Patch 5 Fixes for Baldur's Gate 3 includes an overview of all the Patch 5 released by the developer Larian Studios. Since Update 5 has a ton of changes, you’ll have to create new characters to experience the game in a new light. The following patch is free and are released via online update, this patch focus on game balance, Combat Changes, performance and localization issues.




Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 5 Notes Fixes

Improvements and Additions
Balance and Gameplay
Combat Changes

Cinematics and Sound Baldur's Gate 3 Patch Note


In terms of the cinematics, character emotions, camera motion and angle, and visual effects have all been upgraded. You’ll witness new camp scenes involving Scratch and the Owlbear Cub, better character movements, and refined animations for Humans as well as the Mind Flayers in particular.

Sound and Audio

For the sound and audio improvements, you can choose between the Multi Output or Midnight Mode. For the Multi Output setup, you’re able to pick the audio device that’s most suitable for the game whereas for the Midnight Mode, you’ll be presented with a sound mix, which lowers some special effects so you won’t bother the people around you.

Moreover, there are audio upgrades such as Armour sounds in cinematics that are precisely tailored to the character’s movements, together with soothing music when you’re resting and talking to your fellow Companions at the Camp. In relation to combat, you can expect to hear louder explosions and to see highly destructible environments with matching gore to improve Baldur’s Gate 3’s realism.


Complete Improvements and Additions List For Baldur's Gate 3

General Improvements

  • Added new scenes expanding on Shadowheart's mysterious artefact.
  • Added new recruitment scenes with Shadowheart.
  • Additional reactivity from Shadowheart when she approves of you.
  • Added new Camp scene with Scratch and the owlbear cub.
  • Added Point and Click character responses.
  • Added 12 new magic items in loot and quest rewards.
  • Revised active roll UI during dialogue. This includes improved displaying of bonuses and double dice for rolling with Advantage or Disadvantage.
  • You can now use spells and items to increase chances when rolling during dialogue (including your companions' spells and items).
    Picking locks and disarming traps are now active rolls.
  • Added a new Disengage action that allows you to avoid provoking Attacks of Opportunity.
  • Adding an item during Bartering will automatically equalise the gold on both sides.
  • Added a way to cancel concentration from the concentration indicator.
  • You can now pin most tooltips to hover over additional terms... for more tooltips.
  • Increased the line limit in the dialogue history window.
  • You can now save while leveling up.
  • Added unique visual effects for class-specific spells.
  • Added new icons for Spells, Statuses and Items.
  • Added dozens of new interactable items, expanding on the lore and background of the world.
  • Revamped visuals for spells used by multiple Classes to create more cohesion with Class-specific spells.
  • Properly indicate when an action is fully free (does not count as a full or bonus action in Combat).
  • Added a tooltip for surfaces in combat log entries.
  • Added better feedback on saving throws.
  • Added feedback to clarify why casting a spell at a target is impossible.
  • NPCs have new reactions when they're unable to talk to you.
  • Updated assorted spell, item, status, and book descriptions.



  • Cinematic character emotions.
  • Camera choice and motion.
  • Cinematic VFX.
  • Improved cinematic motion when characters look around.
  • Improved cinematic behaviour involving objects.
  • Introduced a cinematic visual for 'The Mark of the Absolute'.


  • Updated Worg model and its climbing animations.
  • Added Crab and Spider climbing animations.
  • Added Stave animations for Goblins.
  • Improved Mind Flayer animations.
  • Improved Human running and idle animations.



  • Characters now have semi-procedural armour sounds during cinematics that follow their movements.
  • Creatures now have jumping vocalisations.
  • Added new ambient sounds and music to camps.
  • Explosions - bigger booms, louder braaams.
  • Impacts and gore - combat actions are more nuanced and represented much more 'close-up'.
  • Item Destruction - all new debris system to increase realism.
  • Added sound feedback when Moon Puzzle is solved.
  • New UI sounds.
  • More detailed cinematic sounds.
  • Remastered Spell Vocals.
  • Multi Output - You can now choose your audio device to tailor a better audio experience.
  • Midnight Mode - A dedicated mix to avoid disturbing people around you.


  • Added multiplayer support for local ready checks if other party members are not nearby.
  • A warning is now shown when trying to talk to another player's followers.
  • Added additional feedback when connecting to a lobby.
  • You can now lock your inventory in a multiplayer game.


Apple M1 Specific

  • Users playing BG3 on an M1 machine now have the option to run the game at a higher performance via ARM64. Please be aware, ARM64 is not yet supported by Steam. Steam integration and cross-saves are currently only available via Rosetta.


