Cherished Locket

Uncommon Amulet
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dancing lights spell baldursgate3 wiki guide 35px 1Dancing Lights: Create wisps of light that illuminate a 12m radius.
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Cherished Locket is one of the available Amulets in Baldur's Gate 3. In BG3, there are two types of Accessories, Rings or Amulets. Once equipped, these Accessories may give the character certain bonuses, such as new Spells, resistance against certain kinds of damage, bonus AC, an increase to an Ability Score or more.


The following words are engraved on the back: 'You're the light in my darkness. Thank you for making me the happiest man alive. Love you always, Locke.'


Cherished Locket Location & Where to Find

  • Location: Druid Grove
  • Quest:  Cherished Locket can be received as a reward for successfully saving Arabella in Save Arabella
  • Crafting:
  • Merchant:
  • Dropped by:


Cherished Locket Notes & Tips

  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • value icon baldurs gate3 wiki guideValue: 80 Gp.
  • weight icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideWeight: 0.05 Kg.
  • ID: ??



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    • Anonymous

      Guess I'm not getting this locket. Arabella got bit by the danger noodle in my run and got one shot, she shoulda dropped more points into constitution when generating her character.

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