Phantasmal Killer

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Lvl 4 Illusion

4~40 Damage
 1d10 psychic die bg3 wiki guide4d10damage psychic icon bg3 wiki guidePsychic (Delayed)

Haunt a creature with illusions of its greatest fears. It takes 4~40 Psychic damage per turn, can no longer move, and will be easier to hit.

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Phantasmal Killer is a Spell in Baldur's Gate 3. Phantasmal Killer is a Lvl 4 Spell from the Illusion school. Spells can be used for dealing damage to Enemies, inflict Status Ailments, buff Characters or interact with the environment.

Phantasmal Killer Information

  • Description: Haunt a creature with illusions of its greatest fears. It takes 4~40 Psychic damage per turn, can no longer move, and will be easier to hit. 
  • Level: Lvl 4 spell
  • School: Illusion School
  • Casting Time: Action
  • Range: 18m
  • Requires Concentration: Yes
  • Saving Throw: Wisdom

 How to Acquire Phantasmal Killer

  • Phantasmal Killer can be acquired by the following classes:
  • Phantasmal Killer can be cast by using the following Items:
    • ???

Phantasmal Killer Tips & Notes

  • Notes & Tips go here


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    • Anonymous


      Near end of act 2 you get the Resonance Stone if you pick it up: AOE Disadvantage on WIS/INT/CHA saving throws Advantage on STR/DEX/CON checks passive aura near item placing it down and picking it up NO ACTION COST.

      3 Sorcerer for heightened magic / twinned
      1 Wizard to learn Phantasmal Killer
      Whatever the heck you want from there want Defense get a level in Cleric

      Add on ring of metal inhibition OR braindrain gloves

      Effective damage a turn is 4D10 + Vulnerability = 8D10 + Two Targets = 16D10 damage a turn

      • Anonymous

        Doesn't work on Hag (act 3 -- trying not to spoil). Tried for half an hour for it to actually hit her while the caster had 18 int and it didn't successfully hit the Hag a single time.

        • Anonymous

          Coming from Pathfinder, such a disappointing Spell, was excited when I first saw the name. Really prefer the fail 2 STs and instantly die version, this seems very meh.

          • Anonymous

            Coming from Pathfinder this is such a disappointing skill, was hyped when I saw the name. Really prefer the fail 2 STs and instantly die version. Would you ever want to use this here?

            • Anonymous

              I had a strange situation where I cast this spell on an enemy who failed the save. No damage dealt. When it got around to that enemy's next turn, they succeeded their save, Gale lost concentration on the spell, and it ended. However, at no point was any damage dealt by the spell. The enemy was not resistant to psychic damage. Anyone else have a similar issue?

              • Anonymous

                had a scroll of one of these drop in the malus thorm fight off of one of the bookshelves. not sure if its randomized loot from containers though.

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