Spells in Baldur's Gate 3 are regulated forms of magic energy. In BG 3, there are certain classes can cast spells to damage enemies, buff companions or create other effects. Wizards and Clerics have different sets of spells, while characters of other classes may cast a spell using scrolls.


All Transmutation Spells in Baldurs Gate 3

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Spell Lvl Casting Time Concentration Description Classes
Druidcraft Cantrip 1 Action No Provide various minor effects related to nature (weather forecast, flowering, sensory effect, etc). Druid
Mending Cantrip 1 Minute No Repair break or tear in an object (broken chain link, two halves of a broken key, torn cloak, leaking wineskin, etc). Bard, Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer, Wizard
Message Cantrip 1 Action No The caster whispers a message to a creature within 120 ft who will be the only one to hear it. It can reply the same way. Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard
Prestidigitation Cantrip 1 Action No Minor magical trick (sensory effect, light a torch, clean an object, warm, make a symbol appear, create a trinket, etc). Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard
Shillelagh Cantrip 1 Bonus Action No Imbue your staff or club with nature's power. It becomes magical, deals 1d8+Wisdom Bludgeoning damage, and you use your spcllcasting ability for attack rolls. Druid
Thaumaturgy Cantrip 1 Action No Manifest a sign of supernatural power that grants you advantage on Intimidation and Performance checks.  Cleric
Thorn Whip Cantrip 1 Action No Strike at a target with a thorny, vine-like whip. It deals 1d6 Piercing damage and pulls the target 3m closer to you if it is Large or Smaller in size. Druid
Create Water Lvl 1 1 Action No Call forth rain. It extinguishes exposed flames and forms a water surface. Cleric, Druid
Create or Destroy Water Lvl 1 1 Action No Choose to call forth rain or destroy a water based surface. Druid
Expeditious Retreat Lvl 1 1 Bonus Action Yes Turn Dash into a bonus action, allowing you to move at and increadible pace.
Inflicts Expeditious Retrat
Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard, Oath of Treachery
Feather Fall Lvl 1 1 Reaction No Slow the rate of descent of allied creatures. Grants immunity to Falling damage.
Inflicts Feather Fall
Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard, Seeker
Goodberry Lvl 1 1 Action No Conjure four magical berries for youself or a companion. Creatures who eat a berry regain 1d4 hit points. The berries appear in the targeted creature's inventory and disappear after a long rest. Druid, Ranger
Jump Lvl 1 1 Action No Touch a creature to triple its jumping distance. Druid, Ranger, Sorcerer, Wizard, Seeker
Longstrider Lvl 1 1 Action No Toucha creature to increase its speed by 3m. Bard, Druid, Ranger, Wizard
Purify Food and Drink Lvl 1 1 Action No Purified and rendered free of poison and disease nonmagical food and drink in a 5-ft-radius sphere. Cleric, Druid, Paladin
Alter Self Lvl 2 1 Action Yes Give a new form depending on the chosen option (Aquatic Adaptation, Change Appearance, or Natural Weapons). Sorcerer, Wizard
Barkskin Lvl 2 1 Action Yes Touch a willing creature to toughen its skin and increase its Armor Class up to 16. Nature Domain, Druid, Circle of the Forest, Ranger
Cordon of Arrows Lvl 2 1 Action No 4 ammunition deal 1d6 piercing damage if the target doesn't succeed on a Dex. save (nbr of ammunition/lvl). Ranger
Darkvision Lvl 2 1 Action No Grant a creature the ability to see in the dark out to a range of 18m. Druid, Ranger, Sorcerer, Wizard
Enhance Ability Lvl 2 1 Action Yes Bestow a magical enhancement upon an ally. Bard, Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer, Strength Domain
Enlarge - Reduce Lvl 2 1 Action Yes Make a creature larger or smaller. Sorcerer, Wizard
