Mystra's Blessing



Bless grants an additional 1d4 icon bg3 wiki guide 11d4 to saving throws and normal attacks, and an additional 2d4 dice icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guide2d4 to spells using attack rolls.





Mystra's Blessing is an Equipment Feature in Baldur's Gate 3. Equipment Features provide passive effects or new conditions that will help you in combat. These features are gained by simply wielding the corresponding item (Weapon, Armor, Accessory) that provides the desired Equipment Feature.


Mystra's Blessing Information

Bless grants an additional 1d4 icon bg3 wiki guide 11d4 to saving throws and normal attacks, and an additional 2d4 dice icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guide2d4 to spells using attack rolls.


Equipment that provides Mystra's Blessing


Mystra's Blessing Tips & Notes

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Equipment Features
Absolute Bane  ♦  Absolute Night  ♦  Absolute Power  ♦  Absolute Protection  ♦  Adamantine Backlash  ♦  Adamantine Shield (Equipment Feature)  ♦  Adrenaline Rush  ♦  Arcane Battery  ♦  Arcane Vehemence  ♦  Aura of Protection  ♦  Blessed Mercy  ♦  Blood Sacrifice  ♦  Bolstering Smite  ♦  Break the Unbroken  ♦  Burned Alive  ♦  Burning Fury  ♦  Burst of Speed  ♦  Charged Lightning  ♦  Chilling Grace  ♦  Cleansing Touch  ♦  Click Heels  ♦  Countershock  ♦  Crowning Glory  ♦  Death's Promise  ♦  Deathly Slumber  ♦  Dig Deep  ♦  Edge of Terror  ♦  Electrifi Water  ♦  Ever Vigilant  ♦  Ever-burning  ♦  Faithwarden's Stride  ♦  Faithwarden's Vines  ♦  Fey Life  ♦  Fiery Return  ♦  Fly Trap  ♦  Focused Stride  ♦  Frantic Urgency  ♦  Goblin's Undoing  ♦  Grievous Retribution  ♦  Grit  ♦  Heart of Ice  ♦  Heavy Hitter  ♦  Helm's Protection  ♦  Hot Little Hands  ♦  Howl of the Dead  ♦  Impulse Blast  ♦  Intense Adamantine Backlash  ♦  Last Stand  ♦  Lifecharger  ♦  Lightning Charges  ♦  Loving Protection  ♦  Momentum  ♦  Nature's Vengeance  ♦  Night Walker  ♦  Nightsinger's Reply  ♦  Nimble Attack  ♦  Nyrulna Glowing  ♦  Opportunity Attacks  ♦  Order of Nature  ♦  Personal Space  ♦  Piercing Counter  ♦  Poison Trails  ♦  Psionic Vengeance  ♦  Psychic Missiles  ♦  Psychic Vengeance  ♦  Rebuke of the Mighty  ♦  Regret  ♦  Relentless Revenge  ♦  Remedial Rhymes  ♦  Running Jump  ♦  Saviour's Allure  ♦  Scourge of Pests  ♦  Searing Smite  ♦  Self Immolation  ♦  Shelter  ♦  Smooth Start  ♦  Soothing Songs  ♦  Spark Blocker  ♦  Sparkswall Armour  ♦  Speedy Sparks  ♦  Spider Step  ♦  Splinters of a Giant's Might  ♦  Sprint  ♦  Strength in Suffering  ♦  Swathed in Shadow  ♦  Swift Hitter  ♦  Swift Strides  ♦  Tenacity  ♦  The Absolute's Mercy  ♦  The Comeback  ♦  The Pain Maiden's Blessing  ♦  The Scourage Mistress' Bane  ♦  Torturous Edges  ♦  Tyrant Tongue  ♦  Unhampered Resistance  ♦  Venomous Revenge  ♦  Versatile Hitter  ♦  Voice of the Circle  ♦  Warding Hands  ♦  Watersparks  ♦  Weeping  ♦  Willing Whip  ♦  Writhing Dance  ♦  Xyanyde's Fire  ♦  Yeenoghu's Gift


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    • Anonymous

      I was doing some tests with this in conjunction with standard bless and whispering promise ring. The whispering promise 2 turn "bless" on heal does not trigger this buff, but spell slot bless lv1 and lv2 does (i dont have any levels higher than that right now). Mystras blessing stays on after ending bless concentration. I cant stack regular bless with whispering promise bless, but if i end regular bless then i can trigger whispering promise bless normally while mystras blessing is still on. Sorc extend spell only affects the duration of a standard bless spell and not the duration of mysrtas blessing or whispering promise

      • Anonymous

        If you cast bless while wearing the staff the targets get bless as well as mythras blessing. Mythras blessing only gives 1d4 to spell attack rolls, nothing else. Bless gives 1d4 to attack rolls (melee/ranged/spells) and saving throws. If you cast an attack roll spell or cantrip with both buffs, you get 1d4 from bless and another 1d4 from mystras blessing. If you loose concentration only bless gets removed while mythras blessing stays on you for 10 rounds. The wording is just misleading but it is a very potent buff for attack roll spells that is active for 10 rounds no matter what. Besides that it does nothing.

        • Anonymous

          The buff works with the characters own Bless spells as long as it is not upcast to levels above 1 (version 4.1.1)

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