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Melee weapons that are also made to be Thrown. When throwing, these Weapons deal the same damage they would for a melee attack.
Light Hammers

Thrown is a Weapon Property in Baldur's Gate 3. Thrown is a weapon property that allows a weapon to be used as a projectile with the Throw or Enraged Throw actions. When throwing, these Weapons deal the same damage they would for a melee attack. Weapon Properties grant different weapon types, diverse features that are intrinsic to that specific weapon type.



Thrown Information

  • A melee weapon with this property can be thrown for a ranged attack, and will benefit from the creature's Ability Score Modifier (Strength) and Proficiency Bonus as usual, instead of being treated as an Improvised Weapon. This combines with the Finesse property: if you throw a Dagger, which has both Thrown and Finesse, you can use your Dexterity Modifier for the attack and damage rolls.


Weapon types that have Thrown 



Thrown Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      50 hours in I finally realized how to throw throw-able weapons cus i was trying to equip them first. They are taken from your inventory, you don't throw your equipped weapon. So, press X or the Throw button in the quick menu, then it will give you an inventory of things you can throw like potions, and all the throwable weapons in your inventory. Click it down in the grid. After it's thrown, it becomes a loot able object so you can re-use them. It's been fun early levels with high strength Paladin

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