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Class fighter class icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75px Fighter
Race Githyanki
Background Soldier
Initiative +1
Movement Speed 9m
Darkvision Range 2m
Type Humanoid
Size Medium
Weight 75kg
Carrying Capacity 210kg
Githyanki, Humanoid, Lae'Zel, Fighter

Lae'zel is a Companion in Baldur's Gate 3. BG3 Lae'Zel can be met while escaping the Nautiloid. She is a Githyanki Fighter and a great addition to your party as a martial class with high DPS and possible Tanking. See The Githyanki Warrior for Lae'Zel's Questline. Companions assist the player by joining their party and have their own backstories and unique characteristics. They all have their own Classes and starting equipment, but you can change their classes via Respec in camp. Companions can also be selected as an Origin in the Character Creation screen allowing players to play from their point of view.


Lae'zel is a consummate warrior, ferocious even by the standards of a githyanki creche. Faced with transforming into the very monster she has sworn to destroy, Lae'zel must prove herself worthy of rejoining her people - if they do not execute her first.

Where to find Lae'Zel in BG3

Lae'Zel is first met very early on your playthrough: You'll find her for the first time during the Prologue aboard the Nautiloid. After completing the first section of the ship, while you are walking outside she will jump over you just before the first fight.

She will leave your party at the end of the Prologue and must be recruited again in the Ravaged Beach. To do this, you must explore the starting area near the Cathedral Ruins until you find her being held prisoner. Free her to recruit her for your party. See Lae'Zel's Location on the BG3 Map.

Should you set camp before encountering Lae'zel, she will free herself and attempt to find her kin on her own. As a result, she can be found talking to / dead near the Githyanki raiders (This may depend on number of long rests taken). Should you defeat the raiders and Lae'zel survives, or you revive her afterwards, she will offer you another chance to join forces. If Lae'zel dies on the Nautiloid and you don't resurrect her then you can find her dead about 35 meters ahead of where you land on the shore and you're unable to revive her then.

Lae'Zel Starting Equipment


Lae'Zel Starting Skill Proficiencies


BG3 Lae'Zel Video Guide



BG3 Lae'Zel Quest Walkthrough

Lae'Zel must be recruited into your party for her quest to begin. You can do so as early as the Nautiloid when you run into her, but you'll have to save her at the Ravaged Beach when she gets captured by Tieflings. This will begin his quest:




BG3 How to Romance Lae'zel

In this Lae'zel Romance Guide, we explore the general path toward gaining Lae'zel's approval and what opportunities you have to share some moments with her. This will be updated as more is revealed throughout the game.  Lae'zel's personality can be described as loud, direct, and bloodthirsty. She doesn't hold back in expressing her thoughts and preferences. She enjoys dominating others and is inclined towards violence and insults. Her focus is primarily on the mission at hand, and gaining her approval involves rejecting distractions and roundabout ways of achieving objectives, even if it was to avoid bloodshed, to avoid getting sidetracked. For her, it's crucial that she handles all Githyanki-related matters her way, and she has pride in her race and their standing. She will approve of antagonizing Shadowheart and often goes against her preferences, though they occasionally find common ground. This effectively means any decisions that agree with Shadowheart will gain her disapproval, while the opposite will always win approval from her. 

To gain Lae'zel's approval, one must align with Githyanki principles and ideas. For example, she will dislike exploring alternative methods of removing the tadpole and will always have some side remarks about how only Githyanki methods will resolve your collective tadpole problem. In general, whenever any chances to agree with pro-Githyanki statements present themselves, you should take it if you want to get on her good side. It can be viewed that she values duty above all else, and might disapprove of unnecessary shows of weakness, something she might share with Astarion, especially if it makes completing the task at hand take longer. Gaining approval from Lae'zel can be more challenging than other Companions, as a lot of times the choices she will approve of will not align with the general good. As such, players have taken to avoid disapproval events by keeping Lae'zel away from certain dialogues, either by leaving her in camp or keeping her at a distance.


BG3 Lae'zel Romance Guide Act I

Your relationship with Lae'zel can officially begin during Act I even before the Quest Save the Refugees, unlike how it was in Early Access. Keeping the general guidelines above in mind, and eventually getting her approval high enough, players may approach her at the camp for a talk. At this point, your approval rating with her should be High so try to explore and do a lot of other things before tackling the Quest for more chances to get your approval up, if it's still lacking at this point.

