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Try to conceal yourself. Hiding depends on your Stealth and whether you are Obscured. Attacking or casting spells reveals your location.



Hide is a Bonus Action in Baldur's Gate 3. Actions can be used in both exploration and combat to maneuver across the battlefield or to harm or aid Characters. The actions that a Character can perform are based on their Class and Equipment.

While hiding, the character is given the Hiding status, with the tooltip:  Invisible to characters until you cross their cone of sight. You have advantage on all attack rolls.

When a character enters the cone of vision, a Stealth  check is made against the target's Perception skill. If the check fails, the Hiding status is lost. Hiding also allows the character to pickpocket a creature. 

Hide Information

  • Try to conceal yourself. Hiding depends on your Stealth and whether you are Obscured. Attacking or casting spells reveals your location.
  • Type: bonus action icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 25pxBonus Action


How to unlock Hide

  • Can be unlocked by:


Hide Tips & Notes

  • Hide can be an extremely effective source for free advantage. As only a bonus action, moving behind an enemy and entering stealth can provide melee attackers with free advantage to hit. 
  • Hidden characters will not be targeted by enemy AI. Being hidden at the start of an enemy's turn prevents them from targeting the character with spells, items, or abilities. For this reason, hiding at the end of each turn is advantageous to prevent weaker characters from being targeted by stronger enemies. 
  • Vision cones do not pierce through clouds, such as those created by Fog Cloud or those created by fire surfaces interacting with water. Such can be helpful in creating "paths" to sneak through.
  • Removing sources of light can make someone using stealth harder to detect - vision cones are shortened in the dark. 



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