Gameplay Improvements

Active Dice Rolls

Dice rolls play an active part in Baldur's Gate 3 because they determine just about every outcome. Previously, when you communicated with NPCs and you made Skill Checks, dice were simply rolled in front of you to know if you succeeded or failed in whatever you aimed to do. In Patch 5, these are stylized differently such that the UI will show bonuses together with the Advantage and Disadvantage you may have incurred.

Furthermore, you now have a bit of control in Baldur's Gate 3 Update 5 when it comes to stacking the odds in your favor. You can either use your own Spells and Items or that of your Companions’. For instance, you can cast Charmed Person to inflict the Charmed Condition. As a result, the NPC you’re interacting with will not harm you in any way. Plus, you also receive Advantage on Charisma Checks against them.

Another example is casting Enhance Ability to gain Advantage in order to roll twice, and to succeed in possibly persuading or intimidating the NPC. Just remember that using Spells reduces your Spell Slots. This also works in multiplayer mode but be warned, because your so-called ‘friends’ can opt to disagree with you if they wish to see you crash and burn.

In relation to picking locks and disarming traps, they now have corresponding active roll animations instead of loading bars. So every time you perform either activity, you’ll see the actual roll, which takes your skills into account. This will feel satisfying since you’ll know how the stats of your character affect the success rate of opening locks and deactivating traps.


What Camp 2.0 Means

Long Rest used to work differently, but it has changed in Baldur's Gate 3 Update 5. It was easy to activate it without any penalty or consequence whatsoever – you were simply teleported to the Camp to fully restore your HP and Spell Slots. In this patch, it’s possible to take either a Long Rest or a Partial Rest, which both entail different recovery rates.

Food is now more important because this serves as part of your camp supplies, together with scraps, in order to perform a Long Rest. Note that you can no longer consume Food on the spot to heal yourself. Moreover, you’ll be teleported to Mini Camps, which adjust to the ambiance of your current location, so it won’t look like the default, one and only Camp by the river.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to use your Camp Supplies, you can opt to take a Partial Rest in order to restore half of your HP and other resources.


Greater New Player Experience

New player experience has improved by miles because of the presence of more tooltips. These are linked to each other like a Wiki of some sort. You can hover over them to gain more information in case you get confused by concepts in-game. You’ll also find tooltips in log entries such as for newly created surfaces in combat. And you can even put pins on them to serve as reminders should you forget how some mechanics work.

In relation to the tooltips, the descriptions of Items, Spells and statuses have been improved for clarity. For instance, you’re now able to understand better why some Spells can’t be cast in specific scenarios due to their respective limitations. Expect to see new icons for these as well to support these updates.


Expanded Lore

In line with the new background quests, Lore will be heavily expanded upon as well with the addition of new items that you can interact with. Should you decide to continue your murder spree outside of combat, remember that there will still be consequences for your actions. This can certainly affect some storylines that are made available to you.

Secret Background Quests and Loot

New secret side Quests and loot are just around the corner so if you’re thinking of getting Baldur's Gate 3 now or if you’ve been playing the game for a while, now’s a great time to dive in. Similar to Solasta’s side quests, each Background in the game, whether you’re a Charlatan or a Criminal, now has corresponding secret side quests. This expands your history and whereabouts before starting your journey to Baldur’s Gate.

Upon completion, you’ll either get Inspiration Points, which you can use in dialogue to reroll a D20, or gain extra XP. Note that you can only accumulate a total of 4 Inspiration Points. Beyond this, all points will be counted towards receiving that sweet, additional XP.

On top of this, the introduction of 12 new magic items should keep the gear chase interesting once again, especially when it comes to seeking out powerful equipment that can define your Builds. Additionally, you’ll also see more Gith-specific equipment on top of the infamous Githyanki Half Plate that Lae’zel always wears.


Shadowheart and Companions

Your relationship with Shadowheart will have more weight than ever before. New scenes will be available once you recruit her and once you find out about her mysterious artifact. Furthermore, gaining her approval will result in favorable reactions. If you were to play as a Selûne-worshipping Cleric, you’ll have unique interactions with Shadowheart, which should give you more insight into her thoughts about the matter.

When it comes to Companions in general, if you’ve antagonized or heavily disappointed any of them, they can become hostile towards you and eventually leave the party. These actions will now be precisely laid out in the journal.


Point and Click Interactivity

Exploring in Baldur's Gate 3 Update 5 can get lonely at times even if you have Companions running beside you and sharing banter here and there. But now, you’ll be entertained by your own thoughts! When you click on a tree or muddy ground, you’ll hear your character’s insights about what you’ve made them notice.

Every interaction you have with the world and the environment corresponds to a dialogue in your head, which you can turn off if it’s a little bit much for you. This new feature certainly sounds fun because it enhances the game’s immersiveness and roleplaying aspect.


