Shattered Sanctum

Location Goblin Camp
Suggest Level 3-4

Shattered Sanctum is a location in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3). On this page, you can find the information about the map, quests, enemies, notable items and other useful tips about Shattered Sanctum.


Shattered Sanctum Map



Notes & Tips

  • To reduce the number of goblins you must fight at once, destroy the war drums before engaging them.  Use stealth if possible.  For drums in plain sight, throw a grease bottle so that the grease AoE overlaps with a torch.  The resulting fire will destroy the drum.  While this will reduce their attitude towards you, they will not attack. 
  • You can save Liam from the torturer by psionic power, or pass the Performance/Deception (15) check. 
  • You can let Abdirak, a worshiper of Loviater (Maiden of Pain) to torture you, pass the performance check (5 and 10) to make him happy, and gain favor of Loviater.
  • Goblin Priestess Gut can be found here, although she claims to be able to heal you. If you let her do her work you will be knocked out and imprisoned in Defiled Temple. 
  • If you pass a wisdom check (10), you can control Ragzlin's interrogation. However, if you let him senses your presence in his mind, you need to pass a persuasion check of 10 to talk your way out of this.
  • Approaching the Worg Pen, and you need to decide to help the captured bear or the goblins. Once you saved that bear from goblins, he will transform into druid Halsin. (Quest Save the refugees and Removing the Parasite.)
  • shattered_sanctum2-bg3-wiki-guide
    (There's a guarded room in Shattered Sanctum, you can get in there use jump from the next room. There's a chest here contains more than 3600 gold.)
  • shattered_sanctum3-bg3-wiki-guide
    (There are a lot of chests hidden in this area. You can jump onto the beams to reach them. If's also quite effective to stay on top when you fight the goblins.)




Notable NPCs:

  • Erna
  • Yerle
  • Roah Moonglow
  • Abdirak
  • ??


  • Roah Moonglow (trader)
  • ??
  • ??






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    • Anonymous

      21 Oct 2020 00:40  

      There's a dude that gets pushed into a spider pit right before you reach Razlin's throne. You can save him if you want, but he doesn't give you anything other than a "Thanks, I thought I was a goner." before he leaves. Just a heads up for any chronic do-gooders.

      The guy suffers from classic Fire Emblem green unit syndrome, in that he'll suicidally run TOWARDS the goblin horde (with no armor and 6 measly HP might I add) and PUNCHES THEM with his bare fists! With some good tactics, you can kill some of the goblins before they get to attack him, but he'll still have to dodge like a god just to not get 1-shotted. Good times to be had if you want the challenge.

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