Myrkul is a Deity in Baldur's Gate 3. Deities are worshiped all along Faerûn, and one must be selected once you create a Cleric. Deities impact how NPCs react to your character and how some events may unfold differently based on the God you worship. There is no other gameplay implication depending on the Deity chosen.


A member of the Dead Three with Bhaal and Bane, Myrkul is a cruel necromancer turned god, inspiring the fear of death in mortals. He often clashes with Kelemvor, the even-handed judge of fallen souls.


Myrkul Traits:

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Myrkul Tips & Notes

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Bahamut  ♦  Bane (Deity)  ♦  Bhaal  ♦  Corellon Larethian  ♦  Eilistrae  ♦  Eilistraee  ♦  Garl Glittergold  ♦  Gruumsh  ♦  Helm  ♦  Ilmater  ♦  Kelemvor  ♦  Laduguer  ♦  Lathander  ♦  Lolth  ♦  Mielikki  ♦  Moradin  ♦  Mystra  ♦  Oghma  ♦  Selune  ♦  Shar  ♦  Talos  ♦  Tempus  ♦  Tiamat  ♦  Tymora  ♦  Tyr  ♦  Vlaakith  ♦  Yondalla

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    • Anonymous

      You can't follow Myrkul anymore as a playable character, I tried all the races and even doing the dark origin background. I'm hoping they can bring him in, he always felt like the middle child of the dark three and needs more love lol.

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