Miscellaneous Improvements

Next, I’d like to discuss a couple of miscellaneous improvements to gameplay. First is the encumbrance mechanic, which is now divided into three degrees of severity, each with their own respective consequences. At the highest level, expect your actions to be very limited so you’ll have to manage your inventory well to prevent this from happening in the first place.

Second, like in DOS 2, when bartering with merchants and adding items for sale or for purchase, gold will automatically even out for both parties so it’s easier to calculate the value you’ll get or spend. Third, in multiplayer mode, you can finally lock your inventory so they won’t be able to move your things around anymore. And fourth, to add to immersion, NPC’s facial reactions and body language will both be improved when they can’t speak with you.


Complete Balance and Gameplay List For Baldur's Gate 3


  • Food can no longer be consumed for immediate healing. Instead, they provide Camp Supplies that are used to take a full Long Rest (it's possible to take a partial long rest without using camp supplies that restores up to half of HP and resources).
  • Jumping now provokes Attacks of Opportunity.
  • Throwing distance is now influenced by the weight of the thrown object .
  • Shove distance is now based on the target's weight and the caster's Strength.
  • The Knock Out action has been removed. Instead, you can toggle a passive feature called Non-Lethal Attacks to enable the same effect for any melee attacks.
  • Encumbrance now has three levels of severity. Players at maximum encumbrance can no longer perform certain Actions.
    Backstabbing characters no longer provides Advantage on attack.
  • The Prone condition now inflicts disadvantage on Strength and Dexterity saving throws instead of imposing guaranteed failure.
  • Conjured familiars no longer leave blood when they are unsummoned.
  • Added XP rewards for achieving background goals.
  • Removed HP from light source objects.
  • The Hermit and Sailor backgrounds are taking a break.
  • Added Hellish Rebuke to Asmodeus Tieflings.
  • Dark One's Blessing now provides at least 1 temporary HP.
  • Faerie Fire now ignores allies with the Sculpt Spells feature.
  • Shield Master can now be activated only once per turn.
  • Added an AC bonus to the Dual Wielder feat.
  • Druids in Wild Shapes can no longer cast verbal spells while Silenced.
  • Boars, Crabs, Intellect Devourers, and Spiders now react to non-damaging magic.
  • Spiders are no longer immune to fall damage.
  • Humanoid races and creatures now attack their target higher and lower depending on the terrain.
  • NPCs now keep an eye on players for a while after letting them go with a warning.
  • NPCs will no longer recognise you when shapeshifting after escaping prison, UNLESS there were witnesses.
  • Guard reinforcements can now include more than one guard.
  • NPCs now treat killing allied beasts the same as murdering one of their friends.
  • Knocked out NPCs will disappear after the next long rest.



  • 'Us' will now leave the party if attacked in its recruitment dialogue.
  • Flaming Sword can now be looted from Commander Zhalk.


Ravaged Beach


Overgrown Ruins

  • Increased XP when persuading the bandits at the chapel to leave.
  • Added XP reward for scaring the bandits outside the chapel.
  • Increased area in which player characters will join the cinematic of the skeletons rising in the chapel.
  • Added banters between Gimblebock and Taman.



  • After revealing Gekh and his allies, they will not start dialogue until you approach the raft (the same behaviour as when Gekh is hidden).
  • Reduced Baelen's HP.
  • Items in the Whispering Depths hideout no longer trigger Web Sense.

Druid Grove

  • Made NPC behaviour more reactive during Wyll's recruitment.
  • Improved wandering behaviour of the grove squirrel.
  • If any of the 5 druids performing the ritual die or become Silenced, druids will initiate their attack (no more sniping them!).
  • Druids won't initiate their attack on the tieflings if they get into a combat against the harpy or other hostile creatures.
  • Harpies now start singing before combat starts.


Blighted Village

  • True Soul Edowin now immediately bleeds to death if Novices Andrick and Brynna are killed in one shot before the situation has been resolved.
  • Removed die roll to free Barcus Wroot if there's no consequence for failure.
  • Barcus Wroot is now more insistent in his cries for help.
  • Added a player voice bark when returning to Owlbear Cave after certain conditions.


Goblin Camp

  • Added a new status effect as a reward for the Rite of Loviatar: When you have 30% or less hit points, you get +2 bonus on attack rolls and wisdom saving throws.
  • Backup Goblins for Goblin Checkpoint now have the 'Slightly Drunk' condition.
  • Provided sleeping drunkards with better behaviour if player avoids combat.
  • Added reactions to the Goblins if someone kills the Scrying Eye.
  • Novices Andrick and Brynna now have more dialogue reactivity in the Goblin Camp.
  • Made Gribbo more reactive to interruptions when following Volo to his cage . Gribbo now also follows Volo more closely.
  • Failing to get out of chains in certain ways will now inflict pain.
  • Completing the Rite of Loviatar no longer rewards Inspiration Points, but a unique status effect instead.
  • Priestess Gut can no longer detect invisible or stealthed characters during certain interactions.



