Tourmaline Ring


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Tourmaline Ring is a Rings and Item in Baldur's Gate 3. Some Items can be consumed granting various effects like buffing the Character or restoring HP, while others can be used to interact with the environment or provide Lore about Baldur's Gate 3 world.


A slim-fitting silver band, decorated with a mint green gemstone.


Tourmaline Ring Information


Tourmaline Ring Location & Where to Find

  • Location: Grymforge
  • Quest:
  • Crafting:
  • Merchant:
  • Dropped by: Duergar (X: -663 Y: 443)


Tourmaline Ring Notes & Tips

  • Rarity: ??
  • Value: 200 Gp.
  • Weight: 19 Kg.
  • ID: ??



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