Elemental Surfaces in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3) are covered on this page. Surfaces in BG 3 can provide negative or positive effects in an area that includes buffs, debuffs, damage, and/or control options for enemies and allies alike.


Surfaces In Baldur's Gate 3



Fire Surface

  • Applies Burning.
  • Removes Wet.
  • Can be put out by using Water and Ice elements.
  • Explodes if combined with Poison elements.
  • Expands if combined with Oil and Fire elements.
  • Creates a Steam cloud when extinguished, get smoke clouds when the Fire times out.
  • Fire damage.


Water Surface

  • Can be made into steam with Fire elements.
  • Can be frozen solid with Ice elements.
  • Can be used to generate Shock with Electricity elements.


Electrified Water Surface

  • Applies the Shocked condition.
  • Deals 1d4 Lightning damage per turn.


Caustic Brine Surface

  • Applies the Caustic Brine condition which inflicts 1d4 Acid damage per turn.



Poison Surface

  • Applies the Poisoned condition for 1 turn.


Mud Surface

  •  Difficult Terrain - movement speed is halved


Ice Surface

  • Difficult Terrain - movement speed is halved and creatures may fall prone


Acid Surface

  •  Applies the Acid condition which reduces Armor Class by 2


Darkness Surface

  • Easier to conceal.








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