Wild Shape Action

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Magically assume the shape of a beast. While in animal shape, you can't talk or cast spells.

You take on the game statistics of your beast form -excluding your Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores.

When your beast form drops to 0 hit points, you revert to your normal form.

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Wild Shape Action is an Action in Baldur's Gate 3 subclass choose. Actions can be used in both exploration and combat to maneuver across the battlefield or to harm or aid Characters. The actions that a Character can perform are based on their Class and Equipment. In Dungeons and Dragons 5e, Wild Shape can be used in different situations both inside and outside of combat for various situations. The same can be said for Baldur's Gate 3, but naturally tailor-fit for the video game format. That being said, each transformation provides different uses and functions for a variety of situations. In the tabletop format, a Druid can stay in their Wild Shape form for a specific number of hours determined by half of the character's Druid levels (rounded down).


Wild Shape Action Information

  • Magically assume the shape of a beast. While in animal shape, you can't talk or cast spells.
    You take on the game statistics of your beast form -excluding your IntelligenceWisdom, and Charisma scores. When your beast form drops to 0 hit points, you revert to your normal form, with the number of hit points you had before transforming. If your hit points dropped below 0 in beast form, that damage is applied after you revert. Spells that require concentration are not broken by turning into an animal. Your equipment merges into your animal form and won't have any effect until you revert.
  • Wild Shape: Cat: Take the shape of a cat that can avoid attention or distract enemies.Your cat shape has 2 hit points.
  • Wild Shape: Badger: Take the shape of a giant badger that can burrow into the ground. Your badger shape has 13 hit points.
  • Wild Shape: Wolf: Take the shape of a dire wolf that can increase its allies' movement speed and distract its enemies to guarantee a critical strike. Your wolf shape has 18 hit points.
  • Wild Shape: Spider: Take the shape of a giant spider that can enweb enemies. Your spider shape has 20 hit points. 
  • Wild Shape: Deep Rothé: Take the shape of a deep rothé that can casts dancing lights and charge its enemies. Your deep rothé shape has 23 hit points.
  • Wild Shape: Owlbear: Take the shape of an Owlbear.
  • In 5e, Druids under the Subclass Circle of the Moon are eventually able to transform into Elementals by using up two usages of Wild Shape instead of one. It is yet unknown if this will be implemented in the full version of the game or not.
  • Type: Bonus Action or Action, depending on the Subclass chosen

Circle of the Moon Subclass Wild Shapes


List of Feats that work with Wild Shape

Feat Earth Myrmidon Air, Fire, Water Myrmidon rest of the Wild Shapes Note
Ability Improvement INT/WIS/CHA INT/WIS/CHA INT/WIS/CHA Rest by shape
Alert + + +  
Athlete faster get up faster get up faster get up STR/DEX is not working
Dual Wielder - + Elementals got their own weapons
Durable + + + +CON does not give additional HP
Elemental Adept + + -  
Heavily Armored +STR +STR +STR  
Heavy Armor Master +STR +STR +STR DR does not persist
Mage Slayer ADV, DIS ADV, DIS ADV, DIS the reaction does not work
Mobile + + +  
Resilient + + + +CON does not imply additional HP
Savage Attacker - + -  
Sentinel ADV, no move ADV, no move ADV, no move the reaction does not work
Tavern Brawler hit - hit +DMG does not work
War Caster ADV conc ADV conc ADV conc Shocking Grasp does not work
All other feats - or useless - or useless - or useless


Synergy of Items/Abilities with Wild Shape

No Item works in any way (neither active nor passive ability) except it is specifically said in the item description. There is currently a bug where you have to re-equip the few working items after the first wild shape to get the effect on an additional Wild Shape.

Generally, you can say: Every passive ability works, any active (Action, Bonus Action, Move Action, Reaction…) does not work.

Hit Point advancement in Wild Shape

Hit Points advance by a factor X, determined by the shape and the number of 2-Levelups since the gaining of the shape
The Factor X is as follows:

  • Sabre-Tooth, Panther: X=1.15
  • Myrmidons, Rothe, Owlbear: X=1.2
  • Bear, Badger, Spider: X=1.3
  • Wolf: X=1.4

The current HP are calculated:
Current HP = Starting HP * X^#of2Lvlups
e.g. Bear L8: current HP = 30*1.3^3 = 65.91 = 66 HP

Improved Wild Shape

Some abilities are improved by a die starting at Level 4 and the die increasing at Level 8 and another die-increase at Level 12. The Improvement is directly implemented so the Sabre-Tooth gets the higher die at start.

