Patch 7 Fixes for Baldur's Gate 3 includes an overview of all the Patch 7 released by the developer Larian Studios. The following patch is free and are released via online update, this patch Added the Barbarian class with two new subclasses - Berserker and Wildheart. , lethal new melee combat options, a huge graphical overhaul, newly-added orchestral music to delight your ears, and hours of fresh content to explore.



Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 7 Fixes update

Patch 7 Fixes was lunched at october 14 and is the biggest patch for Baldur's Gate 3


New Barbarian Class
New Melee Combat Options
Balance and Gameplay
Update Your Game


New Barbarian class



Grow your Rage into a relentless frenzy and gain the ability to deal additional damage in the heat of battle. When you are filled with Rage, you can use improvised weapons as a bonus action to do extra damage.


Draw from the power of your Bestial Heart and wield ferocious combat abilities inspired by the eagle, elk, tiger, bear, or wolf. As a Wildheart Barbarian, you can flaunt unique facial piercings based on which animal you choose to guide you.


New Melee Combat Options

Baldur's Gate 3 now has a new new melee combat options


Thrown weapons

You can now throw a new class of weapons from a distance. Thrown Weapons like Daggers, Javelins, Handaxes, and Spears do damage based on their Damage stats rather than their weight. Barbarians will begin the game with two Handaxes in addition to their primary Greataxe weapon.

Improvised weapons

You can now attack by using furniture, instruments, animals, limbs, and NPCs as Improvised Melee Weapons.

Expanded throwing

You can now throw objects or characters that weigh up to three times your Strength ability score. The range of the throw scales based on your Strength and the object’s weight. Rile enemies up by throwing a badger at them or yeet a goblin to test their aerodynamics.


New Tweaks

Baldur's Gate 3 now has some changes to improve the game experience



  • Some NPCs are now Barbarians and will act accordingly.
  • Improved aim for the Jump action to make it easier to descend into the Underdark in the Whispering Depths.
  • Krolla now shoves the chicken accurately the first time during the chicken chase. The chicken signed a waiver so it’s fine.
  • Astarion's default proficiencies are now applied to him before he is recruited to your party.
  • Arka and Memnos will now react to Kanon even if you change into a Wild Shape in front of them. #priorities
  • Party members now stop following you if you are caught trespassing and enter into dialogue about it.
  • You can now jump across the pillars behind the Druid Grove with 9 Strength to reach the heavy chest.*
  • You can now complete the Saving Arabella quest with Mol before rescuing Mirkon.
  • The default action for Poisonous Slime Bombs is now Throw instead of Coat Weapon. Still pretty gross though.
  • In addition to a broken spear, Edowin now drops random loot when he dies.



  • Fixed an issue blocking players from overwriting existing saves from the previous Patch.
  • Redesigned tooltips so they are more compact on screen.
  • Added new keybinds and reassigned some old ones to be more intuitive. The Inventory [I], Spellbook [K], and Character Sheet [N] keybinds open and close your character's Character Sheet. When in Party Panel view [TAB], these same keybinds let you access those panels within that view.
  • Pinned tooltips can now open and close with a secondary keybind.
  • An error message now appears if you have a modded UI that can't be loaded in the game.
  • When playing on Stadia, you are now able to actually throw items with the controller using the Throw action.



  • Replaced the black void in Mol's Lair with stone walls that are now visible if you have a light source or have Darkvision.
  • Made the explosion at the Zhent Hideout more explodey.
  • Made the entrance to the secret Myconid area slightly less obvious and thereby more secret.
  • Increased the lighting in the Owlbear Cave to make the owlbear egg more visible.
  • Added extra lights in Grymforge to highlight the levers used in the Adamantine Forge fight.
  • Gave pikes longer shafts and wider tips. Please be careful where you stick those things.


Balance and Gameplay

 Baldur’s Gate 3 new Balance and Gameplay changes

Balance Changes


  • Companions no longer self-heal after being recruited.
  • The Ranger's starting kit now includes an Arrow of Ice instead of grease bottles.
  • Wizards now benefit from the Savant feature of their subclass.
  • Added Poison Resistance to duergar as per D&D lore.
  • Lowered the Armour Class of the Goblin Warriors Kramp, Clack, and Skrut to be more consistent with other goblins.
  • Characters who are Downed during their turn now automatically give their turn to the next character with shared Initiative.
  • NPCs affected by a Polymorph or Charm spell will now have a negative attitude towards the spellcaster. At least say you’re sorry.
  • Removed Sleeping Advantage from your Ability Check when you attack Astarion at Camp.
  • The Intransigent Warhammer now causes knockback and applies Prone on a critical hit or when dealing a killing blow.
  • When wearing the Poisoner's Robe, you now deal additional damage when casting Chromatic Orb: Poison.

