In Case of Death...

Type Companion Quest
Act 1
Companion Gale
Reward __reward__

In Case of Death... is a Companion Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. In Case of Death... can be acquired from Gale during Act 1. Completing  In Case of Death... will progress Gale stroy progression forward.


In Case of Death... Objectives

  • Follow the projection's instructions.
  • Play the correct melody.
  • Say the mephit's name.
  • Resurrect Gale.


In Case of Death... Walkthrough

  • When Gale died while traveling with you, a magic hologram of him will appear and illustrate how to revive him.
  • First, we need to retrieve a pouch Gale carried with him and unthread the purple seam - moving counter-clockwise.
  • There should be a flute and a letter inside the pouch. We need to play the notes on the letter, starting from the bottom-right and moving clockwise. This should spell the word D-E-A-D
  • Playing the flute correctly should summon a magma mephit. It will ask us a question, and we'll need to give its name, "K'ha'ssji'trach'ash".


 How to unlock In Case of Death...

  • When Gale dies, this quest unlocks.


In Case of Death... Rewards

  • N/A


In Case of Death... Notes & Tips

  • Notes & tips go here




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