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Flame Strike

Level 5 Evocation Spell

10~60 Damage

special dice 2 baldurs gate 3 wiki guide5d6damage fire icon bg3 wiki guideFire
+5d6damage radiant icon bg3 wiki guideRadiant

Make a pillar of divine fire roar down from the heavens like the wrath of affronted angels.

On Save: Targets still take half damage.

range icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 25px18m saving throw icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 48pxDEX Save

 action icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 25pxAction spell slot icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 25pxLevel 5 Spell Slot  

Flame Strike is a Spell in Baldur's Gate 3. Flame Strike is a Lvl 5 Spell from the Evocation school. Spells can be used for dealing damage to Enemies, inflict Status Ailments, buff Characters or interact with the environment.



Flame Strike Information

  • Description: Make a pillar of divine fire roar down from the heavens like the wrath of affronted angels.
  • Level: Lvl 5 spell
  • School: Evocation School
  • Casting Time:action icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 25pxAction
  • Range: 18m
  • Requires Concentration: No
  • Saving Throw: Dexterity to halve.


 How to Acquire Flame Strike

  • Flame Strike can be acquired by the following classes:
  • Flame Strike can be cast by using the following Items:
    • ???


Flame Strike Tips & Notes

  • Upcast: Deals an additional 1d6 damage and 1d6 damage for each Spell Slot Level above 5th.


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    • Anonymous

      Sure, I COULD cast Flame Strike. Or I could cast Destructive Wave which is way cooler and way more useful.

      What's that? Flame Strike has fire damage and Destructive Wave doesn't? Then just use Fireball.

      • Anonymous

        Those of you thinking fireball is a better spell, could you please try to think outside the box of dmg numbers and spell slots lvl?
        - Flame strike has verticality. It isn't shot in a straight line from the caster. This means 2 things: Target doesn't know where it comes from AND it that it can't fail to reach your target because of things in the way. ALSO: Think about all the interaction possible between the light orbs, and burn stacks possible dmgs from the equipment sets. ALSO ALSO, That makes phantasmal forces use 2 elements instead of 1. So double dmg . And I'm just scratching the surface here =_=. Stop thinking with your meta hats. It's not about the basic dmg numbers, but the interaction granted.

        • Anonymous

          I really love the idea of this spell. A holy airstrike that says "**** you in particular" to a small area. The problem is that the damage is just unimpressive considering it's the same as a level 5 fireball but in a smaller aoe with split damage. Really wish it was d8s instead of d6s. It's my general understanding that higher minimum requirement spells are better than upcasted lower minimum requirement spells. Like this spell requires level 5 spell slot to even cast but fireball has more flexibility as a level 3. So should it not be better than a level 5 fireball to balance its inflexibility?

          • Anonymous

            Ppl really be here «that’s horrible for a warlock » ….this is a cleric spell, it’s just to give you a vertical option similar to fireball and with the added benefits of wrecking undead bc it deals both fire and radiant damage. This a support dps spell not a full fledge pure dps spell.

            • Anonymous

              I wonder if people who wrote about it being same as fireball ever made it to act 2. The amount of enemies who are vulnerable to radiant while being resistant to fire is absurd. Once again don't write s*** before testing the damn spell in the game not in your head.

              • Anonymous

                This is famously a really bad spell, it’s like a nerfed cleric version of fireball but two levels higher.

                • Anonymous

                  Exactly, the damage is the same as fireball and the AoE is even smaller. The only difference is that the damage is split between fire and light, which might have some benefits with some enemies but other than that, this is completely useless for a warlock,

                  • Anonymous

                    I'm not sure why you would use this spell as a fiend warlock, because it does the same damage than a upcasted lvl 5 fireball

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