General Changes


  • Placed 24 new hand-crafted Magical Loot items throughout the world. Seek out the Hamarhraft - an Uncommon Maul that deals 1d4 Thunder damage within a 10ft radius upon landing after a Jump. Or find a pair of Linebreaker Boots and gain +1 melee damage for one turn after a Dash.
  • Implemented a new ‘Room Portal’ system, which conceals the details of characters and objects in closed-off or unexplored rooms. This brings more surprise and tension to exploration.
  • Added new music.
    • Added a new live orchestral suite to the Character Creation playlist.
    • Added new ambient pieces to Grymforge.
    • Added a new piece to the main Camp.
  • Added brand new spell-casting animations that are tailored to each spell-casting class, giving each class a unique look.
  • Improved the detection of light and dark areas.
    • You are now less likely to miss during combat in lit regions.
    • Your ability to hide from NPCs is now more accurately affected by how dark it is.
  • Improved how Darkvision is visualised: characters with Darkvision can now see in the dark via a cone of vision.
  • Improved cinematic pacing and visuals.
    • Refined animations and cameras across nearly 700 cutscenes.
    • Implemented over 400 new animations.
    • Improved animal and creature animations across over 200 interactive dialogues.
    • Added Barbarian reactivity to interactive dialogues.
  • Re-recorded and remastered portions of the narrator’s voice-over audio.
  • And the update we’ve all been waiting for: we’ve improved the chicken wing flap SFX and enhanced the VO for nervous squawking to bring you a truly authentic depiction of chicken anxiety.


Baldursgate 3 Fixes

 Baldur’s Gate 3 new Balance and Gameplay changes


Crashes, Freezes, and Blocks

  • Fixed a crash that would occur if you had a modded game. A pop-up will now indicate that files have errors and the game will close.
  • The game now shows a 'Game Over' window if all players are Downed and there are no more Short Rests left.
  • CloudManager no longer crashes when trying to delete cloud saves when there are multiple profiles.
  • Fixed a crash that occurs when creating or switching in-game profiles.
  • Loading a savegame where a character is under Nere's control no longer causes a crash.
  • Fixed a crash in the AI system. 
  • You can no longer name your savegames using reserved file names, so you can now access the files and load these savegames without the game crashing.
  • The game no longer crashes after you throw a runepowder vial at the cave-in.
  • Casting Cloud of Daggers on the Nautiloid no longer freezes the game.
  • The game no longer crashes after the cinematic at the Myconid Circle.


  • Fixed an issue blocking you from being released from your chains after you’re rescued by an NPC from Priestess Gut.
  • Fixed the Frightened condition not disappearing after you see the dragon in the Githyanki Patrol scene.
  • You are no longer blocked from interacting with your surroundings after talking to Jeorna in the Druid Grove.
  • Halsin and Kagha no longer skip certain lines of dialogue.
  • Fixed a dialogue continuity error in ‘Find the Mushroom Picker’.
  • A specific dialogue with Andrick now only triggers if the owlbear has been killed.
  • Fixed the response options in the dialogue about the attack on the Druid Grove.
  • Zarys no longer repeats her dialogue when you inform her that you’ve found the missing Zhent shipment.
  • The Escape Artist inspiration point is now applied correctly once triggered.


  • If you rejoin a multiplayer session, you now regain control over your old character.
  • Items that weren’t being shared automatically between users in multiplayer will now transfer successfully.
  • If you’re hosting, your character no longer becomes stuck when you recruit Us and switch characters with a client player.
  • Improved the message when you encounter a NATPunch server failure issue when you start multiplayer.