Heat Metal Lvl 2 1 Action Yes Cause a metal weapon you can see to glow red-hot. The creature holding the weapon takes 2d8 Fire damage and receives disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks until the start of your next turn. You can use a bonus action on subsequent turns to deal another 2d8 Fire damage and impose disadventage for another turn. Bard, Druid, City Domain, Forge Domain
Knock Lvl 2 1 Action No Unlock or unbar 1 object (door, chest, padlock, set of manacles, etc) or suppressed the arcane lock spell for 10 Minutes. Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard
Levitate Lvl 2 1 Action Yes 1 creature or object that weighs up to 500 pounds rises vertically up to 20 ft then remains suspended. Sorcerer, Wizard, Seeker
Magic Weapon Lvl 2 1 Bonus Action Yes Turn a weapon into a +1 magic weapon for attack rolls and damage rolls (+2 or +3 bonus/lvl). Arcana Domain, War Domain, Paladin, Wizard, Forge Domain, Hexblade, Stone Origin, Zeal Domain
Rope Trick Lvl 2 1 Action No Vertically raise a rope that lead to an extradimensional space that can hold 8 Medium creatures. Wizard
Spider Climb Lvl 2 1 Action Yes The target can move along vertical surfaces while leaving its hands free and gains climbing speed. Circle of the Forest, Circle of the Mountain, Circle of the Underdark, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard
Spike Growth Lvl 2 1 Action Yes Shape a piece of ground into hard spikes. A creature walking on the spikes takes 1d4 Piercing damage for every 1.5m it moves.
The spikes are difficult terrain, halving a creature's movement speed.
Nature Domain, Druid, Circle of the Arctic, Circle of the Mountain, Ranger
Blink Lvl 3 1 Action No The caster has 50% of chance to switch to the Ethereal Plane, then returns to the space he vanished from on the next turn. Trickery Domain, Sorcerer, Archfey, Wizard, Hexblade
Elemental Weapon Lvl 3 1 Action Yes A weapon becomes magical with a +1 bonus to attack rolls and deal an extra 1d4 damage of a chosen type (bonus/lvl). Paladin, Forge Domain, Hexblade, Stone Origin, Stone Origin
Fly Lvl 3 1 Action Yes The target gets a flying speed of 60 ft (+1 creature/lvl). Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard
Gaseous Form Lvl 3 1 Action Yes The target turns into a cloud, gets a flying speed of 10 ft, and can pass through small holes. Circle of the Underdark, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard, Oath of Treachery
Haste Lvl 3 1 Action Yes Target's speed is doubled. It also gains a +2 bonus to AC, advantage to Dex. saves and 1 additional action. Circle of the Grassland, Oath of Vengeance, Sorcerer, Wizard, Oath of Treachery, Strength Domain, Zeal Domain
Lightning Arrow Lvl 3 1 Bonus Action Yes If the attack hits, deals 4d8 Iightning damage. Creatures within 10 ft must succeed on a Dex. save or take 2d8 lightning damage. Ranger
Meld into Stone Lvl 3 1 Action No The caster can penetrate the stone. Cleric, Druid, Circle of the Mountain
Plant Growth Lvl 3 1 Action or 8 hours No Plants in the area grow vigorously, or over a year the plants produce twice the normal amount of food. Bard, Nature Domain, Druid, Circle of the Forest, Oath of Ancients, Ranger, Archfey
Slow Lvl 3 1 Action Yes Up to 6 targets must succeed on a Wis. save, or have their speed and actions reduced and -2 to CA and Dex. saves. Circle of the Arctic, Sorcerer, Wizard, Protection Domain
Speak with Plants Lvl 3 1 Action No The caster can communicate with plants within 30 ft, and turns difficult terrain into ordinary terrain or vice versa. Bard, Druid, Ranger
Water Breathing Lvl 3 1 Action No Up to 10 creatures gets the ability to breathe underwater. Druid, Circle of the Coast, Ranger, Sorcerer, Wizard
Water Walk Lvl 3 1 Action No Up to 10 creatures can move on a liquid surface (water, acid, mud, lava, etc) as if it were harmless solid ground. Cleric, Druid, Circle of the Coast, Circle of the Swamp, Ranger, Sorcerer
