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Vlaakith is a Deity in Baldur's Gate 3. Deities are worshiped all along Faerûn, and you must select one when creating a Cleric. Deities impact how NPCs react to your character, and some events may unfold differently based on the God you worship. There are no other gameplay implications depending on the Deity chosen.


The Lich Queen is the sole respected leader of the Githyanki. She encourages their worship and unquestioning devotion, essentially acting as a Deity.


Vlaakith Traits:

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Vlaakith Tips & Notes

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Vlaakith Triva

  • Vlaakith, as portayed in Baldurs Gate 3, is actually Vlaakith CLVIII (Or Vlaakith 1-5-8). Hinting that Vlaakith is not the first, nor, in fact, immortal.
  • While immensely powerful, Vlaakith is still bound by the laws of magic. If the player (Tav), goads Vlaakith enough upon your initial meeting, she will seem to display her godly power and cause a game over. However, the way she goes about causing said game over is stating 'You wish to see godhood? I wish you to end.' This implies she's actually just using a wish spell.
  • Vlaakith's ability to use the wish spell would place her at level 16 minimum, if not higher.


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    • Anonymous

      The description there says that Vlaakith needs to be 16th level or higher to use Wish, but don't you need to be level 17 to cast Wish in 5e?

      • Anonymous

        Vlaakith is NOT a deity, she's a lich, she's LYING to everybody all the time, to you, to githyankis, dont believe a single thing she says.
        She uses a "Wish" to wipe the party, not some godly powers, its just an high level spell.

        • Anonymous

          First of all, English is not my main language. spoilers: if you refuse what he says, he urges you to kill him, say yes and then inside the astral plane, if you listen to him, the guard hates you and she does nothing or you can leave and he doesn't kill you with desire.

          • Anonymous

            She has power, but she ain't no god, she clearly use a wish of all things to kill us.
            (Really visible that bold italicized text...)

            • Anonymous

              Pure bullshit...for everyone who reads this: Do NOT doubt her power as a god. Game cheaply insta-kills you for it, making you redo the whole fight all over again. Thanks alot, Larian.

              • Anonymous

                She can literally instant kill your whole party if you doubt her power regarding the problem with the artifact.

                • Anonymous

                  The game has just released. You are more than welcome to participate if you think the wiki is useless. I mean, unless you just want to cry about it.

                  • Anonymous

                    fun fact, she doesn't even noticed you're using a illusory disguise, if you used one. disguised as a male githyanki during the creche part while being a female deep gnome, and she got fooled,

                    • Anonymous

                      This wiki is utterly useless. Literally no one in the entire community has played far enough to interact with ANY of these characters?

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