  • You can now leave the Nautiloid if you touch the Transponder while another character is in dialogue.
  • If Us dies on the Nautiloid, you can activate the Transponder to leave the ship.
  • You can no longer pass through a wall on the Nautiloid by squeezing through a fleshy wall texture. Use a door like the rest of us. This is a society.
  • Fixed a platform on the Nautiloid so you won’t get trapped inside it. You can now jump on and off after climbing the platform with low Strength.
  • Made sure Gale’s recruitment cinematic always plays after you teleport to the Roadside Cliff for the first time.
  • Fixed issues with door buttons in the Dank Crypt.
  • You can now enter Kagha's lair in the Emerald Grove and look through her things. But have you no shame?
  • The door to the Druids’ Chambers now remains open.
  • You no longer get stuck on the door to the Servants' Quarters in the Druid Grove.
  • You must now actually be inside the Thayan Cellar to access the lever behind the trick wall.
  • An area in Grymforge that looked safe but was actually a GIANT CHASM is no longer accessible. The Chasm death trigger has been removed, so you will no longer die unexpectedly.
  • Made a small room in the small, basement-level camps accessible through an equally small door.
  • Fixed certain ladders and knotted ropes so they can be climbed.
  • The trap near the Cragged Rock in the Underdark now launches you into the chasm as intended. Enjoy.
  • You no longer teleport through the floor of the Merregon room in Grymforge.
  • Tweaked the rope netting in Grymforge so you can’t fall through and into the lava. Please don’t touch the lava.
  • Characters no longer become unresponsive if they take fall damage.



  • Fixed an issue causing you to move before casting a ranged attack even though your position was valid.
  • Characters no longer skip turns in combat after being Downed or following a long rest.
  • Adjusted the Rush Attack so you correctly attack one enemy instead of two.
  • Ensured NPCs who apply invisibility on themselves don’t immediately remove it. Way to stay stealthy, hot shot.
  • NPCs no longer skip a turn if they fail to use a consumable during combat.
  • NPCs are less likely to get stuck when trying to pick up a weapon while having no remaining Movement.
  • The weapon you start with in Character Creation now carries over into the game.
  • Force Tunnel now works correctly on characters and containers.
  • If you cast a Friends or Charm spell on Scratch, he no longer becomes hostile towards you at Camp.
  • The Guardians in the Thayan Cellar will now attack after they have all been freed. We insulted their taste in crypt decor, and now they're angry and ready to fight.
  • Applied Light Armour Proficiency to Stonemason Gergerann.
  • Fixed an issue causing Auntie Ethel to end her turn without moving or attacking if Mayrina's cage is lowered before she can attack it.
  • Nere’s Coerced condition now disappears with non-psychic damage.



  • Increased the weight of the Idol of Eldath from 1kg to 35kg despite it looking like an enormous chocolate figurine.
  • The Nautiloid’s doors can no longer be targeted and destroyed.
  • You can now reach all items in Waukeen's Rest.
  • Adjusted a floating chest in the Druid Grove so it complies with gravity.
  • Made it easier to pick up items in the Acrid Workshop.
  • Fixed duplicate containers appearing at the Putrid Bog.
  • Removed a bunk bed in Waukeen’s Rest so you can’t accidentally fall down onto the balustrade when you climb to the top bunk.
  • A fireplace in the Selûnite outpost is no longer clickable.
  • The book ‘Fables of Faerûn V: The Boy and the Beholder’ is now on the floor in the Blighted Village and can be reached.
  • Removed random Bandit Armour from the Duergar skiff in the Underdark. Clean up after yourselves, bandits.
  • The Eldritch Rune now disappears from your inventory upon use.You are now only rewarded with a single lock of Auntie Ethel's hair, not two, if you make a deal with her.
  • Tweaked a guard’s vision cone so it’s not obscured by the Grated Iron Doors in the Worg Pens jail.
  • Fixed an issue causing Gloves of Fire Resistance not to take effect if you equip the gloves with less than half your health.
  • Wearing a Whispering Mask now applies the Ephemeral Whispers condition, allowing you to walk through the Gnarled Door.
  • Added a 'Split Items' option to the context menu for splitting items in the Traveller's Chest.

