You are skilled at inducing opponents to attack you.

move action

Goad is an actions in Baldur's Gate 3. Actions can be used in both exploration and combat to maneuver across the battlefield or to harm or aid Characters. The actions that a Character can perform are based on their Class and Equipment.


Goad Information

  • As a move action, you may goad an opponent that threatens you, has line of sight to you, can hear you, and has an Intelligence of 3 or higher. (The goad is a mind-affecting effect.) When the goaded opponent starts its next turn, if it threatens you and has line of sight to you, it must make a Will saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 your character level + your Cha modifier). If the opponent fails its save, you are the only creature it can make melee attacks against during this turn. (If it kills you, knocks you unconscious, loses sight of you, or otherwise is unable to make melee attacks against you, it may make any remaining melee attacks against other foes, as normal.) A goaded creature may still cast spells, make ranged attacks, move, or perform other actions normally. The use of this feat restricts only melee attacks.
  • Type: action
  • range icon bg3 wiki guideRange: __range__


How to unlock Goad

Goad can be unlocked by the following classes:

  • Fighter (CHA 13, base attack bonus +1)


Goad Tips & Notes

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