Spells in Baldur's Gate 3 are regulated forms of magic energy. In BG 3, there are certain classes can cast spells to damage enemies, buff companions or create other effects. Wizards and Clerics have different sets of spells, while characters of other classes may cast a spell using scrolls.





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Spell School Casting Time Concentration Description Classes
Animate Objects Transmutation 1 Action Yes Animate up to 10 non-magic objects and control their actions up to 500 ft (+2 items/lvl). Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard, Forge Domain
Antilife Shell Abjuration 1 Action Yes Prevent creatures other than undead and constructs from entering in a 10-ft radius. Death Domain, Druid, Protection Domain, Grave Domain
Awaken Transmutation 8 hours No Give a beast or plant (Intelligence 3 or less) the ability to speek and senses similar to a human's for 30 days. Bard, Druid
Banishing Smite Abjuration 1 Action bonus Yes If the weapon attack hits, deal an extra 5d10 force damage. Target reduced to 50 hp or fewer this way are banised. Paladin
Bigby's Hand Evocation 1 Action Yes Create a Large hand with a Strength of 26 that can strike (4d8 force damage), push, grapple, or protect (damage/lvl). Wizard
Circle of Power Abjuration 1 Action Yes Friendly creatures in a 30-ft radius have advantage on saving throws against spells and other magicial effects. Paladin, Oath of Crown, Solidarity Domain
Cloudkill Conjuration 1 Action Yes Creatures in a 20-ft-radius sphere must succeed on a Con. save or take 5d8 poison damage (damage/lvl). Death Domain, Circle of the Underdark, Sorcerer, Wizard
Commune Divination 1 Minute No Allow to obtain from a divine entity the answers (yes or no) to 3 questions. Cleric, Oath of Devotion, Raven Queen
Commune with Nature Divination 1 Minute No The caster gets 3 informations about the surrounding territory. Doesn't function in dungeons or towns. Druid, Circle of the Arctic, Circle of the Forest, Oath of Ancients, Ranger
Cone of Cold Evocation 1 Action No Creatures in a 60-ft cone must succeed on a Con. save or take 8d8 cold damage (damage/lvl). Circle of the Arctic, Sorcerer, Wizard, Hexblade
Conjure Elemental Conjuration 1 Minute Yes Summon 1 elemental of CR 5, friendly (CR +1/lvl). Druid, Circle of the Coast, Wizard
Conjure Volley Conjuration 1 Action No Creatures in a 40-ft-radius, 20-ft-high cylinder must succeed on a Dex. save or take 8d8 damage from the weapon/ammunition used. Ranger
Contact Other Plane Divination 1 Minute No Contact an extraplanar entity to ask it 5 questions if an Int. save is successful. Otherwise, 6d6 psychic damage. Warlock, Wizard
Contagion Necromancy 1 Action No If the spell attack hits, target is afflicted with a disease to choose from 6 proposed. Cleric, Druid, Oath of the Oathbreaker, Undying
Creation Illusion 1 Minute No Create a non-living object made of vegetable matter or mineral and no larger than a 5-ft cube (+5 ft/lvl). Sorcerer, Wizard, Forge Domain
Destructive Wave Evocation 1 Action No Targets in a 30-ft radius must succeed on a Con. save or take 5d6 thunder damage and 5d6 radiant or necrotic damage. Tempest Domain, Paladin, Hexblade, Strength Domain, Zeal Domain
Dispel Evil and Good Abjuration 1 Action Yes End a condition (charmed, frightened, or possessed) or bannish a creature to its home plane (Cha. save). Cleric, Paladin
Dominate Person Enchantment 1 Action Yes One humanoid must succeed on a Wis. save or be charmed and obey the caster (duration/lvl). Bard, Trickery Domain, Oath of the Oathbreaker, Sorcerer, Archfey, The Great Old One, Wizard, Oath of Treachery, Ambition Domain
Dream Illusion 1 Minute No Shape the dreams of a sleeping creature who can take 3d6 psychic damage if it fails on a Wis. save. Bard, Circle of the Grassland, Warlock, Wizard
Flame Strike Evocation 1 Action No Creatures in a 10-ft-radius, 40-ft-high cylinder must succeed on a Dex. save or take 4d6 fire and 4d6 radiant (damage/lvl). Cleric, Light Domain, War Domain, Oath of Devotion, The Fiend, Celestial, Undying Light Patron, Zeal Domain
Geas Enchantment 1 Minute No The target must succeed on a Wis. save or be charmed and take 5d10 psychic if it doesn't obey (duration/lvl). Bard, Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Oath of Crown, Wizard