Gameplay Animations

  • Fixed an animation issue causing your character to pop into their idle animation after cancelling or casting a spell.
  • Shadowheart's ponytail now abides by the laws of physics.
  • Sazza no longer walks through her cage if she catches you lockpicking the cage door.
  • The correct idle animation now plays for halflings' Jump, Throw, Help, Disengage, and Shove actions.
  • The Protection from Poison spell now features the correct casting animation.
  • Made changes to the Light spell's casting and hit reaction animations.
  • Made changes to Minthara's buff and hit reaction animations.
  • Adjusted halflings’ heads so they no longer look too high when targeting an enemy with a ranged weapon.
  • The Rush Attack animation now plays correctly.
  • Killing Shadowheart will now trigger the dying animation rather than the idle animation.
  • Updated the preparation and casting animations and the VFX for the Shadow of Menzoberranzan’s Shrouded in Shadow spell.
  • Improved the Dipping weapon animation so your character’s upper body no longer appears frozen.
  • Adjusted the animation for NPCs so they appear more natural when turning to look at you.
  • Damage and reaction are no longer delayed after an object hits a character.
  • Sitting down right after unsheathing a weapon no longer causes the animation to freeze.
  • Unsheathing a dagger right after turning around no longer causes the animation to freeze.
  • The sitting animation now only plays once if you trigger the Hide bonus action while moving into position.
  • Pressing the CTRL key no longer triggers the animation for preparing an attack twice when playing as a shielded female dwarf.
  • Fixed slight animation overlaps when casting spells with the Touch range.
  • Improved the Electrified Steam Cloud surface and added electricity and lightning VFX.
  • The correct hand-glow effect now appears when preparing to cast Lesser Restoration, Cure Wounds, Healing Word, and Crown of Madness.
  • Fixed clipping on items worn by characters in the cinematic that plays when you return a locket to Barth.
  • Fixed Brakkal clipping through the cage.
  • Removed mocap popping and freezing from the Goblin Toast cinematic.
  • Fixed Memnos having little animation jerks and twitches. In short, Memnos is no longer a jerk.
  • Fixed clipping and animation issues in the Nettie cinematic.
  • Improved the cinematic between Halsin and Kagha to remove freezing and popping.
  • Fixed minor twitching issues with Tracker Kirz's head.
  • Fixed a jittering animation present when you jump.
  • Fixed cinematic clipping in the Crusher scene.
  • Fixed a camera pop in Aradin and Zevlor's confrontation.
  • Fixed characters’ outlines turning purple after they leave the party.
  • Fixed character positions in the scene before you enter the Druid Grove.


Update Your Game to Patch

Any saves made Patch 6 or prior will no longer be compatible when updated. There are options for you if you want to continue your Patch 4, Patch 5 or Patch 6 saves, or if you instead want to make sure you’ve got the most up-to-date content. Have a gander below and follow the directions for whichever solution suits you best.


How to Update Your Game to Patch 7:

If you want to play the most up to date version of the game and have never opted into any beta branches in the past, then good news: You don’t need to do anything! When the patch releases, you will receive the most updated version of the game as long as you have automatic updates enabled. To enable automatic updates, please follow the steps below:

  • Right click on the game in your Steam library
  • Select properties
  • Click the Updates tab
  • Select "Always keep this game updated" in the drop down menu

How to Update to Patch 7 If You’ve Opted into an Earlier Beta Branch:

If you previously opted into any beta for Patch 6 or earlier and want to ensure you get the most up to date content when Patch 7 goes live, then please follow the steps below:

  • Right click on the game in your Steam library
  • Select properties
  • Click the Betas tab
  • Select "None" in the drop down menu

How to Continue Your Patch 6 Save:

If you want to continue your progress from Patch 6, then take the following steps. Save files are not ‘deleted’ from your computer; they’ll remain in your folder, but you’ll only be able to load saves specific to their respective versions.

  • Right click on the game in your Steam library
  • Select properties
  • Click the BETAS tab
  • In the list under "Select the beta you would like to opt in to", select Patch 6
  • Close the properties menu


If you’d like to continue your save file on the current version, you can move to the Patch 6 beta branch now. Save files are not ‘deleted’ from your computer; they’ll remain in your folder, but you’ll only be able to load saves specific to their respective versions.

Important Note: If you want the option to go back to a previous patch, it’s best to make a new in-game profile and backup your local saves from the previous patch. You can do the following before or after you update to the latest version:

Before starting a new playthrough, create a new profile by clicking the profiles button on the top left of the main menu. All your progress in the new patch will then be saved under this profile while your old saves are safe in the previous profile.


As an extra safety measure, you can manually back up your savegames:

  • Go to /Documents/Larian Studios/Baldur's Gate 3/PlayerProfiles/
  • Find the folder that is named after the profile you used in the previous patch
  • Copy and paste this entire folder into a backup location
  • If you want to revert back to the previous patch, follow the instructions above and activate your old profile


If you have somehow lost your progress by overwriting savegames and want to restore your old backed up savegames simply copy over your old profile folder into its original location again: /Documents/Larian Studios/Baldur's Gate 3/PlayerProfiles/
Sync back to the patch5 beta branch with the instructions above and load your old savegames

A Note On Mods: If you have any mods installed, or were using any in previous versions of Baldur’s Gate 3, please remove them before updating your game. You can do this by checking both the ‘Mods’ and ‘Public’ folders in '..\SteamApps\common\Baldurs Gate 3\Data' - if either of those folders are present, please delete them before updating. If applicable, please also delete the file ‘modsettings.lsx’ in the profile folder.


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