You're on the right track with Lae'zel, if when you talk to her at the camp, after yet another remark about the Githyanki method being the more reliable way to fix the tadpole problem, rather than the Druid Halsin's (depending on where you are in Act I), you'll have the option to ask her if she's been looking at you differently of late. She'll finally confess that she is starting to see you in a different light. She'll openly say that she wants you. After this dialogue, you'll just have to rest at your bunker. Lae'zel will come to visit you for your first steamy intimate encounter. Try to keep an open mind!


BG3 Lae'zel Romance Guide Act II

During a long rest, Lae'zel may challenge you to a duel.

If you win the duel, Lae'zel will ask you to tell her that she is yours.
If you lose the duel, Lae'zel will ask you to say that you are hers.

Either way, she will call you zhak vo'n'ash duj - "source of my bruises" - and you can now ask for a kiss during dialogue. After passing a DC 16 Persuasion or Intimidation check (the outcome of your duel has no effect on the choices), she will kiss you whenever you want. What a softie.

BG3 Lae'zel Romance Guide Act III

To be updated when more information is available.


Lae'Zel Approval Guide in Baldur's Gate 3

If you are looking to befriend or romance Lae'Zel, you will have to get her approval. Companions are not black and white in BG3, but they have some characteristics you can consider when forming your party and making game choices.

General Personality Tips

  • Loud and Direct. Will straight up tell you what she thinks and likes.
  • Bloodthirsty and Cruel. Enjoys the subjugation of others, insults, and choosing violence.
  • Very Mission oriented. Gain approval from refusing sidequests. Really hates getting sidetracked.
  • It is really important to her that she handles all Githyanki-related affairs her way.
  • Really enjoys pissing off Shadowheart and doing the opposite of what Shadowheart like most of the time. Sometimes they agree.
  • Views Githyanki's principles and ideas as superior. Agreeing with her way of thinking gains approval. For example, hates pursuing every other method of removing the tadpole other than going straight to the Creche.
  • Her few instances of "Good Deeds" that she approves are aligned with the principles of Militarism by Githyanki society. Martial Prowess, Self-Sacrifice, and Unwavering Duty.
  • Arguably the hardest companion to gain approval as not only a lot of her instances are locked away into evil choices but also she just have the least amount of instances compared with all companions (Even Karlach).
  • This part isn't defining the alignment of the Companion
  • To avoid disapproval events, make sure the companion is Either left in camp or just far away from the dialogue.


Check out our Companion Guide for all compiled approval instances

Note this guide is a work in progress. The information below reflects what was available during Early Access. Some situations, flags and events may have changed. Please feel free to edit this page and contribute to the guide.

Lae'Zel Approval UP
Lae'Zel Approval DOWN



Act 1

Intro Area/Ravaged Beach/Dank Crypt

  • Accept Astarion's apology and say "I'd do the same if our roles were reversed" during Astarion's Recruitment event.
  • Choose to attack Taman and Gimblelock in dialogue outside the Crypt.
  • Persuade the Tieflings to Let Lae'zel go and then attack them.

Druid Grove

  • Help Guex learn how to fight in the Druid Grove (Athletics check or Insight).
  • Tell Guex not to shout out his moves.
  • When Asharak asks to say a word to the Tiefling Children, say "Bad News Children, You are all going to die"
  • Punching Aradin during his confrontation with Zevlor / using violence to end the confrontation.
  • Talk to the bird in the Druid Grove by using Speak with Animals and intimidate it. (Charisma check).
  • Tell Elegis "You're scared of a few goblins? Pathetic"
  • Find Zorru within The Hollow in Emerald Grove.
  • Convince Zorru, in the Druid Grove, to do what Lae'zel says 
  • After interrogating Zorru, compliment Lae'zel about this.
  • When Zevlor asks for help with the conflict with the Druids, say you're sorry but you have no time to help him.
  • After the Snake incident, tell Kagha after "She was just protecting her own." in dialogue afterwards.
  • After Arabella dies, tell Rath she deserved her fate because she stole the idol.
  • Swear to Nettie you will take the poison.
  • Mocking Elegis for being scared of goblins.
  • After killing the three Goblin leaders, return to the Druids and Zevlor will meet you past the gate. If you have her in your party, she will gain approval once he thanks you. (Make sure to save before walking in, as it sometimes doesn’t pop up)
  • When Encountering Pandirna in the Storeroom, doing the intimidate skill chek will give approval
  • When you Encounter Silfy during Matis' pickpocket attempt, grabbing her will give approval
  • Let Arka kill Sazza
  • If you let Arabella die, lie to Komira and Locke that she is fine.