Greater Restoration Abjuration 1 Action No End one condition (charmed or petrified), one curse, any ability scores or hp reduction, or one exhaustion level. Bard, Cleric, Druid, Celestial
Hallow Evocation 24 hours No Prevent celestials, elementals, fey, The Fiends, and undead to enter a 60-ft-radius area and protect/handicap the targets. Cleric, The Fiend
Hold Monster Enchantment 1 Action Yes Target must succeed on a Wis. save or be paralyzed (+1 creature/lvl). Bard, War Domain, Oath of Vengeance, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard
Insect Plague Conjuration 1 Action Yes Creatures in a 20-ft-radius sphere must succeed on a Con. save or take 4d10 piercing damage (damage/lvl). Cleric, Nature Domain, Tempest Domain, Druid, Circle of the Desert, Circle of the Grassland, Circle of the Swamp, Circle of the Underdark, Sorcerer, Strength Domain
Legend Lore Divination 10 Minutes No The caster obtains information about a person, place, or object. The lore consist of tales or stories. Bard, Cleric, Knowledge Domain, Undying, Wizard, Seeker
Mass Cure Wounds Evocation 1 Action No Up to 6 creatures regain 3d8+Spell.Ability.Mod (+1d8 hp/lvl). Bard, Cleric, Life Domain, Druid, Solidarity Domain
Mislead Illusion 1 Action Yes The caster becomes invisible and creates a double that moves, acts and speaks. The caster can see and hear through this double. Bard, Wizard
Modify Memory Enchantment 1 Action Yes The target must succeed on a Wis. save or be charmed and its memory altered (seniority of memories/lvl). Bard, Trickery Domain, Wizard, Ambition Domain
Passwall Transmutation 1 Action No Open a 5-ft wide, 8-ft tall, 20-ft deep passage through stone, wood or plaster. Circle of the Mountain, Wizard, Seeker, Oath of Treachery
Planar Binding Abjuration 1 Hour No The target (celestial, elemental, fey, or The Fiend) must succeed on a Cha. save or serve the caster (duration/lvl). Bard, Cleric, Arcana Domain, Druid, Wizard
Raise Dead Necromancy 1 Hour No Take back to life (1 hp) a creature died for no longer than 10 days. Doesn't restore missing body parts. Bard, Cleric, Life Domain, Paladin, Grave Domain
Rary's Telepathic Bond Divination 1 Action No Create a telepathic link between up to 8 people in a 30-ft radius for 1 Hour. Wizard
Reincarnate Transmutation 1 Hour No Reincarnate the soul of an humanoid died for no longer than 10 days. The race of the new body is determined at random. Druid
Scrying Divination 10 Minutes Yes Allow you to see and hear a specific creature (can also target a location) on the same plane (Wis. save). Bard, Cleric, Knowledge Domain, Light Domain, Druid, Circle of the Coast, Circle of the Swamp, Oath of Vengeance, Warlock, Wizard
Seeming Illusion 1 Action No Change physical appearance as well as clothing and equipment of targets (saving throw for unwilling). Bard, Sorcerer, Archfey, Wizard
Swift Quiver Transmutation 1 Bonus Action Yes Make a quiver to produce an endless supply of nonmagical ammunition, allowing 2 attacks per round with a bonus action. Ranger
Telekinesis Transmutation 1 Action Yes Move a creature (Huge or smaller) or object (up to 1,000 pounds) by thought in case of successful contest. Sorcerer, The Great Old One, Wizard
Teleportation Circle Conjuration 1 Minute No Create a circle that allows anyone to be teleported to another teleportation circle known to the caster. Bard, Arcana Domain, Sorcerer, Wizard
Tree Stride Conjuration 1 Action Yes The caster can move from one tree to another tree of the same kind (500 ft max between both) using 5 ft. Nature Domain, Druid, Circle of the Forest, Oath of Ancients, Ranger
Wall of Force Evocation 1 Action Yes Create a physically insurmountable wall of force (ten 10-ft panels) immune to all types of damage. Wizard, Protection Domain
Wall of Stone Evocation 1 Action Yes Create a nonmagical wall of stone (ten 10-ft panels) that can be damaged. Druid, Circle of the Desert, Circle of the Mountain, Sorcerer, Wizard

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      I don't see telekinesis in the list of spells my lvl5 draconic bloodline sorcerer can select. is that normal?

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