Free Lae'zel

Type Quest
Act Act 1
Chapter One
Location Ravaged Beach
Reward __reward__

Free Lae'zel is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Free Lae'zel can be acquired during the Chapter One of the first Act. Completing  Free Lae'zel will progress the story forward.


Free Lae'zel Objectives

  • We found Lae'zel, the Githyanki from the Nautiloid, trapped in a hanging cage. Two Tieflings are deciding what to do with her.
  • Lae'zel said she knew of a cure for the parasite. We won't find out what it is unless we help her get rid of the Tieflings.
  • We convinced the Tieflings to help us kill Lae'zel.
  • After Lae'zel was released, we sided with her against the Tieflings.
  • Lae'zel has been released from the cage. We should speak with her.
  • We invited Lae'zel to our camp.


Free Lae'zel Walkthrough

  • If Lae'zel is killed on Nautiloid, she will remain dead.
  • After the crashing, you can find Lae'zel in a cage on the north of the wreckage. You can fight the Tieflings to free her, or just don't get involved. (Lae'zel is a good fighter, and will provide a clue of how to Remove the Parasite. Unfortunately, the Githyanki patrol you met later won't help, but accusing you of stealing their sacred weapon and attack.)


 How to unlock Free Lae'zel

  • Quest Giver / Location


Free Lae'zel Rewards

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Free Lae'zel Notes & Tips

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