In between Blighted Village Proper and Druid Grove

  • Tell Edowin's siblings to go fight the Owlbear
  • Tell Edowin Siblings, "Im a survivor of that crash" and start a fight
  • Kill the Owlbear cub
  • Choose to fight the Owlbear Mother

Blighted Village

  • Attack Freezerk in the dialogue the first chance you get.
  • Deliver the final blow to feezerk. Requires Freezerk to surrender by killing 1 goblin and getting him to be below 15% health but not killing him

Risen Road/Waukeen's Rest/Zhentarim Hideout

  • When implored to by Paladin Anders hunt the Devil, say "I'll Kill the Devil"
  • After agreeing to help Karlach, Tell Anders Straight to his face you will help Karlach/Kill Him
  • Tell Paladin Cyrel that "you'll take the supplies" (Will Start Combat)
  • Let her do the speaking when encountering the Githyanki Patrol.
  • Pass the deception check when speaking to the gith. (Enhance Lae'zel's Charisma as the player would not be rolling for this deceit check.)
  • Intimidate Bren for a discount in buying Oskar's Freedom
  • Disguise as a Gith and then talk to Ellyka and say "Relax, it's just a disguise" and then "no you are safe"
  • Encounter the Gith Patrol With Lae'zel, Let Lae'zel lead the conversation with Kith'rak Voss
  • The Gith Patrol With Lae'zel leading the conversation, win the Persuasion Check and Lae'zel wins her Deceit Check in the convo with Kith'rak Voss

Sunlit Wetlands/Putrid Bog

  • Say you're not getting involved when faced with Johl, Demir and Auntie Ethel.
  • When the player emulates the roar of a mind flayer while talking to Lorin.
  • Drink from the well in the Putrid Bog, near Auntie Ethel's house.
  • Tell Gandrel the location of your camp if Astarion is not in the party
  • When speaking to Gandrel with Astarion, snitch on Astarion and let Gandrel take him away.
  • Convince Auntie Ethel to let Mayrina go and give you power. (High DC Check)
  • Execute a surrendered Auntie Ethel

Goblin Camp

  • When Meeting Sentinel Olak in the Goblin Camp Entrance, Pass the Deceive/Nature option then say you "cant be serious", then fling poo at the guards. (Athletics check work inconsistently while "Can't be serious" works every time)
  • Respond to Volo in the Goblin Camp with "Boo! Get off the stage!"
  • Take Shadowheart, Lae'zel and Astarion to the chicken chase area. Talk to Shadowheart's area dialogue prompt and tell her not to be hasty
  • Intimidate Novice Crusher to kiss your foot in the Goblin Camp.
  • Use intimidation the 2nd time to force Novice Crusher to kiss your foot
  • Tell Novice Crusher "I'd Sooner spit in your face" and then double down saying "Do you want a demonstration?"
  • After telling Novice Crusher "I'd Sooner spit in your face" and then winning the fight, make him kiss your foot.
  • After Beating Novice Crusher in a fight, force him to kiss foot
  • After Beating Novice Crusher in a fight, try to kill him
  • Telling Tracker Grikka (goblin near the roasting dwarf) you can get answers from the prisoner.
  • State you want to torture Liam
  • Every instance of Successful Torture on Liam, repeatable.
  • Talk to True Soul Gut with Wyll and Attack
  • When speaking to Minthara and her talking about the prisoner (Liam), say you can be very persuasive

Shattered Sanctum

  • Succeed the Persuasion check during resting at the campsite, while Lae'zel tries to kill you.

Camp Celebration (Siding with the Tieflings and Druids)

  • If you have enough relationship (medium approval) with a Companion, in this event they will proposition you with a night together. Saying yes to it will give you an approval from them. NOTE: you can farm Approval by saying yes to multiple people.



  • On the boat ride to the Grymforge, pass the DC 15 Athletics check to push the duergar into the water.
  • (Loth-Sworn) Tell Pistle he is squandering his slave, Skickpit, on mundane tasks.
  • In the confrontation with Herdmaster Skarjall, speak with the Deep Rothe and pass the persuasion check to turn against their masters.
  • Tell Skickpit to take the lift to the surface after killing his masters.
  • After Nere pushes the gnome into the lava, say nothing.
  • Pick a fight with Nere, and side with the deurgar.