  • Redistributed exploration XP.
  • Using Auntie Ethel's charm grants all 6 effects from Enhanced Abilities until a Long Rest: Bear's Endurance, Bear's Strength, Cat's Grace, Eagle's Splendor, Fox's Cunning, Owl's Wisdom.
  • Visually improved the appearance and disappearance of Auntie Ethel's doubles.


The Risen Road

  • The githyanki may now search Lae'zel's corpse if she's left behind and dies at the githyanki patrol.



  • Added Forced Rest after Goblin Celebration Victory.
  • The Talkative Skeleton can't get knocked out anymore.
  • The Talkative Skeleton's arrival appearance now plays for Silenced characters.
  • The Shadowheart ultimatum scene has been replaced with a new scene in the Goblin camp.
  • Tweaked Shadowheart's acknowledgement of Selûne-worshipping players.


Combat Mechanics

Basic Action Updates

Baldur's Gate 3 has several basic actions that are available to each and every character. In this new patch, Jump and Disengage are finally two different Actions. Previously, these were both a part of Jump, and so when you leaped, the enemy near you couldn’t hit you with an Attack of Opportunity. But now, there’s a clear delineation of each action’s functionalities.

First, Jumping can provoke Attacks of Opportunity if the enemy is close to where you’ve landed. And second, Disengage guarantees that you won’t get attacked when you move from one area to another, regardless of any foes in the Melee Range.

Another basic action that’s been changed is Shove. Shove should accurately depict how far you can shove a target based on their weight and your character’s Strength Ability.


Non-Lethal Attack Mode

For pacifist players, now you can do whatever you want without killing NPCs. The new Non-Lethal Attack Mode allows you to briefly knock them out should they become too suspicious of your actions. Basically, you’re able to steal their things and sell them to other Merchants without getting into too much trouble.


Class and Feat Changes

On top of these updates, there are also some Class and Feat changes to consider. For any Class, backstabbing no longer provides you with an Advantage on your Attack Roll. As such, this action is now considered a normal attack so your chances of hitting the Enemies won’t be as high anymore. This is one of the modifications that players have been asking for since backstab can easily overpower Enemies whether you’re about to hit them up close or from afar.

Performing Sneak Attack now has a restriction. You’ll need to make sure that you have a Finesse Weapon equipped in your main hand, similar to the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition ruleset. This lets you deal additional damage when you do have Advantage or if one of your party members is next to your target.

When it comes to Feats, there are two updates to remember. First is Shield Master that now only lets you shield yourself once per turn to react to the enemy’s Spell. And second is with Dual Wielder, which now provides you with +2 AC bonus, instead of +1, when you’re dual wielding Melee Weapons.

Spells and Status Effects Upgrades

For Spell and Status Effect changes, the most noticeable changes are related to Concentration and the Prone Condition. You can now cancel Concentration by simply clicking the Concentration indicator. You won’t have to contend with the ill effects of Spells like that nasty Fog Cloud. Who wants to anyway?

For Class-specific and general Spells, these will each have unique visual effects so you can easily identify one from the other. Also, Class-specific spells are personalized and based on your chosen Class’ overall style.

Next is the Prone Status Effect, which isn’t as harsh as it once was. When you receive this condition, you’ll only incur a Disadvantage on Strength and Dexterity Saving Throws rather than failing altogether.


Smarter Enemy AI

Enemy AI has received considerable improvements that make them think on their feet more effectively. They’re now able to strategically implement better tactics to have a fighting chance in combat. The creatures you’ll go up against will always find ways to attack you regardless of your position on any difficult terrain. If they can’t execute a Melee Attack, then they’ll opt to do a Ranged Attack. More specifically, some enemies like Bugbears and Ogres will have Ranged Spells at their disposal.

Moreover, if they don’t have any Weapons, they’ll get what they can near the area and hit you with it. This scenario isn’t a cause for concern, at least not too much, because you can use it to your benefit. You can disarm Enemies first to force them into chasing after their Weapons, thereby wasting their turn. Let’s just hope they aren’t prepared to perform destructive Spells!

These actions are all related to how these Enemy AIs are able to utilize their resources and actions efficiently. For instance, enemies are careful when it comes to planning their next actions so they preserve as many resources as possible. Say in the first round, they can attack you with their default Melee or Ranged Attacks and then leave some room to execute other actions like Dash and Action Surge in succeeding turns.

