The Graceful Cloth (Cat)

Rare Clothing

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The Wearer of this Item gains:

Cat's Grace: You gain Cat's Grace and increase your Dexterity score by 2, to a maximum 20.

Nimble As a Cat: You gain a +1 bonus to Dexterity Saving Throws and also increase yourJump distance by 1.5m.

The Graceful Cloth (Cat) is a Clothing in Baldur's Gate 3Clothing can be equipped to a character's body in their designated inventory slot, providing AC and sometimes special effects. Although heavier armor usually provides more protection, keep in mind they may also hinder your characters' spell casting.


A garment worn by one of three monks who fought together against Headless Serpent, Secret Venom, a gang in the port city of Nyanzaru. This was worn by Roahton Mobar, whose stances were broad and strong.

BG3 The Graceful Cloth (Cat) Information

Cat's Grace: You gain Cat's Grace and increase your Dexterity score by 2, to a maximum 20.

Nimble As a Cat: You gain a +1 bonus to Dexterity Saving Throws and also increase yourJump distance by 1.5m.

  • weight icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideWeight: 1.8
  • value icon baldurs gate3 wiki guideValue: 800


BG3 The Graceful Cloth (Cat) Location & How to Get


The Graceful Cloth (Cat) Notes & Tips for BG3

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    • knoking lady esther will let u loot all the gear she sells or most of it(i cant quite remenber) u will need to pay her around 400-500 gold to been able to trade with her again,its better to do this instead of pick pocketing

      • Anonymous

        As of 9/5 this no longer giving me advantage on lockpicking (was doing so before). Not clear if a bug or from recent hotfix.

        • Anonymous

          A nice little trick that I found quite useful is combining this chestpiece with Mage Armor. Boom! Now its base 13 Armor instead of 10. The only caveat is Mage Armor requires the target to be wearing no (light/medium/heavy) armor pieces. So that means your boots/helmet/gloves also cannot count as light/medium/heavy armor; luckily many of them don't ^_^. I use this chestpiece on Astarion.
          P.S. The caster of Mage Armor does not have to stay in your party. (I cast it from Gale, who I rarely use in my party) You just need to recast every Long Rest. Cheerio

          • Anonymous

            Put this on a Rogue. You now have Advantage on all attempts at Lock Picking and Disarming Traps, which takes your Critical Failure from a 1/20 to a 1/400 occurrence.

            Also, this raising your Dex score by 2 and giving you an additional +1 to Dex Saves means that once you have Evasion, you'll be largely ignoring ANY untargeted damage from most AoE spells & effects, which can situationally make up for having a lower base AC than Light armors.

            It's easy to overlook this being phenomenal for Rogues since it's Clothing rather than Light Armor, but if you get this along with the "Assassin's Shortsword" that gives advantage on Stealth Checks, it makes for an insanely effective combination where you almost never have to come out from Hiding in the field without ever needing invisibility while sneaking around outside of combat, but ESPECIALLY in turn-based mode. Plus, with "Swiresy Shoes" you can basically jump up anything since this clothing and the shoes both boost your Jump by 1.5m allowing you to gain access to a ton of locations stealthily (I often swap these two out to a party member at a time to leap over to distant locations).

            My personal Rogue build with "The Graceful Cloth" currently pairs the "Eversight Ring" (immunity to Blinded) and the "Shadow Blade Ring" to give you a weapon that deals 2d8 Psychic damage and has advantage against partially or heavily obscured targets.

            When I plan on actually engaging into combat rather than wandering the map, I'll swap out the "Assassin's Shortsword" offhand for the "Knife of the Undermountain King" which is a +2 weapon that ALSO gains Advantage against lightly or heavily obscured opponents, but crits on a 19-20 and rerolls on 2 damage or less, making two-weapon fighting extra deadly, as well as that Feat giving a +1 to AC making up even more for this as an armor choice.

            The Dex boost puts me at the start of initiative most always, and the "Haste Helm" allows you to start combat with 3 turns of Momentum, and together with the "Cloak of Cunning Brume" will let you rapidly move up to a target in Melee, instantly Disengage to generate a 2m Fog Cloud on top of the Target that lasts for 1 turn, and then always have Advantage against them for your attacks while remaining obscured and making it more likely for other enemies to try and hit you with an AoE that requires a Dex save that you have advantage against from "The Graceful Cloth" and Evasion to take no damage at all, as well as having a position for using Sneak Attack reactions all the time.

            Using "Boots of Speed" will let you Click Heels to double your movement speed, and give disadvantage to attacks of opportunity against you, which can be a better Bonus action than Disengaging in certain circumstances when you need to absolutely ROCKET across an area, and instead just have a caster drop Darkness over the top of you.

            And so long as you're at the Shadow-Cursed Lands, the status Morninglord's Radiance gives you +1d4 Radiant damage on weapons attacks that you can constantly re-trigger after resting, and you can use the Flawed Helldusk Gloves to have an additional +1d4 fire damage on your weapon attacks and you just deal insane levels damage.

            Essentially, "The Graceful Cloth" really opens up advantages to a whole playstyle for Rogues where you can ignore using "Hide" in combat altogether and just be literally cloaked in fog and darkness all the time instead. It's ridiculously fun, and just so insanely advantageous that it's what finally moved my Rogue from using ranged double Hand Crossbows to being a full-on melee murder build.

            • Anonymous

              having cleric with enhance ability readied in my party stops advantage on dex rolls from triggering (must use advantage from cleric)

              • Anonymous

                I don't know why, but killing her doesn't drop the clothing for me. She has the egg already, mind you, but I wouldn't think that'd effect it

                • Anonymous

                  The +2 to dex is given before some other items that modify dex, so the +2 might not always apply.

                  For example; if you are wearing the Gloves of Dexterity (increases your dex to 18) and then put this on, you don't get the +2 bonus. But if your base dex is 18 without items, this will apply the +2 and put you at 20.

                  I figure it's either a bug or an overlooked stacking of how the items apply stats, unsure which.

                  • Anonymous

                    The +2 to dex is applied before some other items that modify your dex, so it sometimes does not give you the +2 bonus.

                    For example; if you are wearing Gloves of Dexterity which increase your dex to 18, putting this one does not give you +2 and increase your dex to 20. But if you have a base dex of 18, you will get the +2 and be at 20.
                    All the other effects seem to work fine.

                    • Anonymous

                      You get it by killing the old lady (Esthel or something) who asks you to steal a githyanki egg from the creche.

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