Creche Y'llek

  • When entering the creche through the main entrance, allow Lae'zel to answer for you.
  • When speaking to Ghustil Stornugoss for the first time, allow Lae'zel to speak on your behalf.
  • When asked by Varsh Ko'kuu what you would do when you take the egg, say that you would raise it as your own flesh and blood.
  • When interacting with the zai'thisk, insist on going before Lae'zel. Then, say, "You would still be hunting for this place without my guidance."
  • When talking to Youth Varryl, convince him - either through Intimidation, Deception, or Persuasion - to give you the book about Orpheus. You bully.
  • After obtaining the book from Youth Varryl, talk to Lae'zel about it.
  • When talking to Kith'rak Therezzyn, tell her you have the relic, and agree to hand it over.
  • When talking to the Inquisitor, hand over the relic.
  • Kneel before Vlaakith.
  • When talking to Vlaakith, agree to go into the prism to kill the Guardian.

Chapter 1 Camp/ 1 on 1 dialogue

  • During dialogue with Lae'zel, after she describes ceremorphosis, tell her you will find a cure.
  • If you've chosen the Dragonborn race, during the dialogue where she explains the process of how you will turn into a mind flayer if not cured immediately, choose the [DRAGONBORN] option.
  • Acknowledge how valuable the K'liir library is.
  • Choose the option "That kind of wisdom is very valuable." when she explains she's devoted to her studies as she is to her training.
  • When she says she wants to taste you, tell her you want to share your body with her.
  • Decline Raphael's invitation to remove your Tadpole.
  • During the 1st Tadpole Dream camp event, convince Lae'zel to stand down.
  • After the 1st Tadpole Dream, tell Lae'zel you resisted in your dream.
  • After the 2nd Tadpole dream, telling the group to stop using the Tadpole's powers.
  • After defeating the Githyanki Patrol, win the persuasion check with Lae'zel by successfully calming her down.
  • Talking to Shadowheart either in camp or the field after finding her Shar Worship. Ask her about Shar. After passing the persuasion checks and going through multiple hoops of correct dialogue so that Shadowheart will explain her religion. Then call her faith evil.


  • When she and Shadowheart are fighting over the artefact, choose to not side with any of them and instead ask them how they want to solve the matter. Come morning, use persuasion. You will gain some approval from Lae’zel.
  • When moving from Act I to Act II via monastery, after Vlaakith has declared Lae'zel a traitor, Kith'rak Voss will come to parley. Allow Lae'zel to make her own decisions.
  • When Lae'zel challenges you to a duel, accept. But at this point, do you really need any more approval?
  • When the confrontation between Wyll and Karlach happens, Side with Karlach


Ruined Battlefield

  • Do not get caught by Oliver's "family"

Last Light Inn

  • Decline the wine prepared by Jaheira
  • When Marcus demands that Isobel follow him, tell Isobel that the group will have to fight their way out of this one.
  • Tell Isobel that Flaming Fist Marcus is trying to kidnap her.

Reithwin Mason's Guild

  • Drink or mime drinking with Thisobald Thorm
  • Tell Thisobald Thorm a story from your adventures
  • Drink or mime drinking with Thisobald Thorm for a second round
  • Tell Thisobald Thorm another story from your adventures
  • Drink or mime drinking with Thisobald Thorm for a third round.
  • Persuade/deceive Gerringothe Thorm that her asking for gold is just a trick.
  • Defeat Gerringothe Thorm without killing her in battle.
  • Intimidate Gerringothe Thorm to defeat her without killing her in battle.
  • Have Malus Thorm Operate on Himself


  • When talking to Yenna, suggest talking to a guard


  • While in Camp, choos the BARD option to tell Arabella that you found her parents dead