Additionally, Humanoids and friendly NPCs now have the same basic actions as the players, meaning, they can use Dash, Jump, Shove and Throw in similar ways. With Throw, they can also hurl Healing Potions towards their injured party members to heal them from afar.

Lastly, there have been adjustments to the Movement Speed of some NPC races to mimic the speed of player characters. For Dwarves, Duergars, Gnomes and Halflings, the Movement Speed has been decreased to 7.5 units while for the Wood Elf, it has been reduced to 9 units.


Complete Combat Changes List For Baldur's Gate 3


  • NPCs now have similar basic actions to those of the player.
    -Most Humanoids now have access to Dash, Jump, Throw, Shove.
    -Most other creatures now have access to Dash.
  • NPCs will now only use Slash and Smash once per fight.
  • NPCs now only receive weapon actions like Cleave and Slash if they've equipped the corresponding weapon.
  • Bugbears, Ogres, and certain Goblins now have ranged Spells, allowing them to attack from range if nothing else is available.
  • When difficult terrain prevents an enemy from making a melee attack, it will try a ranged attack.
  • Disarmed characters now look for replacement weapons. Most NPCs have their own preferences.
  • AI now supports basic resource planning, allowing characters to better reason about spells that grant more resources (like Dash and Action Surge).
  • AI now reasons better about effects that give bonuses to rolls.
  • AI now understands aura effects (e.g. Silence, Gale's Necrotic aura, Flaming Sphere etc.).
  • AI now reasons better about overlapping crowd control statuses (e.g. casting Blind on a sleeping target).
  • AI is now less willing to damage allies to remove effects such as Sleep.
  • Less intelligent creatures (imps, beasts, etc.) will no longer destroy items for their secondary effects (e.g. destroying a barrel to cause an explosion to nearby enemies).
  • Added AI archetypes for Ogres and Zombies.
  • Adjusted how willing the AI is to target summons (more for beasts/creatures, less for humanoids).
  • AI now reasons better about the Prone condition and difficult terrain.
  • AI is now less biased towards targeting enemies it's already attacked, or attacking a target that attacked them.
  • Gave certain NPC archers secondary melee weapons in case they get disarmed or cornered.
  • Rebalanced wolf companion attacks to be more in line with other Companions.
  • NPCs can now throw healing potions at allies in order to heal them (if they have the Throw action).
  • Movement speed adjusted for certain NPC races to be consistent with player characters.
    -Dwarf, Gnome, Duergar, and Halfling Movement Speed reduced from 9 to 7.5 units.
    -Wood Elf Movement Speed reduced from 10.5 fto 9 units.
  • Enemies now use portals.
  • Added climbable cobwebs in the Abandoned Outpost and the Shattered Temple's spider pit.
  • NPCs will now try to avoid electrified steam clouds.
  • Made candles and candelabras moveable where applicable.
  • Removed Multiattack from Minotaurs and all humanoids under level 5 It was a bit much.
  • AI now tries to avoid ending turns on ledges that may cause their feet to visually float off of the ground.
  • Added saving throw proficiencies for humanoid NPCs at level 4 and 6, as per player classes.
  • Adjusted Duergar's Enlarge spell to be more consistent with the spell version.
  • Spider Infestation status no longer damages players in Spider Wildshape.



  • Fixed some enemies still being able to land critical hits - it's the tutorial, come on.
  • Nautiloid Imps can no longer use their weapon skills.


Ravaged Beach

  • Tweaked unnatural-looking rubble around the starting beach.
  • The Stranded Fishers trying to dig out the mind flayer now have dedicated weapons (weaker, makeshift versions of a bow and crossbow).


Overgrown Ruins

  • Minor tweaks to the Bandits at the chapel exterior.


Druid Grove

  • Using Silence on a singing harpy will now make her stop singing.
  • Reduced the number of druids to fight when siding with the goblins in the Grove massacre.
  • Goblin Sappers now are actually slowed down by the barrels on their backs.
  • Made sure Mud Mephits aren't actually afraid of mud.

Blighted Village

  • The tree no longer blocks projectiles.
  • Made the area around the Rooftops Ambush easier to navigate.


Goblin Camp

  • The Disheveled Chicken no longer forces sneaking characters to make Stealth checks.
  • Added holes for goblins to navigate the several levels of the Goblin Camp more easily.
  • Slightly increased the damage of the Coal Baskets in the Shattered Sanctum and added a knockback effect when the baskets fall.
  • Minthara's area has been redecorated to suit new level design.
  • Slightly moved a vase in the Goblin Camp that was blocking war drums.
  • Reduced HP of the Shaky Metal Grate in the Worg Pens.
  • Priestess Gut will now only use her tadpoles power once per combat.
  • Priestess Gut no longer uses The Absolute's Hand on a statue if it will fall on her.
  • You can now manually destroy the main room's statues in Priestess Gut's quarters.


