Giant Spider Companion

In game screenshot of the Ranger summon: Giant Spider Companion
A giant spider that can poison enemies and shoot webs from afar.
Hit Points 10
AC 14

Giant Spider Companion is an Animal Companion in Baldur's Gate 3 that can be summoned by using the Summon Companion Action, this creature will help you on your quest and fight on your side.


A giant spider that can poison enemies and shoot webs from afar.


Giant Spider Companion Information

  • Speed: 40 ft
  • Skills: Perception +5


Giant Spider Companion Actions

  • Dash. Action. Double your movement speed for the current turn.
  • Hide. Bonus action. Stick to the shadows to improve your chances of going undetected.
  • Arachnid Jump. Action. Range: 67ft. Jumping doesn't trigger opportunity attacks.
  • Poisonous Bite. Action. +4 to hit. Reach: 5ft. Bite a target to deal 1d8+3 piercing damage and possibly poison it. Target must succeed on a DC 13 constitution saving throw or become poisoned for one round.
  • Web. Action. Range: 60ft. Cover a target in a thick, flammable webbing that can Enweb creatures within. Targets within or entering the web must succeed on a DC 12 dexterity saving throw or become enwebbed for one round.


Giant Spider Companion Notes and Tips

  • The giant spider has the highest HP and AC of all the animal companion options available to the Beast Master.
  • It's 67ft range jump ability grants it a high amount of mobility.
  • It can cause the poisoned and enwebbed conditions without consuming resources.



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    • Anonymous

      gonna enjoy this unti, its nerfed (rightfully). this and to a lesser extent the warlock's imp, are way too much fun (no need to nerf the imp though)

      • Anonymous

        This pet is absolutely broken!
        It can leap in and engage without your party getting in combat. It can take an absolute beating (while still dealing high damage)
        And if it dies? Well you just summon a new one, for absolute free, and now that one jumps in and carries on the job.

        What were they thinking!? XD

        • Anonymous

          So this pet has more health, more armor class, it can web *and* poison enemies, its bite has +4 to hit as opposed to the wolf's +2 and it has a 20 meter jump. Nice balancing.

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