Chapter 1

  • In the crypt, agreeing with Shadowheart, questioning the need of possessions for the dead.
  • Confront Lae'zel about her interrogation techniques with Zorru 
  • When Arka asks you why you care whether a goblin lives or dies, choose the option that says vengeance eats people alive.
  • Convince the Owlbear not to kill you in its cave through Performance.
  • At Camp, agreeing with Shadowheart that the first priority is to find a healer.
  • Tell Johl and Demir you will help them find Mayrina with your encounter with them.
  • In the Sunlit Wetlands, let Astarion kill Gandrel (“not a real vampire” then “they can creep up” then “kill”). 
  • Try to persuade the goblin guard outside the Goblin Camp
  • Convince Nightwarden Minthara to spare Sazza. (Quest Save the Goblin Sazza)
  • Successfully Torture Liam but refuse to kill spike
  • Smear dung on your face when Sentinel Olak askes you to.
  • After telling Novice Crusher "I'd Sooner spit in your face" and then winning the fight, Help him up.
  • Telling the Goblin Child Eight in the Outdoor Goblin Camp, "I'm sorry for your loss"
  • Lae'zel has a rivalry attitude towards Shadowheart, heed to Shadowheart's advice will upset her.
  • After telling Crusher "I'd Sooner spit in your face" and then winning the fight, Help him up.
  • Buying the artist at zhentarim hideout
  • Sympathetic behaviors.
  • Disapproves if you succeed in the persuasion check to stop Kagha from imprisoning the child.
  • If you call Kagha a monster.
  • Find the evidence of Kagha working with Shadow Druids and expose her. (Quest Save the refugees)
  • Bring Mayrina back home (Quest: Save Mayrina)
  • Make a deal with Auntie Ethel to remove the Tadpole from your brain (Quest: Get Help from Auntie Ethel)
  • Take Shadowheart, Lae'zel and Astarion to the chicken chase area. Talk to Shadowheart's area dialogue prompt and agree with her to prioritize Halsin.
  • If you agree to join forces with Wyll on your first interaction with him in Emerald Grove.
  • Convince ARka not to kill Sazza
  • Agree to break Sazza Out
  • Let Silfy go in the nicest way
  • Persuade Kagha to free Arabella
  • Convince the Owlbear to let you go.
  • Protect Astarion from Gandrel
  • Kill Gandrel with Astarion
  • Agree to Ethel's deal and give her your eye
  • With a surrendered Auntie Ethel, only choose to let Mayrina go.
  • The Gith Patrol with Lae'zel leading, Tell Kith'rak Voss you have the Artifact
  • Tell the Goblin Child Eight "Sorry for your loss"
  • Kiss Novice Crusher Foot
  • Lick Novice Crusher Foot
  • After Beating Crusher in a fight, Help him up

Chapter 2

  • Tell His Majesty (the cat) that you came to admire him.
  • Give Gerringothe Thorm all your gold.
  • Show mercy on the goblins by setting them free in Moonrise Towers


Lae'Zel Inspiration Guide

All characters can gain Inspiration based on their Background when your party completes content in a specific way. Lae'Zel is of Soldier background, so her inspiration boosts are:


  • Drowned in the Dark (Defeat the duergar patrolling on the Ebonlake.)
  • Strategist (Destroy a powerful in one strike)
  • One for the Ages (Survive a fight in which you kill ten or more enemies)
  • A Headless Horde (Kill every leader in the goblin camp.)
  • Chain of Command (Follow Flaming Fist orders at the burning inn.)
  • Pentacrush (Kill 5 Enemies in a single turn)
  • Stalwart Heart (Persuade Rolan to stay and protect the grove)
  • Conquer of Conquerors (Defeat the Githyanki raiding squad)
  • Crown Crusher (Kill every leader in the Goblin Camp)
  • Warrior of the Hells (Kill the cultist leader seeking Karlach)
  • Start then Young (Inspire the Tiefling children to train harder)
  • No One Left Behind (Ensure all of the Grove's defenders survive the first goblin assault)

Chapter 2

  • Masterful Execution (Kill any of the bosses in and around the Shadow-Cursed Lands in a single round of combat)
  • Realities of War (Tell Arabella what happened to her parents)
  • An Apple a Day Keeps the Scalpel Away (Defeat the Surgeon without being operated upon)
  • The Best Offence is Virtually Nonsense (Defeat a member of the Thorm family without drawing steel)
  • Shield of the Moon (Obtain Selune's blessing from Isobel)
  • Centennial Rivalries (Complete the Harper ambush)


Lae'zel Endings in Baldur's Gate 3

Orpheus becomes the Mind Flayer, then asks to be killed, and Lae'zel Leaves

Ending Requirements and Conditions:

