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Enemies that are surprised cannot move, take actions or make reactions during the first round of combat.

Surprised is a Status Effect in Baldur's Gate 3. Status Effects are the different conditions that can affect characters in both positive and negative ways.


Surprised Information

  • Enemies that are surprised cannot move, take actions or make reactions during the first round of combat.


How to Acquire Surprised

  • Initiating combat on an unaware enemy with an attack from a hidden party member.


How to Remove Surprised

  • This condition is removed at the end of your next turn.


Surprised Notes & Tips

  • Moving the entire party in Stealth up close to the enemy and then attack with each from Stealth can give the entire party a Surprise round where the enemy can't react at all.
  • More notes and tips go here.


Status Effects
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    • Anonymous

      It looks like Surprised does not get applied to enemies if your opening attack kills the target.
      Definitely a bug.

      • Anonymous

        The condition is incredibly bugged and unreliable. Even if I initiate combat by attacking while hidden, half the time the enemy doesn’t become surprised.
        I know they won’t become surprised if they’re programmed to have any sort of guardsman response to assaults, because the automatic dialogue before going hostile resets things. But I’ve had enemies fail to become surprised without dialogue tons of times as well.
        I think it might fail any time the target was not already hostile, with the red markers and everything. Something about flipping from neutral to hostile probably resets something and breaks it.

        • Anonymous

          I recommend the Warlocks Imp: go invisible, fly up to an enemy, then smacked it.
          Bonkers powerful and can turn difficult fights into a cakewalk.

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