Ramazith's Tower

ACT Act 3
Location Baldur's Gate
Suggest Level 9-12

Ramazith's Tower is a unconfirmed location in Baldur's Gate 3. On this page, you can find the information about the map, quests, enemies, notable items and other useful tips about Ramazith's Tower.


Ramazith's Tower Map

ramaziths tower map final release bg3 wiki guide min




Notes & Tips

  • The tower belongs to Lorroakan, the name were mentioned on multiple occasions in ACT 1. 
  • You can use the portal in Sorcerous Sundries to reach this Tower.
  • If Rolan is alive, he will be the new owner of Ramazith's Tower after Lorroakan's death, and become an ally in Gather Your Allies.
  • You can jump to a lower level of the tower, there are some useful scrolls to loot. And you can find several weave buttons to shut down artillery guns at the entrance to the sorcerous vault. 
    ramaziths tower jump final release bg3 wiki guide min
  • Use see invisibility to see the plates. The "Below" button teleports you to lower levels. 
    ramaziths tower lower level final release bg3 wiki guide min
  • You can find MARKOHESHKIR and Robe of the Weave in the lower level.





  • Lower Levels
    • Underneath the upper region of the tower where you fight Lorroakan, there is a series of floating furniture items you can jump down. After jumping down to the bottom, you will be on a platform
    • On this level there will be four buttons.
      • The one in the northwest corner of the tower will have an invisible plaque in front of it that reads "Below". Activating this button will take you to another level below this one, where you can solve a puzzle giving you the items "Robe of the Weave" and the legendary quarterstaff "Markoheshkir."
        • To solve this puzzle, you will need the status "See Invisibility" from either a potion or a spell. Luckily, the player character can get this status permanently by letting Volo the Bard perform surgery on them. There will be two (invisible) levers that require a DC 20 Arcana check to activate, and if the check is failed, a trap will activate. If the check is succeeded, the Dome of Invulnerability will disappear and the player can access the items. 
      • The Northeast button has a plaque that reads 'Security' and will summon several Arcane Cannons that will attack immediately. They deal force damage, have weakness to lightning damage, cannot move, and will only be harmed by attacks that deal more than 22 damage. 
      • The Southeast button is labeled 'Vaults' and will take you to one of the rooms within the Sorcerous Vault sub-area. Here you will find the legendary book "The Red Knight's Final Strategem" and several pieces of valuable equipment and scrolls. 
      • Finally, the Southwest button is labeled 'Cleanup' and will activate all of the Gas Pit traps on the floor, creating areas of Cloudkill that can only be removed by throwing an object on top of the vent.  
  • Sorcerers Vault


Notable NPCs:

  • Lorroakan
  • Rolan 
  • Tomekeeper



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    • Anonymous

      I didnt have gale, so those arcane checks on the invuln bubbles were tough. What i did though was put the intellect necklace on astarion and then had guidance and it gave me enough bonus to past 20. Also having insipiration checks helps too i bet, also the luck trait helped me get the other one .

      • Anonymous


        I personally used elemental arrows to shoot the bubbles from the front & it triggered the diceroll that way.

        • Anonymous

          Anyone know what the Heavy Iron Key that says "Vault One" unlocks? I've already looted the vaults, was it supposed to be an alternative to the puzzle?

          It's found in a trapped display case right next to Markoheshkir and Robe of the Weave

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