional) Give Nightsong to Aradin.


Find the Nightsong Walkthrough

  • The Defiled Temple is located inside Goblin Camp. If you want to reach there peacefully, you need to use tadpole's psionic power, get Sazza to vouch for you (Quest Save the Goblin Sazza), pass the Deception (15)/ Nature (10) / Intimidation (15) checks and obey the goblin's commands, or sneak your way in.
  • To solve the puzzle in Defiled Temple, facing towards the broken statue on the ground, then interact with the panels in the following order: top, top, right, top, top, top, left, left, left, bottom, bottom, bottom, left, left. (See the embedded video if you need further help) You can also lock pick the "Lever" on the NE side of the room above the bench to open the door.
  • Explore the Underdark, however, the clue went cold. (End of Early Access)


 How to unlock Find the Nightsong

  • Liam, at Druid Grove


Find the Nightsong Rewards

  • Rewards


Find the Nightsong Notes & Tips

For the puzzle, it seems that all moons on the lower plate must be black. That's all. Then you can move forward and activate the button situated on the right wall after the steps. You have to pick the lock before.

Defiled Temple Puzzle Guide:




  • Clue and Location 
    moon puzzle clue and location
  • There are multiple ways to reach Underdark. Either through the Defiled Temple (use the ladder), or jump from the phase spiders' tunnel using Feather Fall, or use the Portal in Overgrown Tunnel, or the elevator in Zantarim hideout.




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      You say I can get to underdark thru the defiled temple, I found the room in your I jump in? If so how do I do it and live? With or without feather fall I die. Is there a trick to the spell im unaware of?.......

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        top, top, right, top, top, top, left, left, left, bottom, bottom, bottom, left, left is actually much faster.

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