  • Reject the Emperor's offer to work together
  • Free Orpheus
  • Agree to Orpheus becoming the Mind Flayer

How to Obtain Ending:

  • Choose the dialogue options below


In this ending, you will break your alliance with The Emperor and you will choose to free The Prince of Githyanki. This will result in Lae'zel being happy with your decision to work with the Githyanki, instead of the Netherbrain. He will reveal that The Emperor was telling the truth about needing a sacrifice to put a stop to the plan of the Netherbrain. You will be given the following choices listed below:

  1. Someone will need to turn into a mind flayer. Are you willing to do that?
  2. There has to be another way.
  3. I'm not becoming a Mind Flayer.
  4. I understand. If that's what it takes, I'll do it.
  5. This isn't an easy decision. I need a moment to consider it.

Choose the first one here and the Emperor will lament that he has just been freed and yet he will be subjected into Ceremorphosis. He agrees to the sacrifice and he plans to end the Grand Design by becoming an Illithid. At this moment, Lae'zel will speak up and tell him that he must not do it. Now, the player will get two choices:

  1. You are a true hero.
  2. Keep your soul- your people need you. I will make the sacrifice.

Choosing the first option here will turn Orpheus into a Mind flayer that will anger the rest of the Githyanki who believe in the Prince, but Orpheus will address Voss, and speak to him as the true heir. Lae'zel will take The Prince's side, who has now transformed into an Illithid. Now, the Githyanki will swear their allegiance to you, as commanded by Orpheus. With everyone's help, you will be able to defeat the Illithids and end the Grand Design. This ending will also lead to you choosing to command the brain to destroy the tadpoles and itself. 

Later on, your party will gather below in the city. Orpheus dreams of his people being liberated, but he doesn't want to return to them as an Illithid. He will now ask to be destroyed by you, and then he will address Lae'zel to make a promise before him. He will pass on his hope and burdens to her, in the hopes to release their people. 

Then, you will get the following options:

  1. You should do this, Lae'zel. Your people need you.
  2. [PERSUASION] You have found a new purpose here, Lae'zel. Stay in Faerun, and craft a new fate.

If you choose the first one, Lae'zel will agree willingly to Orpheus' wishes. Now Orpheus will seek his freedom and you will get another set of choices:

  1. You don't deserve to die.
  2. You're a mind flayer, but you're still you, aren't you?
  3. Kill him. Give him the honorable death he craves.

Agree to kill him here, and Lae'zel will now take charge to save the Githyanki from Vlaakith.



Lae'zel Tips and Notes

  • First Blood of the Absolute build
    She is dressed to be a shock troop for this build. She softens the enemy and can take hits. Use her Shield of Faith and her Color Spray every fight you can. (Unless you only use Absolute's Warboard and only have the Shield of Faith 1/short rest.)
  • Lae'zel can make a suitable candidate for Eldritch Knight, if given the Warped Headband of Intellect.
  • Allowing her to cut your throat in camp will remove her as a viable party member.  She will still have the option in conversation to join your party, and will agree to join you.  However, she will no longer be able to join your party.
  • If you arrive at Act 2 with her having stopped being a valid party member, then she will wander the Trielta Crags, and when you talk with her she will encourage you to visit the Creche.  After moving on to the Shadowed Battlefield, she can be found near the entrance path from the monastery having been killed by necrotic damage (either the drider or the shadow creatures) with all gear plus some basic items on her body.


Astarion  ♦  Gale  ♦  Halsin  ♦  Jaheira  ♦  Karlach  ♦  Minsc  ♦  Minthara  ♦  Shadowheart  ♦  Wyll

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    • Anonymous

      Make sure she doesn't carry anything of value in her inventory wheb u reach mountain pass! There will be scripted event where she briefly leaves party and as result all items she was carrying (not equiped) will be gone!

      • My lesbian character just had a fling with Lae'zel....she's mean green and down to flick some bean man. It was like watching The Grinch That Stole My Virginity. Not for everybody but weirdly entertaining.

        • Anonymous

          (Act 2 spoiler) she'll get inspired if you choose to attack when first talking to Jaheira and then kill everyone at Last Light Inn - it's called 'Complete Devastation' IIRC.

          • Anonymous

            Even when she gets killed in Act 1, you will find her Corpse at the beginning of Act 2. Simply revive her and recruit her, if you failed to do so in Act 1.

