Wild Shape: Bear

Wild Shape: Bear


Take the shape of a polar bear that can goad enemies into attacking it.
Your bear shape has 30 hit points.

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Wild Shape: Bear is a Bonus Action in Baldur's Gate 3. Actions can be used in both exploration and combat to maneuver across the battlefield or to harm or aid Characters. The actions that a Character can perform are based on their Class an Equipment


Wild Shape: Bear Information

  • Take the shape of a polar bear that can goad enemies into attacking it. Your bear shape has 30 hit points.
  • Type: Bonus Action
  • Range: N/A


How to unlock Wild Shape: Bear

Wild Shape Action can be unlocked by the following classes:


Wild Shape: Bear Tips & Notes

  • Wild Shape: Bear will be a Bonus Action if you selected Combat Wild Shape (Circle of the Moon) and unavailable if you selected Wild Shape (Circle of the Land).
  • Wild Shape: Bear has the following stats in the character sheet after transformation. HP: 30, AC: 12, Speed: 11m, Initiative:+0, Strength: 19, Dexterity: 10, and Constitution: 16
  • Wild Shape: Bear grants the Claws action, a melee attack that does 2d4 + 4 Slashing damage (Note that in the current version hovering over this action will display a damage bonus based on your character's Strength modifier, however the damage is correctly calculated using the Bear's Strength when attacking)



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