True Soul of the Absolute

Location Shattered Sanctum
Act Act 1
Quests Raid the Grove

Minthara is an NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. Minthara can be found at Shattered Sanctum. Minthara is a Drow Cleric that works with the goblins.


Where to find Minthara

Can be found at:


Minthara Quests


Minthara Dialogue Options

When first encountered, Minthara is angrily lashing out at Rozzak because of the lack of progress in the hunt for the Druid Grove. She turns to you and immediately recognizes you as a true soul. She asks if you are about to join her hunt, you can tell her the following.

  • I'm on a hunt of my own. I'm looking for a druid named Halsin. She asks you what do you know about Halsin.
    • I visited his grove.
    • I've heard rumours that he's a very powerful healer.
    • Attempt a Deception check, stating that you were sent to capture him. Succeeding at it, Minthara tells you that Halsin is not important but you can help her instead in finding the Druid Grove and destroying it. You have three more options.
      • Luring her to the grove might expose her, provided you forewarn the tieflings. She is eager to start the hunt.
        • Nothing makes the blood hotter. Let's hunt. This makes her happy, and gives you the following options.
          • Why not sen a goblin scouting party?
          • Do you have any leads?
          • I know the place - it's east of here. A grove of some kind. Minthara enters your mind and tries to see the Druid Grove.
            • Get out of my mind.
            • Allow her to read your thoughts.
            • Attempt an Intelligence check. Obscure memories of the grove with images of half-remembered places. Failing the check, she asks you why are you protecting this people.
              • They are innocent, and no danger to you.
              • Protect them? Never - My memories are yours. Minthara says that's not true because your mind if a maze of misdirection.
                • Attempt a Performance check, stating that the party's drinks are clouding your mind.
                • Attempt a Deception check, stating that something is entangling my memories. Failing ends the conversation and starts a fight with Minthara and the whole goblin camp.
          • The prisoner talked, with a little encouragement. I know where the others are hiding.
        • What's so important about this sanctuary?
        • I know the place you are looking for - it's a druid's grove.
        • This ends now - so does your life.
      • If she finds the grove, everyone there will die. You need to throw her off the trail.
      • Revealing its location might doom the tieflings - but it'd earn you her trust.
  • A hunt? Who's the target?
  • I have my own business to take care of.
  • How do you know I'm a True Soul?
  • I'm on a hunt too - you are my prey.


Minthara Notes and Tips


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