The Abilities are as follows:

  • d4 at L4, d6 at L8, d8 at L12: Bear (Claws), Dire Raven (Beak, Rend Vision), Panther (Bite), Owlbear (Claws, Rupture, Crushing Flight)
  • d6 at L4, d8 at L8, d10 at L12: Badger (Bite), Spider (Bite), Rothe (Gore, Charge), Panther (Jugular Strike, Pounce), Sabre-Tooth (Bite, Jugular Strike, Shred), Diplosaurus (Bite, Pounce)

How to Use Wild Shape Action in BG3

The different Wild Shape transformations have different Actions and Skills along with different spreads in Abilities. The available transformations in the game have certain uses. Wild Shape: Cat is not really intended to be used for combat. The form can be used stealthily to move across the field or to infiltrate certain Locations, but not for fights, except maybe to attract attention from your allies, but staying in cat form is pretty much a death sentence with its low health and Armor ClassWild Shape: Bear transformation can siphon aggression with Goading Roar to serve the same function but with combat-attuned stats. The Wild Shape: Badger transformation's Burrow Action can render Enemies who're clumped together Prone, giving your team a good window to execute any plans. The Wild Shape: Spider transformation's basic Action provides a chance to poison Enemies, while its Web Action renders them immobile, which is also good crowd controlling multiple Enemies. It's worth noting that while the game says the webs are flammable, hitting them with any type of flame does not trigger any reaction. The Wild Shape: Dire Raven transformation allows fast, safe movement around the battlefield, which also allows it to take the Wild Shape: Cat's role in a fight, with an added capability of Blinding Enemies, and higher health stats. As you'd expect, the raven transformation can also allow you to traval greater heights than the other transformations, while the Wild Shape: Badger can't climb at all. Finally, the Wild Shape: Wolf transformation has a more synergistic type of play, with Exposing Bite allowing any next hit on the target to automatically become a critical hit, and Inciting Howl granting allies more Movement Speed.

Given that players are able to use Wild Shape twice for every short rest, players can combine two of these transformations as the situation requires in battle. For example, the character can fly up to an Enemy situated on a higher area and then transform into a bear to unload some damage. Players can also attempt to keep Enemies in place using the spider's web, and then keep them from doing anything for longer using the badger's Burrow Action. Druids under the Subclass Circle of the Moon are able to use Wild Shape as a Bonus Action as well, allowing even more intricacies in what players can do, as it allows for characters to transform and use a different Action in a single turn.


Wild Shape Comparison Table


Badger  13  14  10  15
  • Bite (Badger)
  • Claws (Badger)
  • Burrow
Bear  30  19  10  16
  • Goading Roar
  • Claws (Bear)
Cat  2  6  15  10
  • Claws (Cat)
  • Meow
Spider  20  14  16  12
  • Web (Spider)
  • Venomous Bite
Wolf  18  17  15  15
  • Inciting Howl (Wolf)
  • Bite (Wolf)
  • Exposing Bite
Dire Raven  13  6  14  8
  • Beak Attack
  • Rend Vision
Deep Rothé  23  18  10  14
  • Gore
  • Charge


How to unlock Wild Shape Action

Wild Shape Action can be unlocked by the following classes:


Wild Shape Action Tips & Notes

  • Player notes and tips go here...
  • Wild Shape will be considered a Bonus Action if you selected Combat Wild Shape (Circle of the Moon) and an Action if you selected Wild Shape (Circle of the Land).
  • Feats are available while the Wild Shape is in effect. Mobile and Sentinel work for the duration.
  • Any equipment worn when you change into the animal form will not have any effect until you return to your original form.
  • You can use the Wild Shape together with Rage, but you need to Rage first before transforming.