            • Anonymous

              Annoying garbage character. Told her to say please, she refused. Let her in her cage to rot and then found her with more of her friends. I killed them all

              • Anonymous

                ngl I was one of the first to crap on Lae'zel and find her annoying at best, but she definitely has the best story arc of all the companions in the game by far (even if she isn't necessarily my favorite companion per se).

                give her a chance if you're on the fence, you won't regret it - her story is legitimately one of (if not *the*) most interesting in the entire game.

                • Anonymous

                  Lae'zel is a solo romance. Figured out why the rest were not showing up. You can "shop" around, so to speak, but overall, once you commit to ANYONE, BEFORE, Lae'zel. She will turn you down, even though the prompt to engage remains open the entire time. I imagine it has something to do with background flags, and the only member to outright have sexual relations extremely early with you is Astarion. Which MAY influence that, though I suspect it's closer to having engaged, and reciprocated activities with other romance candidates en masse. If you engage with Lae'zel early, no one elses scenes will show up, and vice versa. All things considered, that's more an issue of trying to engage with too much content at the same time, instead of doing specific routes. Overall, she's difficult to get along with, even if I am rather fond of her, compared to Astarian and Wyll. Gale is just... eh? Shadowheart is the Tsundere standard, and Karlach gets the short end of the stick, so I've read. In that I mean, short on end game content for Karlach specifically. In essence, the same issue as Minthara. Which is a dedicated run in itself... TL:DR - Lae'zel is a solo romance. That's it. No one else involved. You're her plaything, and is willing to cede, on rare occasion the reins in that relationship. Compared to Minthara where you're just her slave. As is tradition.

                  • la plus attachante compagnone depuis bg1 et tout rpg compris
                    (a part les seins qui sont du niveau d une caissiere d un intermaché d une ville de moins de 5000 habitants )
                    elle est sublime et integre et je vous cache pas que je l ai prise pour une demi-orc avant la sortie de l EA
                    au point d avoir enfin l envie ( pour la premiere fois ) de jouer cette RACE ( car oui c est une race : anti-raciste s abstenir et certains ce reconnaitrons )

                    • Anonymous

                      If you start her romance BEFORE you trigger anyone else, it locks out their options, forcing you to end it with Shadowheart before those scenes will show up. I'd assume the same for Gale as well, as I triggered his on a prior game, but I had intentionally not selected to romance Lae'zel at the time, but I did make the choice for Shadowheart. As such, I am fairly certain, engaging Lae'zel in a relationship places a softlock on other romances. I notably had access to the "Think we missed our chance to know each other." on Shadowheart, AND "You've been lookin' at me different." on Lae'zel at the same time. I went with Lae'zel, and when I tried speaking to Shadowheart to engage her, the option was gone. When I said "Flings done." to Lae'zel, the option showed up for Shadowheart again. If someone else could get confirmation for this, that would be great.

                      • Anonymous

                        what a b*tch, all the "my people" talk, when it comes down to actual sacrifice for her people, this b*tch is completely muted.

                        • Anonymous

                          This works for Bards, havent tested other classes. When you meet Alfira in Druid Grove, use speak to animals, talk to the squirrels, choose the "Shh, you are ruining the song option", pick the bard specific option to sing with them, and Lae'zel will Approve.

                          • Anonymous

                            If Lae'zel's romance night happens the same night you celebrate the attacking of attacking of the grove it will conflict with Minthara's and you must choose one. The "Call things off" text option is still there for her if you choose Minthara afterwards. Not sure if this is a bug or its acting like both events happened

                            • Anonymous

                              Even if you set camp. You're able to still find her in the northwest of the map, when she's confronting the githyaki patrol

                              • Anonymous

                                "Talk to the bird in the Druid Grove by using Speak with Animals and intimidate it. (Charisma check)." doesnt show approval up. Not sure if it works

                                • Anonymous

                                  She hates the other companions, she defaults to bitch when talking to strangers and she hates side quest. What a fun and interesting companion. I cant even imagine using her for an evil playthrough because she's basically a murder hobo.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Playing as a non-oath breaking Paladin, I had a tough time freeing Lae-zel and ultimately had to side with the Tieflings. Not sure if I did something wrong or if playing as an oath following Paladin means not being able to free Lae'zel.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      they really went a bit too hard into the 'douchebaguette' territory with this one.