Control Water Lvl 4 1 Action Yes Control the water in a 100-ft cube (cause a flood, part the water, redirect the flow, create a whirlpool). Cleric, Tempest Domain, Druid, Circle of the Coast, Wizard
Fabricate Lvl 4 10 Minutes No Convert raw materials into Large or smaller simples objects of the same material. Wizard, Forge Domain
Giant Insect Lvl 4 1 Action Yes Transform insects (from 10 centipedes to 1 scorpion) into giant creatures that obey the caster's orders. Druid
Polymorph Lvl 4 1 Action Yes Transform a target into a new beast form whose CR/level is equal to or less than the target's CR/level. Bard, Trickery Domain, Druid, Sorcerer, Wizard
Stone Shape Lvl 4 1 Action No Give a stone no more than 5 ft in any dimension any shape, or create an opening in it. Cleric, Druid, Circle of the Mountain, Circle of the Underdark, Wizard
Animate Objects Lvl 5 1 Action Yes Animate up to 10 non-magic objects and control their actions up to 500 ft (+2 items/lvl). Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard, Forge Domain
Awaken Lvl 5 8 hours No Give a beast or plant (Intelligence 3 or less) the ability to speek and senses similar to a human's for 30 days. Bard, Druid
Passwall Lvl 5 1 Action No Open a 5-ft wide, 8-ft tall, 20-ft deep passage through stone, wood or plaster. Circle of the Mountain, Wizard, Seeker, Oath of Treachery
Reincarnate Lvl 5 1 Hour No Reincarnate the soul of an humanoid died for no longer than 10 days. The race of the new body is determined at random. Druid
Swift Quiver Lvl 5 1 Bonus Action Yes Make a quiver to produce an endless supply of nonmagical ammunition, allowing 2 attacks per round with a bonus action. Ranger
Telekinesis Lvl 5 1 Action Yes Move a creature (Huge or smaller) or object (up to 1,000 pounds) by thought in case of successful contest. Sorcerer, The Great Old One, Wizard
Disintegrate Lvl 6 1 Action No The target must succeed on a Dex. save or take 10d6+40 force damage (damage/lvl). An Large or smaller object is disintegrated. Sorcerer, Wizard
Flesh to Stone Lvl 6 1 Action Yes The target within 60 ft must succeed on a Con. save or be restrained, or petrified after 3 failures. Warlock, Wizard
Move Earth Lvl 6 1 Action Yes Shape dirt, sand, or clay, but not stone (raise, lower, flatten, create a trench, etc) in a 40-ft square in 10 min. Druid, Sorcerer, Wizard
Wind Walk Lvl 6 1 Minute No The caster and up to 10 creatures assume gaseous form (flying speed of 300 ft and resistance to damage from nonmagical weapon). Druid
Etherealness Lvl 7 1 Action No The caster is projected into the Ethereal Plane (nbr of creatures/lvl). Bard, Cleric, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard
Regenerate Lvl 7 1 Minute No The target regains 4d8+15 hp then 1 hp per round and its severed members are restored. Bard, Cleric, Druid
Reverse Gravity Lvl 7 1 Action Yes Invert gravity in a 50-ft-radius, 100-ft-high cylinder. Druid, Sorcerer, Wizard
Sequester Lvl 7 1 Action No Protect a willing creature (who becomes invisible and unconscious) or an object from Divination spells. Wizard
Animal Shapes Lvl 8 1 Action Yes Willing targets within 30 ft turn into beasts of FP 4 or lower. Druid
Control Weather Lvl 8 10 Minutes Yes Modify gradually the climatic conditions outdoors (precipitation, temperature and wind force). Cleric, Druid, Wizard
Glibness Lvl 8 1 Action No Give 15 to a Charisma check and hides the lies during a magic detection. Bard, Warlock
Shapechange Lvl 9 1 Action Yes The caster takes the form of a creature he has seen at least once with a CR equal to its level or lower. Druid, Wizard
Time Stop Lvl 9 1 Action No Stop the time during 1d4+1 turns for everyone except for the caster. Sorcerer, Wizard
True Polymorph Lvl 9 1 Action Yes Transform a creature or object into a new form (creature object) of FP/level at most equal to the FP/level of the crea Bard, Warlock, Wizard

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