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(Melee)  ♦  Slashing Flourish (Ranged)  ♦  Sludgy Sling  ♦  Smash  ♦  Sneak Attack (Critical Hit)  ♦  Sneak Attack (Melee)  ♦  Sneak Attack (Ranged)  ♦  Sneak Attack (Reaction)  ♦  Sneak Attack Critical Hit (Reaction)  ♦  Song of Rest  ♦  Sphere of Elemental Balance  ♦  Spiteful Suffering  ♦  Spreading Spores (Action)  ♦  Sprint (Action)  ♦  Stage Fright  ♦  Step of the Wind Dash  ♦  Step of the Wind Disengage  ♦  Sting  ♦  Storm's Fury (Reaction)  ♦  Stunning Strike (Melee)  ♦  Stunning Strike (Unarmed)  ♦  Summon Companion  ♦  Supernatural Attraction  ♦  Supreme Sneak  ♦  Survival Instinct  ♦  Sweeping Attack (Action)  ♦  Sweeping Cinder Strike  ♦  Tenacity (Reaction)  ♦  Third Eye: Darkvision  ♦  Third Eye: See Invisibility  ♦  Throw  ♦  Tides of Chaos (Reaction)  ♦  Tiger's Bloodlust  ♦  Toggle Non-Lethal Attacks  ♦  Topple  ♦  Touch of the Storm  ♦  Transfuse Health  ♦  Transmuter's Stone  ♦  Trip Attack (Melee)  ♦  Trip Attack (Ranged)  ♦  Turn the Faithless  ♦  Turn the Unholy  ♦  Turn Undead  ♦  Umbral Shroud  ♦  Unrelenting Ferocity  ♦  Unstable Backlash (Reaction)  ♦  Vampire Bite  ♦  Venomous Bite  ♦  Volley  ♦  Vow of Enmity  ♦  War Caster: Opportunity Spell (Reaction)  ♦  War God's Blessing  ♦  War God's Blessing (Reaction)  ♦  Warding Flare (Reaction)  ♦  Water Whip  ♦  Weakening Strike  ♦  Weapon Bond  ♦  Web (Action)  ♦  Whirlwind Attack  ♦  Wild Shape: Air Myrmidon  ♦  Wild Shape: Badger  ♦  Wild Shape: Bear  ♦  Wild Shape: Cat  ♦  Wild Shape: Deep Rothé  ♦  Wild Shape: Dilophosaurus  ♦  Wild Shape: Dire Raven  ♦  Wild Shape: Earth Myrmidon  ♦  Wild Shape: Fire Myrmidon  ♦  Wild Shape: Panther  ♦  Wild Shape: Sabre-Toothed Tiger  ♦  Wild Shape: Spider  ♦  Wild Shape: Water Myrmidon  ♦  Wild Shape: Wolf  ♦  Wolf Companion (Action)  ♦  Wolf Spider Companion  ♦  Wounding Ray  ♦  Wrath of the Storm: Lightning  ♦  Wrath of the Storm: Lightning (Reaction)  ♦  Wrath of the Storm: Thunder  ♦  Wrath of the Storm: Thunder (Reaction)  ♦  Zephyr Flash


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    • Anonymous

      What about potions like Elixir of Hills Giant Strengh or Potion of Speed ect? What if i use it before or after shapeshifting? Either by drinking or throowing the potion by someone else?

      • Anonymous

        I confirm the shield glitch posted... Probably they check to remove all armor when they detect an armor, and forgot about the shield. Then going back they remove all armor again but since they didn't kept track of removing a shield they don't add it back...

        This game is SO broken... You have a mod to remove concentration from barkskin... should you don't buy the *** of unarmored defense - mage armor - etc not stacking together... be it for the wildshape or any other unarmored character ;)

        Need to test if barkskin, AT LEAST, works with the moon light armor that boost +2 AC on wildshapes... that and Dual Wielder could finally add for some 16+2+1+DEX AC... If you want to go legit, pick warcaster and a starting clas with CON proficiency / Resilience and have a Pala with Aura of Protection nearby to keep your concentration up.

        If somebody knows if barkskin can stack with the wildshape armor I'd be very grateful to know. I'm lazy to set up Cheat Engine and do the test...

        • Anonymous

          IDK if my previous post got deleted or will double post.

          Does anyone knows if Barkskin (AC16 Concentration) can work together with Armour of Moonbaskin (provide special +2 armor while in wildshape)? If so that's 18 AC + Dual Wielder +1 + DEX... could stop being a puching ball...

          • Anonymous

            Does anyone know if the Duergar Enlarge and Invisibility works with Wild Shape? If you cast it beforehand, that is.

            • Anonymous

              If you are holding a shield and are not wearing *anything* in your main armor slot when you shift, your wildshape will add your shield bonus to your AC despite the tooltip not showing it and adding up to less than the displayed AC. Then, when you exit wildshape your AC will not have your shield bonus despite the tooltip saying that you do and adding up to more than the displayed AC. equipping/unequipping anything will resolve this. really damn weird

              • Anonymous

                Would be cool if they allowed us to do more while wildshaped - like control our Moonbeam as we should be able to.

                • Anonymous

                  As of 20th of August 2023 Wild Shape is broken item-wise. Many items stop working after you come out of Wild Shape.
                  A fix for that - re-equip the items. Tested on items that give bonuses when casting a concentration spell (Vital Conduit Boots and Strange Conduit Ring).

                  • Anonymous

                    does anyone know if the feats are avalible in wild form? mobile could be a nice for wolf for,or warcaster to keep concetration on wild shape or savage attacker,or thoes though aply for wildshapes?

                    • Anonymous

                      Your equipment merges into your animal form and won't have any effect until you revert. this make me sad :(

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