Swamp Redcaps

  • Changed one of the Redcaps into a Blood Sage
  • Bloodlust changes:
    -Now costs 1 Action instead of a Bonus Action.
    -Now requires concentration.
    -Duration increased from 3 to 5 turns.
    -Can only be cast once per combat (was 4-6 Recharge).
  • Ironbound Pursuit changes:
    -Recharge now 6 (was 4-6).
    -Damage reduced from 3d10+4 to 3d8+4.
  • The Open Wounds Bleed effect of Redcap Blood Sages has been reduced from 4 rounds to 2 rounds. Now also flagged as a magical spell.


Owlbear Cave

  • You can now walk through the Owlbear's broken eggs.
  • Owlbear should now get stuck in the level design a lot less.
  • Made the Owlbear encounter slightly easier.


The Risen Road

  • Increased the Dying Hyena's HP from 5 to 7.
  • Increased the Healthy Hyena's HP from 5 to 8.
  • Gnolls will not unnecessarily sheathe or unsheathe their weapons while casting spells anymore.
  • Improved navigation around the Flind's combat area. You can now walk through viscera.
  • The Flind can now shoot a bow at its targets if she cannot reach them. She also has cool hair now.
  • Made navigation in the tollhouse easier by expanding the upper walkway, creating an opening in a wall, and making a platform climbable.
  • Added a firebowl rope, hinge, bowl to the tollhouse.
  • Changed pressure plate visuals in the trapped corridor in the Zhentarim Dungeon.
  • Increased HP for all Githyanki characters in the githyanki patrol.
  • Created Gith-specific weaponry & armor.
  • Gave Githyanki characters proficiency in their equipped weapons.
  • Removed Preserve Life from Gauntlet Dain.



  • Servants of Boooal
    -Reduced chance to apply Bleeding.
    -Bleeding duration reduced from 2 rounds to 1 round.
  • Various smaller tweaks and fixes to the myconid combats.
  • Revamped Myconid action distribution and names. It's now easier to understand which Myconid does what in battle.
  • Reworked Gekh Coal's Animate Dead spell to be more consistent with future spells and less bug prone.
  • Tweaked the Kuo Toa fight to make the encounter a bit easier and fixed a few minor issues.
  • Spectator will now cast Wounding Ray on Frightened targets.


General Baldur's Gate 3 Patch Bugfixes

Low HP Attacks

For player characters with low HP, you will no longer be subjected to constant attacks because the enemy AI’s bias towards you has been reduced. As such, combat should be more balanced. Note however, that there are still enemies who would choose to attack you regardless of the HP you have because they’re designed to inflict killing blows within an acceptable range so you’ll have to be careful.


Attack Roll while Duel Wielding

Fixed a bug where the game used the same Attack Roll for both attacks while Duel Wielding. This should mean that your Off-Hand Attacks will be less accurate when Dual Wielding now.

Druids Wild Shape

Next is the fix for Druids whose Wild Shape is currently activated. In this form, you won’t be able to cast Spells with the Verbal Component, specifically when you’re Silenced. For the Great Weapon Master Feat, you can no longer perform another Melee Attack as a Bonus Action if you Critically Miss.


Character Creation

Other bugs that have been fixed include the crash experienced by some players in Character Creation when they’re loading a saved game. Additionally, saved games with certain characters should all be available in your list of saves. 


Complete Bugfixes List For Baldur's Gate 3


  • Fixed a crash related to Minotaurs using a specific skill.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Harpy fight.
  • Fixed a crash when destroying a Nautiloid tank.
  • Fixed a crash related to loading a savegame that is still being downloaded through Cross Saves.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when shooting the brine bulbs on the Nautiloid.
  • Fixed a crash on startup on specific lower spec devices.
  • Fixed a crash when loading a savegame from character creation.
  • Fixed a crash when a player joins the host while loading a savegame.
  • Fixed a crash when knocking out specific characters with a shield equipped.
  • Fixed a crash when loading into the Beach crash site after escaping the Nautiloid



  • Companions now have accurate journal entries when they become hostile and leave the party.
  • Fixed a bug with Astarion not being killed / exiled after a certain camp night.
  • Fixed Astarion making certain comments while Downed.
  • Fixed a reflection dialogue about protecting Astarion from Gur Hunter not launching after the dialogue with the Hunter is over.
  • Fixed a reflection dialogue about Astarion not launching after a certain camp night.
  • Fixed Gale receiving extra XP when hired.
  • Fixed some dialogue and camp behaviour issues with Lae'zel related to her leaving the party at the githyanki patrol.
  • Fixed Lae'zel's recruitment dialogue not starting after Nymessa and Damays failed to join a combat against the chapel bandits.
  • Shadowheart now reacts properly to Lae'zel in the druid grove.
  • Fixed an issue with Shadowheart being stuck after her recruitment at the beach.
  • When controlled by the AI, Shadowheart now properly uses her melee weapon and closes distance with enemies.
  • Fixed Wyll's unconscious origin moments with Fezzerk.



