Wolf Companion

Screenshot of Wolf Companion
Hit Points 11
AC 13

Wolf Companion is an Animal Companion in Baldur's Gate 3.

A wolf that can inflict devastating wounds and knock enemies prone.

Wolf Companion Information:

  • Speed: 40ft

Wolf Companion Actions

  • Dash. Action. Double your movement speed for the current turn.
  • Hide. Bonus action. Stick to the shadows to improve your chances of going undetected.
  • Jump/Disengage. Action. Range: 18.3ft. Jumping doesn't trigger opportunity attacks.
  • Bite. Action. +2 to hit. Reach: 5ft. Lunge at a target to bite it. Deals 2d4+2 piercing damage and possibly knocks the target prone.

Wolf Companion Notes and Tips

  • The wolf companion can be of some use to render enemies prone, but be wary of its low HP.



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