                                      I get the appeal of 'sus character who learns to trust you eventually' (Sebille was one of my favorites in DOS2 after all), but this salsa verde hoe is just straight up evil *and* needlessly berates nearly everyone at any opportunity; why tf would I put up with that when I'm only limited to three (better) companions outside of camp - and if I'm looking for an evil one, I'll just go for purple cheeks Minthara instead lol.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Pretty sure her Inspiration Point: Convince Roland to stay and fight is bugged. I've convinced the fool a dozen times and then some, and it never pops. Am I missing something? Like the 2nd assault on the Druid Grove for it to pop? I've convinced him as a Fighter, as a Barbarian, as a Persuasion, as both a custom and as Lae. Nothin'. The only thing I can assume is that he needs to live after the second fight... but none of the other inspiration points have that delayed conditional effect, so I am very confused.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Found her hanging in a cage, freed her, then I picked the wrong dialogue option or something and she attacked me so I killed her. Didn't know til much later she was even a companion.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            She is quite literally the worst. It's funny, she is worse than Astarion and he is basically straight up evil lol.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              shadowheat killed laezel and now her corpse spawn on every camp i make, but she cant be ressurrected by me or nefestus, how can i ress her?

                                              • Anonymous

                                                lol never thought I would like her but it surprisingly easy to have sex with her. Man I don't even know im into strong women with S fetish, just can't refuse her invitation

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  A great character. Very interesting. Also super intolerable. I had her in my team for a very tiny amount of time, and in that period she was an absolute *sshat to everyone and everything. Constantly treating tieflings and others as complete inferiors. Somehow she proclaimed that me raiding the goblin camps made her wet while also sneering at me and treating me like trash. So yeah. Interesting character. Lots of personality. If you like roleplaying as a specific character/team, sure man. Go right on ahead. As for me though: Get her the f away from me please and thank you. In fact, lets get less d*ckheads in general, please. Now, if you like d*ckheads - that's fine. Not blaming you. D*ckhead is great. Good for you. Dig right in. You have your share of d*ckhead. Now lets get something not d*ckhead, please. Just a fraction. Lets try kindness. Is that a thing? It is a fantasy game after all. We should introduce some truly unimaginable fantasy related aspects like mutual respect and kindness. Sure isn't any of that IRL. Now I can get treated like trash both IRL and in my fantasy games. Amazing.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Best waifu of the game for sure, I am very interested to discover her whole story and relationship with her, I am tired of playing good guy anyway, so time to try different view in a fantasy world. I think she is perfect waifu for an evil/cruel character choice. Shadowheart just seems like your typical, boring good girl romance.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      She's a bitch, but damn she is the most attractive chick around, I would love to wife her up if some how you can change her mind on the world, and not be suck a terrible person.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        I found it surprisingly easy to romance her, on my latest play, while still being a good person - saving Arabella, making sympathetic choices, etc. Of course, I did skip a few little things that probably would've lowered her approval with the choices I'd have made, but doing things that the whole party approved of - killing the dead dwarf's parasite, making Crusher kiss my character's feet instead, etc., seemed to be enough. Along with letting her speak for herself, during her conversations with Zorru and the Gith party.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Approval up by telling tracker grikka (goblin near the roasting dwarf) you can get answers from the prisoner.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            If she dies on the Nautiloid and you don't resurrect her then you can find her dead about 35 meters ahead of where you land on the shore and you're unable to revive her then.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              Approval up by mocking Elegis for being scared of goblins. Elegin is near the entrance to the tiefling camp

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                You can kill her on the Nautiloid wich once you crash her body will be in the debris (you can loot her on the ship too) You will loose both however if you decided to shove her to her death off the boat. (FIrst meeting I used the "attack" option on the left in the dialogue as it felt in character against someone who just threatened me on an hostile ship and first turn I yeeted her)

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  I did not find this companion until i had cleared almost everything else.
                                                                  When I looked up wtf she was as I saw some youtubes with the fighter I went to the location.

                                                                  There was 2 dead bodies (not the companion) and the cage was destroyed as if she got out.

                                                                  Now I have no idea where to find her......

                                                                  So, if you want this companion get there early :)

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    There are several options that increase approval by playing the Githyanki race as well, including most options to other NPCs that extol the virtues of the Githyanki and Vlaakith.

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      She's missing on caged zone. When i go this area, Thieflings was dead and cage is broken. How can i find her ? still missing.

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