  • Fixed Aberrant Shape for Moon Druids.
  • Fixed Ash surface igniting flammable surfaces on touch.
  • Fixed not being able to move some crates.
  • Fixed being able to eat some buckets.
  • Fixed sometimes not being able to shove characters into deep chasms due to angle limit.
  • Fixed dual wielding using the same attack roll for both attacks.
  • Sneak Attack now requires a Finesse weapon in the main hand.
  • Fixed being able to still perform actions after having ended your shared turn.
  • Fixed certain dialogues being skipped abruptly in multiplayer.
  • The Great Weapon Master feature no longer triggers on a critical miss.
  • Fixed effects sometimes not being applied properly to characters in a certain state (like Prone).
  • Murdering NPCs out of combat again has appropriate consequences.
  • Added new journal updates for Halsin's subquests to fix the quest ending prematurely or reaching a dead end.
  • Restored missing Fey Ancestry for Drow NPCs.
  • Gave Drow NPCs their intended armor visual sets.
  • Fixed savegames with specific characters not showing up in the savegame list.
  • Fixed lootable objects from other floors being highlighted when pressing ALT.
  • Fixed the 'end force turn-based mode' button sometimes not working correctly.
  • Fixed jumping down to a party member sometimes dealing massive damage.
  • Fixed NPCs not using Dash anymore after being proned in combat.
  • Fixed rare issue with combat getting stuck due to attack of opportunity.
  • Fixed other players getting kicked out of the level-up screen if another player starts force turn-based mode.
  • Fixed enemies not getting surprised status correctly when attacking from stealth.
  • Fixed 'Invalid Target' message when trying to throw specific items like barrels or dead bodies.
  • Fixed landing animations on damaging jumps that do not knock you down.
  • Fixed not being able to resurrect correctly when selecting a target location.
  • Fixed NPCs not trying to stop you when escaping prison.
  • Fixed trajectory preview when trying to shove heavy targets.
  • Fixed unintended AI bias towards targets with lower HP. Some enemies will still pursue killing blows, but any bias towards lower HP targets outside of killing blow range was unintended.
  • Fixed characters on the edge of moving platforms sliding and sometimes falling off.
  • Fixed revived characters not triggering Attack of Opportunity anymore.
  • Fixed certain NPCs losing their signature spells after loading a savegame.
  • Fixed being able to pick up items that are too heavy by using Alt+click.
  • Fixed inventory weight not updating correctly after consuming an item.
  • Fixed Prone characters skipping their turns when stuck in certain surfaces that affect their movement.
  • Fixed thrown items not doing impact damage in certain conditions.
  • Fixed incorrect climbing animations for clients in multiplayer.
  • Fixed certain animations not playing for clients in multiplayer if latency was too high.
  • Fixed eyewitness reactions to murdering a guard still occuring when they shouldn't.
  • Fixed several passive skill rolls (Harper's Stash, Goblin's Ambush, Selune's secret shrine, Injured Drow, Tree Stash).
  • Fixed some stat inconsistencies with bugbears.
  • Fixed issues with NPCs sometimes not reacting to using forbidden items.
  • Fixed the examine window breaking when the player's Wisdom is low.
  • Fixed Multiplayer Lobby still showing player icon after they get kicked from reducing slot count.
  • Characters should now properly avoid Enchanted Vines surface.
  • Fixed visuals for Goblin Short Bow.
  • Fixed a general spellcasting animation issue.
  • Fixed items not being confiscated correctly when a player is arrested.
  • Fixed combat AI sometimes trying to heal their friends if they are immune to healing (e.g. zombies).
  • Disarming a tripwire next to a rolling boulder trap no longer triggers it.
  • Fixed an issue where AI would wait for excessively long if it failed to find a valid action to execute.
  • Fixed various issues with NPC wildshapes.
  • Skeletons are no longer in a celebratory mood when emerging from coffins.


