Explore the Ruins

Type Quest
Act Act 1
Chapter One


The Amulet of Lost Voices

Explore the Ruins is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Explore the Ruins can be acquired during Chapter One of the first Act. Completing  Explore the Ruins will progress the story forward.


Explore the Ruins Objectives

  • Shadowheart was trying to get into a building to look for supplies. We should see if there's anything useful in there.
  • We met some bandits near some ruins. They've been trying to break into a crypt - with no success. Whatever they're after is probably still inside.
  • We found a way into the abandoned ruins.
  • We found a locked door, but it doesn't have a keyhole. There's got to be something interesting behind it.
  • The strange door led deeper into the ruins. There's bound to be some interesting artifacts down here.
  • A strange hooded figure emerged from one of the sarcophagi we opened. Seems like it has something to say.
  • The hooded figure said he would see us again soon. He was probably the ruins' greatest secret, but there's no harm in checking for more valuables.


Explore the Ruins Walkthrough

If you are a rogue, you can lockpick the door behind Shadowheart (Where you first meet her). But you may want to spend more time exploring the beach before entering the ruins. Without enough companions, it's gonna be very challenging to fight the bandits inside. 

When you reached the Chapel entrance, there are two bandits (Gimblebock  and Taman) arguing about the crashed ship. Successful persuasion or deception can avoid a fight with them. You can then use deception or performances to trick the bandit inside the ruin to open the door for you. Or shot the hanging rock, open a crack on the ground, and jump in.

(You can jump through the hole to get inside the ruin. If you find the ruin too dark, switch your controlling character to Shadowheart, as a half-elf she has Dark Vision, allowing her to see more clearly in dark places.)

If you get in the ruin through the chapel entrance, you need to kill bandit Andorn, and find the key on his body. After you loot the valuables in this hall, open the locked door and prepare to fight the rest of the bandits.


(You can move some crates to block the door, even create a bunker and use ranged attacks to put bandits down, if you have a wizard in your team, you can use the Grease spell to create a surface of oil and then lit it up. Burning can deal lots of damage to enemies, especially when they stand close.


Keep explore the area, behind the altar, there's a hidden lever to open the door without a keyhole, which leads to a deeper area of the ruin.


In Dank Crypt, the above Sarcophagus contains an uncommon weapon and an engraved key. Open it will trigger the traps. However, you can place some objects like vase or crates above these vents to prevent them from producing unfavorable terrain. 


On the other side of the sarcophagus, in one of the rooms there's a chained book called Book of Dead Gods.  If you managed to open it by pass strength, dexterity, or intelligence checks, you get some scrolls. Succeed in religion check will reveal more information about this crypt.


Now make your team combat-ready, once you found the pressed the hidden button at the left corridor, all the dead scribes will rise to fight you. After putting them down, you can find a very rare amulet in the hidden room, along with a hooded undead, who claims to be the caretaker of this place. Lucky for you, he does not wish to fight, so loot the area and leave.


(You can leave this ruin using the ladder)

That Hooded Skeleton will later show up in your camp.



 How to unlock Explore the Ruins


Explore the Ruins Rewards

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Explore the Ruins Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      04 Feb 2021 16:31  

      The door locked, after i killed everyone and now the door wont unlock... lol. What the hell. I got the key off the body, but it still doesn't work -- wtf.

      • Anonymous

        11 Oct 2020 07:10  

        the sarcophagus room with the traps (first room you enter if going through the door immediately behind shadowheart) is far simpler than placing things on vents. if you have a rogue (or even if not) and you have the trap disarm toolkit (found on beach somewhere, but don't recall where atm... sorry), just walk around the room with your party. passing perception checks will show you: 3 gargoyle heads on the walls on both sides (total of 6). there's also one I couldn't figure out how to reach, above the caved in area in a room corner. you will also find 6 vents in total. just right click each gargoyle and vent to see the context menu option of DISARM. if you have shadowheart, you can have her cast guidance (her cantrip) to increase your success on the skill check.

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