  • Fixed Arrow of Fire and Alchemist's Fire not burning spiderweb bridges.
  • Fixed Bless spell blessing everyone in range instead of the correct maximum amount of targets.
  • Fixed being able to cast Charm Person on yourself.
  • Fixed not being able to cast Charm Person Level 2 directly at allies (the AOE will still not target allies).
  • Fixed Create Water spell granted by Rain Dancer weapon counting towards prepared spells limit.
  • Fixed Aberrant Shape’s Devour Intellect spell not applying stun and reducing Intelligence correctly.
  • Fixed Dragon's Grasp not dealing additional damage to burning targets.
  • Fixed a variety of broken NPC Ensnaring Strike actions across the game.
  • Flaming Sphere can no longer climb ladders.
  • Fixed Flaming Sphere not always applying area damage correctly.
  • Fixed being able to target yourself with Friends spell.
  • Fixed condition from Guiding Bolt spell not being removed by offhand attacks.
  • Fixed Warding Flare activating only once per turn.



  • Fixed a traversal bug near Us by tweaking level design.
  • Fixed combat fallback dialogue for Us / Intellect Devourers.
  • Lae'zel no longer tries to jump down on the Nautiloid if she's dead.
  • Fixed the Mind Flayer on the Nautiloid talking before actually attacking.


Overgrown Ruins

  • Soul coins are now properly placed in the Chapel and no longer have the 'Story Item' property.
  • Attacking Nymessa, Damays, or any of the bandits outside of the chapel now properly ends their dialogues and starts combat.


Druid Grove

  • Fixed Mud Mephits sometimes not using their spells.
  • Sleeping bear in the Grove should now face the right way when sleeping.
  • Nettie's dialogue about poison now triggers normally if the player enters her room wildshaped.
  • Fixed Topaz moving its coin out of its nest and thinking the coin was gone.
  • Fixed NPCs trying to path through the gate of the Grove when terrified.
  • Fixed issue with Sazza not reacting to the death of her captors.
  • Fixed some druids ignoring invisibility statuses on players.
  • Fixed issue where the Robbed Adventurer dialogue ended prematurely if the guard was too far away.
  • Fixed an issue with Mattis thinking you bought something when you actually sold him something.
  • Fixed an issue where Grove characters would be part of combats they weren't supposed to participate in.
  • Fixed dialogue options for Tiefling Warlocks in Wyll's recruitment dialogue.
  • Fixed issue at the Plea at the Gates where Wyll would take too long to end his turns.


Blighted Village

  • Novices Andrick and Brynna now leave as intended after the encounter.
  • In the encounter with Novices Andrick and Brynna, the Medicine ability check now correctly uses Wisdom instead of Intelligence.
  • Ogres now wield their intended weapons and correctly use Strength to throw things (instead of Dexterity).
  • Fixed Tracker Dullwill's dialogue hostile reactivity.
  • Fixed Owlbear not gaining the Enraged status during combat.


Goblin Camp

  • Fixed issue with the goblin scouts not being able to talk to Sazza.
  • Brakkal won't run away through walls anymore, and the interaction with him through walls themselves is made easier.
  • Goblins now only say "someone let crawlies out' if you actually let crawlies (spiders) out.
  • Fixed spiders in Spider Nest ignoring combats around them even when they can easily reach those combats.
  • Fixed Happy Torturers torture scene starting even when both Spike and his assistant have run away to their battlestations.
  • Liam will no longer run away while unconscious.
  • Fixed Bosk not checking if Volo is still alive and present.
  • Fixed the dead adventurer's corpse being inaccessible while fighting the goblin kids.
  • Fixed Crusher's storytelling dialogue to include his friend goblins correctly.



  • Fixed Redcaps not looking like themselves after they are revealed.
  • Fixed a bug with Mayrina's cage that would block targeted spells.
  • Fixed issue with Redcap's bloodlust that sometimes caused them to skip their own turns.


The Risen Road

  • Fixed a newborn gnoll appearing next to a dead hyena after succeeding to kill it inside the womb.
  • Conversations with Anders are no longer interrupted when another player enters the house.
  • Fixed Anders' Cleric spells (removed Trip Attack).
  • Raphael will no longer appear in camp immediately after abandoning Lae'zel at the githyanki patrol.
  • You can now only mention Nymessa and Damays in the githyanki patrol if you met them in Lae'zel's recruitment.


Waukeen's Rest

  • Fixed frightened oxen in Waukeen's Rest being significantly offset in their dialogue.
  • Fixed backdraft when opening the room in which Benryn is trapped.
  • Adjusted a hatch in the Zhentarim storeroom that was floating above the ground.



  • Glut now correctly follows players in the Kua-Toa area of Underdark.
  • Fixed the raft encounter not starting if the player is invisible.
  • Fixed some minor issues and inconsistencies in the Gekh Coal encounter.
  • Fixed several issues with the Automaton's spell usage in combat.



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